The Captains Child

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In 2365, the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D encountered a race of spacebound aliens who only existed out of physical form in a strange nebula. One of them managed to gain physical form by impregnating Counselor Troi to experience what it means to have a physical existence.

Eleven Years later in 2376, newly promoted Captain Akeno Misaki is tasked with charting a similar nebula on the edge of Federation Space. After three years of war a nice easy science charting mission should be routine. However that soon changes when Captain Misaki wakes up similar to Counselor Troi, sporting an alien entity growing within her, but this alien is far from peaceful. It seeks revenge on the aliens who stranded it there millenia ago, and it will use Captain Misaki and the Wayfarer to get its cold revenge.

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In The Beginning...

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The year is 2376, and the USS Wayfarer is at Utopia Planitia awaiting her new crew before her launch. Newly promoted Captain Michael Meezo takes command.

The Avenger

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The Wayfarer is pulled through time to the year 2160, where it encounters a badly damaged USS Avenger, NX-09.

Deep Space Nine

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The Wayfarer docks at DS9 for a couple of days to allow the crew to rest, and to drop off the Avenger and its crew.

Nothing To Fear...

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The Wayfarer is tasked with transporting a dangerous telepathic criminal back to Earth.

Section 57 and a Third

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The crew finds themselves divided into three realities, each with a distinction wholly unlike the other two.