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The Battle of Arista Colony (Part 2)

Posted on Sun Jul 24th, 2022 @ 8:59pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Avery Coyle & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Torvin Anor & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant Mark Johnson & Lieutenant JG Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Miller & Lieutenant JG Pepone & Ensign Magnum Rhodes
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Mission: Arista
Location: Arista Colony, USS Wayfarer

Previously on Star Trek Wayfarer:

"Keep shooting!" Johnathan managed to yell over the deafening clatter of machine gun fire. "We've survived the Dominion, and we sure as hell can survive these scaly purple bastards!"

Akeno along with Sistine laid down fire. More and more of the Tyranians were now throwing themselves towards the ships shields, only to be struck down by the phaser and bullet fire.

"Are they really this serious about getting in?" Akeno exclaimed.

"Yeah. To them you've taken their food supply. They'll do anything to get us back" Sistine replied as she laid down a few shots of her own.

And now the continuation....

As soon as she heard Captain Misaki's order to begin the bombardment, Raelyn pressed down on the button on her LCARS display that was going to be used to begin the actual bombardment. "Yippee-Ki-Yay" she quipped from her station.

The first set of phaser fire was targeted towards the aliens in the most populous areas with less firepower. The phasers emitted from the Wayfarer's phaser arrays in the forward areas. The first part of the bombardment had commenced. The phasers traveled quickly and hit the first aliens, quickly downing them.

Raelyn quickly fired again and the phasers traveled in the same area and way to attack more of the Tyranians assaulting the colony. More of the aliens were now neutralized.

Suddenly it fell quiet. The shooting stopped and the dust around the settlement began to settle. On the other side of the shield laid several of the Tyranians in pools of dark purple blood, all slain from the Colonist and Starfleet Weapons.

"Whats happening?" Akeno asked in a hushed voice as she popped her head up. The remaining Tyranians had pulled back and were now only visible slightly as they sheltered in the bushes by the treeline.

An ear-splitting boom erupted through the colony. The shields on the Wayfarer fizzled angrily as what seemed like a torpedo slammed into them. Three more came crashing down onto the shield, focused on the same spot directly above the Wayfarer's primary sensor pallet.

The fifth fell from the sky and impacted the shields causing a huge explosion. It was at that moment that the sixth torpedo folloed quickly knocking the Wayfarer's shields offline and impacted with the hull of the starship.

Akeno watched in horror as the torpedo pierced her ship, casting balls of flames over the primary hull. Another fell, landing not far from the ship, the shockwave causing the ship to shudder and shake as it was buffeted on its landing struts.

"SHIELDS ARE DOWN!" Akeno shouted as her grip tightened on her phaser rifle. Now the real fight began. More Tyranians transported down, this time carrying strange energy weapons strapped to their sides, heads and on their long arms. "My god, they're like little mini-tanks!" Akeno exclaimed.

Their purple beams began to dart through the settlement as several of the Tyranian soldiers made for the Wayfarer herself.

"Misaki to Wayfarer. Can you still fire weapons, you've got ground units in hot!"

Raelyn swiftly worked at her console. =^=We can still fire weapons. But we have lost automatic targeting sensors. I've got to manually target them. Shouldn't be anything I can't handle=^= she said confidently. She began to reconfigure her console to have a visual for manual targeting. Once then she began re-target the Tyranians.

Patra swore under her breath =^= Damage control team's to shield generators two, four, and six, get them back up. Damage control team's and structrual engineer teams bravo and delta to decks two and three, hull breaches. Structural engineering teams alpha to Aft Starboard strut. =^= She hoped that Ensign Blanco knew what the hell he was doing and could get those repair teams moving. She knew her structural and environmental teams did.

"Get Down!" Johnathan hollered as one of the beams shot past their lookout, grazing the facade of the building and showering them with debris.

Luna's blood ran cold and she momentarily froze as the Tyranians began pouring into the compound. "Luna! Snap out of it and start shooting!" Someone's soft yet commanding voice snapped her out of her freeze and she started firing again. She glanced around, but no one was close enough for her to have heard them at the level they had spoked. "I'll figure that mystery out later. Right now, TAKE THIS you DenIb Qatlh (Denebian slime devil)!" Luna was completely back in the zone now, though in the very back of her mind, the question of WHO had snapped her back to action still lingered.

The Tyranians charged through the first defenses, their purple energy beams striking not only the Arista colonists but also several Wayfarer crew as well.

It was like being on a battlefield again, the thoughts of what happened in the Dominon War started to come back to Akeno as her grip tightened on her phaser rifle. She popped out over the barricade and saw one of the Tyranians rushing her position.

Her finger didn't hesitate to press the trigger, the bright orange beam striking the alien directly in the chest cavity. It stopped as if dazed and slightly off balance.

"On full setting too?" Akeno said as she hesitated for a second. She pressed the trigger again, this time the Tyranian fell to the floor. Akeno stared at the dead body, she had seen far too much death in these last few years.

A bright purple beam narrowly missed her head just before a hand reached up and pulled her back under cover. "Stay down!" Sistine said in a harsh tone. "They will take any of us right now. Remember if they get you, you'll join us here. We need to win if you don't want to end up..." she paused for a moment. "Like us..."

