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Lieutenant Ileah

Name Ileah

Position Yeoman

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 138 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color green
Physical Description Eleah is a stunning as are most Deltans; she carries herself with a natural grace and poise. Her expression is mostly impassive yet smiles brightly should the mood strike her. She has a melodious voice and a soft alto singing voice.

Her choice of a skirted uniform has more to do with being able to move freely, the slacks were not stretchy enough and she preferred the Skirted option. She also noted the Captain had taken the choice and as serving the Senior staff Eleah has followed for uniformity, also adopting the black dance hose option and soft soled boots.

Off duty she is more inclined to dresses and shorts rather than slacks.Though stretch pants are comfortable under a long shirt upon occasion. She has a shiny linked belt she wears all the time even under the uniform jacket.


Spouse Not Applicable
Father Korlon
Mother Lenna
Brother(s) and / or Sister(s) Cetan (Merchant, Eldest)
Icana (Diplomat, Youngest)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eleah has a strong will to her and the almost regal manners of the Deltan; her Esper traits are subdued as she tends to be like a Vulcan with not beint touched. Her heightened senses of the Deltan are more the reasoning, Her people revel in tantalizing their senses; the breeze, touch of an infants soft hands and even the Deltan touch is known to relieve pain but not harm. That with the Vow of celibacy give her the air of being aloof. She actually has a delightful sense of humor and uses satire and little comments delivered like the ‘Straight man of a comedy duo, the punch line given with a passive expression.

Eleah is a driven individual that takes her duty most seriously as she does not really have the ‘chasing of men, as an option so she delves more into her duty. She studies martial Science and dancing as a release with ‘Freestyle staff and soft staff style spinning as a creative way to expend her pent up energy. She is quit witted and very diplomatic. The Deltan mind is much like the Vulcan mind in the higher functions; spacial trigonometry calculations comes as easy to Eleah as the multiplication tables are to humans. Eliah has the ability to do intestine calculation and probability analysis through statistical calculations. She is good at sifting through data and this skill helps her cover her Yeoman duties well.
Eleah is a tolerant woman and not easy to spark an emotional reaction; but when provoked her reply is both swift but subtle; she once was called Baldy by a drunkard, before anything else she took three steps and had her delicate hand around the back of his neck and thumb pressing the pressure point behind his ear to cause pain. Your Hippie style of moussed hair does not appeal to me and I would like more respect as a Lady is a lady with or without the high maintenance mane to keep fussing over.” She told him and pulled back with the pain center pressure to pull the man backwards off his stool to his back. With lady like grace to bend at the knee and not give him any vulgar leering chance she gave him a smile then rotating walk away as though nothing happened..

She is a very calm person with a temper that once provoked is calculating and final. Aside from thay emotional tick Eleah is a fine Yeoman who is a team support person of efficient grace. She has a very well maintained sense of self and is quite comfortable in her own skin.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Can lessen pain physically in others
+ Calculating mind
+ Hacking skills

+/- Esper

- Deltan Attraction by opposite sex
- Aloof
- Seems a tease naturally by her biology
Ambitions To serve her Command Crew.
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Cypher Calculations
Computer Theory
Free Style Staff and soft staff types
Lovely singing voice when desires to.
Mechanical gadgets

Coffee Tea Blends

Holodeck program of a fancy spa program.

Personal History Eleah came as the middle child of her Deltan family; she was gifted with a sharper mind that either of her siblings. She also had the curiosity of a Cat; which kept her constant trouble and the attention of her parents. She had the more Girly wish of dancing and doing musicals as a hobby when not scavenging parts for her Gizmos. She needed some discipline and was sent to study some martial science; she had a love of both the Staff and associated disciplines from the soft staff weapons nad even a saber style as all ahd the basis in the Bo Staff.

While attending her educational requirements it was discovered that Eleah had a talent for calculations and algorithms; she could find and cipher through information rapidly. To her the mathematical word problems to problem form and then calculating the proper conclusion seemed second nature to her. Her abilit to take things to the simplest form was impressive. She also learned languages like a cifer breaks codes and soon had her native languange as well as Federation Common and even a bit of the Vulcan language to fluency in speech. Reading she was just starting with Vulcan idograms and numeric calculations.

Like many Deltans she enjoyed to stimulate her senses and when a syntheticd Drug was becoming a social distraction Eleah was among the few youth to try the stimulant and find it over stimulated her and quit. It was a fad and she was more into her studies and finding out the distribution networks as some of her friends were not so lucky as not to form a habit. Observing known pushers and through analyzing their body language and subtle signals it was not hard to discover the network of warning observers. Intercepting a comm unit she quickly deciphered the code and found the local supply chain and made observation and location reports. Eleah anonymously sent her files and brought down security upon it and stopped the flow in her section of the city. Like Dominoes the other sources fell.

