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The Battle of Arista Colony (Part 1)

Posted on Sun Jul 24th, 2022 @ 8:58pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Avery Coyle & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Torvin Anor & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Miller & Lieutenant JG Pepone & Ensign Magnum Rhodes
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Mission: Arista
Location: Arista Colony

The Wayfarers shields stretched over the Arista colony glistening blue and silver in the bright sunlight. The Faraday cages had been set up in strategic places along with make shift barricades and cover areas.

"Captain Misaki to all hands" Akeno said as she stood beside Sistine at the barricade protecting the dining hall. "The Tyranians are due any moment. The last sensor report shows their ship entering the system. We are expecting some form of orbital bombardment followed by ground attacks" she paused. "Hold your ground, aim and shoot quick and show them we will protect our own. You can all do this. Misaki out"

"You have your orders, everyone," Johnathan addressed the small gathering of officers and colonists that were assembled atop one of the settlement's taller structures. "We're to provide strategic cover fire for our forces on the ground; should our spotters report an approaching vessel, we have to be ready to engage at a moment's notice. We've only got one chance to pull this off, so I need everyone here to stand their ground to the last man. Even if we've got them on their hands and knees, don't let up- don't even let the thought cross your mind; just keep shooting until they've got no one to shoot back. Do I make myself clear?"

"SIR, YES, SIR!" the assembly replied affirmatively.

"That's the spirit," Johnathan grinned as he primed the .50-caliber machine gun that Raelyn had loaned him. "Should we not make it out of this alive- though I certainly don't intend to let that happen- it's been an honor getting to serve with you. I wish you all the best of luck in this upcoming battle, because we're sure as hell going to need it."

Luna felt the nervous energy rippling through both the colony and the Wayfarer as they waited for the Tyranians to come. She had opted to be with the ground forces, seeing as the ship was going to mostly be stationary keeping the shield around the Arista colony. Luna almost felt overwhelmed by somehow feeling ALL of the feelings of EVERYONE both on the surface and the in the ship. "What's happening to me? I've never had this happen before. No matter, I'm a Klingon, and I have a job to do. I'll have a checkup when this thing's over," Luna tightened her hand on her phaser, taking a breath and pushing the thoughts and feelings of those around her to the back of her mind and focusing on the task at hand.

Noticing out of the corner of his eye that Lieutenant Eclipse looked a bit anxious, Johnathan stood up and made his way over to her. "You alright, Lieutenant?" he asked, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "You need a quick breather before the Tyranians show up?"

Luna jumped as Commander Miller's hand on her shoulder brought her back to ground. "Hm? Oh, no Sir, I'm fine. I was just taking a mental reading on how everyone was doing...and I should have asked for permission before I did that. I'm sorry, Sir," Luna mentally Gibbs slapped herself for her invasion of privacy.

Johnathan frowned, but nonetheless seemed to respect Luna's wishes. Nodding, he turned his attention over to another group of officers, leaving Luna to her thoughts.

[Arista's Sickbay]

Doctor Johnson stood in the middle of the advanced medical facility sited in the Arista's sickbay. The place had seen a major reorganization in spaces and equipment during the preparatory phase. Part of the Wayfarer's medical equipment had been temporarily transferred to the advanced medical facility as well as a good number of medical personell.

"Is it everything ready?" Mark asked a nurse.
"Yes, lieutenant, all medical personnel had been dispatched to the various teams and we are ready to face anything that might happen here. If we get overwhelmed with work down here we will reroute the wounded to the Wayfarer's sickbay" she updated him.
Mark nodded "Let's hope that won't be needed"
"Prepare for the worst, hope for the best" the nurse echoed while leaving the area and dipensing some medical supplies close to the various medical positions.

Raelyn stood at her station on the bridge. She had about half of her screen configured with weapons control and basic tactical functions and the other half of her console had a smaller version of the layout for her security forces defending the colony. She looked down at the status of the shields. Right now they were at maximum power around the colony. Hopefully they remained that way.

Lieutenant j.g. Rommel stepped onto the bridge and went to the auxiliary engineering station. She pulled up all the hull specifications, environmental specifications and generator specifications. She had decided it would be best for her to be on the bridge during the battle, monitoring the hull, life support, and generators to best direct the damage control and structural/environmental teams. She knew being planet bound the Wayfarer would be at a huge disadvantage and would suffer damage to its structure.

As the next ranking officer on the Wayfarer's bridge Lieutenant Mckenzie spoke up. "Alright folks. You heard Captain Misaki's orders. This is gonna be a hard fight. But with the help of our phasers and you we could win this. We are gonna light those monsters up with everything we've got. Stay frosty folks."

She then looked at Patra. "Lieutenant, What is the status of our systems?"

Patra, chewing on her gum, looked at Lieutenant Mckenzie "Holding for now, sir."

"Noted" she said. "Thank you."

Without warning something struck the shields that domed over the settlement. Bright purple like explosions bounced off the fizzling surface, flattened against the clear barrier.

Along the treeline just outside of the settlement several strange looking creatures emerged. It appeared that they had transported in. They stood six to seven feet tall, dark purple scales covered their lean bodies. The aliens wore no clothing, and each long arm was tipped with eight to ten inches claws.

Four rows of sharp teeth covered in saliver sparkled brightly in their long jaw and a long strong tail swished behind them. The colonists were right, they were like Velociraptors. Each of the aliens seemed to hold some sort of strange weapon.

The lead Tyranian let out a roar. Its piercing echo seemed to penetrate right through Akeno causing a shiver to go down her spine. It then darted from its position towards the shields.

"Misaki to Wayfarer. Begin bombardment!" Akeno announced. "Misaki to all hands, open fire"

"Let 'em have it!!!" Johnathan shouted on cue.

flashes of gunfire erupted from nearly every rooftop; the Tyranians were completely caught off-guard, as they hadn't been expecting the colonists to fight back with such unmitigated ferocity. The first wave of them shuddered as the deluge of armor-piercing roundss ripped through their bodies like toilet paper, and they all too quickly began to pile up in a small heap on the outskirts of the settlement.

The subsequent wave of Tyranians, quickly adapting to the situation at hand, stepped over their fallen comrades and quickly took cover in locations they identified as gunnery blindspots- only to fall into their next trap as the forces on the ground boldly rushed them, brandishing whatever they could use as a weapon and shouting a triumphant rebel yell. Within just minutes, dozens of Tyranians already lay dead, their blood slowly pooling in the village streets.

Luna's heart jumped into her throat as purple things hit the shield and she caught her first glimpse of the Tyranians, who looked not like Ancient Earth Tyrannosaurus Rexes, but Velociraptors! "Luna! You are a KLINGON! You eat these type of verengan Ha'DIbaH for breakfast! ROAR!!!" Luna let out a Klingon battle cry, and started shooting into the group of Tyranians, being careful not to waste energy in movements or shots.

Patra slide a stick of her cherry bubblegum in her mouth and assessed the impact against the shielding. Without being told to she began making minor adjustments to the shielding to ensure it still held strong. Damn that was a hit she thought but she was proud things where still holding.

"Keep shooting!" Johnathan managed to yell over the deafening clatter of machine gun fire. "We've survived the Dominion, and we sure as hell can survive these scaly purple bastards!"

Akeno along with Sistine laid down fire. More and more of the Tyranians were now throwing themselves towards the ships shields, only to be struck down by the phaser and bullet fire.

"Are they really this serious about getting in?" Akeno exclaimed.

"Yeah. To them you've taken their food supply. They'll do anything to get us back" Sistine replied as she laid down a few shots of her own.

To be continued...


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