Akeno could sense the anger building up in Sistine. Gently she placed a hand on the girls shoulder. "Don't worry. We'll beat them. I have no intention of becoming livestock" she told her softly. "Keep fighting, we have plenty of supplies, and if the Wayfarer can get its shields back up, we can hold this colony for as long as we need"

"You know they won't give up..." Sistine said. "They're determined, they see it as their right to hunt us. They don't care who gets in the way. Now there's more of us they can just expand their food production"

"Don't talk that way" Akeno said as she pushed her rifle through a hole in the barrier and aimed at the nearest Tyranians. "Just think about it, we outnumber them now and we can fight them. I will not let us be captured and forced to become livestock for the Alien equivalent of Barney the Dinosaur!"

One she re-targeted the nearest Tyranians she began to fire more. Her response time was slightly slower to fire on each one because she was targeting them herself without any computer aid. Raelyn also noted that the Wayfarer still had incoming soldiers. "Lieutenant Rommel, how badly would our structural integrity be affected if we fired a photon torpedo directly at the soldiers coming for the Wayfarer?" she inquired at the engineer while she continued to target more of the Tyranians that were farther out.

"She can take it, even if I have to remove ever damn piece of shrapnel from her hull myself and duct tape her back together, she will take it." replied Patra, she then typed a command into her console, then flew over to where Raelyn was crawled between her legs "excuse me, sir" and ripped open the underside of the station Lieutenant Raelyn was working at. A few sparks and some acerbic smoke poured out from the console "Damn that hurt" said Patra as she slide back out from under both the console and between Raelyn's legs. "There Lieutenant, you have automatic targeting back online, even if it isn't Starfleet regulation safe." she said with a smile, taking a new piece of bubble gum out and placing it in her mouth, she returned to her station.

Raelyn smirked slightly for the fact the auto targeting was back online. She was grateful that Patra was there to repair it, let alone in the heat of the battle. She continued firing at the enemies that were farther out. She just needed the right timing. She couldn't fire the torpedo too far out with the risk of mass destruction to the mass friendly population and any of the Wayfarer's crew in that area. While it was a risk to do what she was about to do, it wouldn't be as devastating as leveling a section of the colony.

Mckenzie tapped her badge. "All hands on the Wayfarer, brace yourselves for impact. Ground troops, you may want to charge out of the way if you can" she warned as she pressed a button on her console to launch a torpedo out of the forward launcher at the enemies charging the Wayfarer.

The photon torpedo wizzed out of the tube and flew for a few seconds before clashing with the ground and causing a mighty explosion on the ground that the enemy Tyranians who charged the Wayfarer stood.

Inside the Captain's ready room aboard the Wayfarer, all hell was breaking loose in the feline form a very miffed Havana Brown who yowled loudly, knocking anything that wasn't weighted down off the Captain's desk before taking a leap off it and lunging at the doorway.

With all the commotion on the Bridge, the Captain's doors opening when she wasn't in them was likely not that noticeable in the moment, but the shrill of an angry cat came loudly as the feline launched itself upward and ran across an unlocked console.

Patra cursed silently under her breath as she reviewed the damage the photon torpedo had done to the Wayfarer's main deflector, it was repairable, but it needed to be brought back online if they were to be able to use the shields; assuming of course the damage control teams were able to get the shield generators online. =^=Patra to Warrant Officer Tezasauraez, get yourself to the jefferies tube that leads to the main deflector dish. I'll meet you there.=^= With that she looked at Lieutenant Raelyn "Sorry to have to leave the bridge sir, but a more pressing matter needs my attention." Without waiting for permission Patra turned and entered the turbolift.

She arrived at the Jefferies tube leading to the main deflector dish just as WO2 Tezasaurez did, she looked at the Gorn "The main deflector dish took some damage and we need to get it repaired asap, if we are going to be able to use the shields. The Gorn nodded her understanding "Leadzz the wayzz. I'lz followzz." With that Patra and Tezasaurez entered the jefferies tube and made their way towards the main deflector grid. It was swelltering in the tube and small wifts of smoke wafted about. "Thizz izz notz goodz" said Tezasaurez. "Tell me about it" said Patra, as she wiped sweat from her face. "I think we may have fried a few of the bio-neural gelpacks from the smell of things." She stopped in front of a control panel that was sparking with electrical energy, Tezasaurez came up next to her in the cramped space.

"Thiz iz notz goodz." replied Tez. "Okay let me shut down the power to that console" Patra said and she turned and opened a panel. as she did a sudden flash of flame came boiling out catching her full on. She fell back against the sparking panel as Tezasaurez flung her body over Patra protecting her from the flash fire. Unfortunately, the damage was done, Patra was burned and had suffered a severe shock from the electrical panel as well. She appeared dead to Tezasaurez, =^=Emergencyzz pointzz to pointzz transportzz from myz positionzz to sickbayzz, twoz to beamzz nowzz!=^= said the Gorn in a raspy voice.

To be continued...


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