She had believe her efforts shold stay as unclaimed fame and risk; the Star Fleet Offer came from out of the blue. A scholarship for Alien applications had her name and approval upon it. The local Security Services had known who sent the information; while masked she was only a teen and not as trained in covering her tracks.

Local Enforcers tried to find her but the Security files were protected and a recommendation pass along for her. She entered the Academy but not wanting to go the Officer route she was given the slot of Yeoman. Meant to be of service to the command echelons; her Security check and past recommendations earned her an elite slot. She was sent through the OPS communications Lesson sets, Information Management High Security training. Thus she has access to even command level documents; the earned rating required for her being ale to handle delicate information. Only ten percent of the Yeoman service had top clearance potential.

The Dominion War accelerated her career training as with her grades and clearances was put on a route to support the Flag level Officers. Her training was intense and focused for being able to support the War efforts. She was among the first classes to graduate and without a cadet training tour were sent into the field.

Eleah began in the Diplomatic Corps; her efforts to support those who wished to unite the Alpha Quadrant against the Dominion Invaders. The Diplomatic Corps were sent to all the aligned and even the unaligned empires for the War effort. Eleah was among those trying to have diplomatic relations with the Romulan Empire. Her knowing Vulcan made an easier time to learn proficiency in the Romulan Language and Mathematical system. She attended many of the the opening Diplomatic attempts as a Yeoman to the delegation. The Romulans were more open to emotions and very aware of the Deltan attractiveness as it is rare any of her race venture into the Empire she seemed more interesting at times than the business of the delegation.

Putting her vows to the test as the Romulans tried to ‘experience’ the Deltan attraction in a social sense. Eleah was tempted and even had a few ‘close encounters’ where she nearly succumb to the desires. The Higher Command thought it an achievement to have her ‘prowess’ credited to them. While she did not break her vow she did push it as their advances had interesting conclusions and opportunities to gain some reasons to align with the Federation. It was during the War and her going about the various allies and keeping ahead of capture by the Dominion she ended up with the Klingons next. Their old alliances with the Romulans had intriged her and with some of her own ‘interactions with Klingon Key personnel she discovered a plan for the Romulan and Klingon alliances to rekindle.

Early on I the war Jem’Hadar forces dependence on ‘White’ and sources to manufacture it in the Alpha Quadrant survey forces attacked a planet that Eleah had been with a Diplomatic Corps operation at the time of the attack. While the planet was easily taken and the Delgates terminated Elah had managed as a Yeoman; which are among those people no one notes really she escaped to hide in the ventilation system. Klingon forces attacked the planet that is near their boarders but Dominion Footholds held.

During the battles Eleah was rescued by Klingon Forces and bugged out. Her status was Missing presumed killed. She spent a duration with the Klingon Forces; the IKS Chu'wI', paying her ‘Debt of Honor’ to the Empire, at her request. During her service the planned invasion force of Romulan and Klingon Armada insured and the ship she served was assigned to the force. Eleah was known to Romulan Command and her presence noted at a meeting of the Command Officers.

The Klinogns kept her as she is fluent in Romulan language as a translator and data analysis. Pouring over the treaties and agreements; especially the small print. She had been openly welcomed to the higher level meetings and when the Armada of ships appeared at the Worm Hole Eleah made her survival noted to Star Fleet. She had a few questions about some of the planning and the Security of transmissions between the ships involved..The Admiralty thought it best to leave her with the invading force; to give a post battle debriefing.

The Invasion was a massacre, the Dominion Fleet had a mole in the Romulan and Klingon forces. It was a tra meant to cripple both the Romulans and Klingons in a fail swoop. The Larger War Bird Eleah had served upon was among the few to make it back in the withdraw. She herself had taken inhuries from manning the Comm systems during the battle. Her vessel tow a Larger Romulan Warship back through the Wormhole. She soothed pain as much as her esper abilities allow and transferred the Wounded that DS-9 were allowed to take. The Klingons gave her Honorable serving of her debt and she was able to remove herself from the list of Missing personnel.

The Romulans made a request of Eleah as an ‘Intermediary’ between their forces and Federation forces during the War. Stating there are few that earned some trust and Eleah had earned Favor while in the service of the Klingons and Romulan operation. For the remainder of the Dominion War Eleah found herself working as an Aide to the Commander of a Romulan squadron. Through the many battles she would keep updated information from the various departments and was even associated with the Tal’Shiar Officer of her Command Vessel. The information Ileah had access to was punishable by death. Other than official records she does not talk of her times away from the Federation.

After the debriefing and time on Deltan Home World she had transfer to the USS Wayfarer as The Captain's Yeoman.
Service Record Academy First classes to graduate directly into service.

Diplomatic Corps

IKS Chu'wI' - Linguist/ Communications for Klingon Bird of Prey Crew.

IRW Khazara - Linguist/ Communications.