Return to Tyra

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Its been over a year since the Dominion War ended. The Cardassian Union faced its biggest defeat in its history at the hands of the Federation, Klingon and Romulans.

The Wayfarer is dispatched to the Tyra system, where 98 out of 112 Starships belonging to the 7th Fleet were destroyed. Captain Misaki is given the task of inspecting the wreckage of the battle, retrieve any salvageable technology and retrieve any remains of the officers who were killed in action.

However, the Wayfarer crew doesn't realise that there are Jem'hadar survivors that have been stranded and don't realise that the war is over!

The Games

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After returning to service, the crew of the Wayfarer are sent over towards an area of space known as 'The Triangle'. This area of space is neutral territory and shared borders and influence with The Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire and Orion.

The Planet Lolruna, home of the Lolrunians has recently been discovered to possess vast quantities of pure dilithium ore. Starfleet dispatches the Wayfarer to make contact with the Lolrunians and to secure mining rights fot the Federation. However, the other powers have already beat them there.

The Lolrunians determine that the only way to secure the mining rights is to not fight, but to win it through a series of sport like games and contests. Therefore the Wayfarer crew must put together a team of their best and compete to complete the mission and secure the mining rights fair and square!

Wayfarer Quest!

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Lights! Camera! Action! This is the story of a group of actors who work long hours and long days, side by side to produce the hit television show 'Wayfarer Quest!'. The most popular TV show currently airing, coming to you 8pm every Friday night!

This story details the actors everyday lives as they work on set, live in their trailers and travel across the world to produce this amazing TV show.

However, there is something that doesn't quite feel right. The largest building in the studios, known as "Studio 12" is off limits to everyone. But why? What's in this humongous building? And why is no one allowed in there? What is with the over the top 90's eye candy costumes? And why does this feel like it should be more real than just a Television show?

Wait, was that Tim Allen and Alan Rickman over there....?!

Thats a cut!

In The Beginning...

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The year is 2376, and the USS Wayfarer is at Utopia Planitia awaiting her new crew before her launch. Newly promoted Captain Michael Meezo takes command.

The Avenger

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The Wayfarer is pulled through time to the year 2160, where it encounters a badly damaged USS Avenger, NX-09.

Deep Space Nine

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The Wayfarer docks at DS9 for a couple of days to allow the crew to rest, and to drop off the Avenger and its crew.

Nothing To Fear...

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The Wayfarer is tasked with transporting a dangerous telepathic criminal back to Earth.

Section 57 and a Third

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The crew finds themselves divided into three realities, each with a distinction wholly unlike the other two.

The Captains Child

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In 2365, the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D encountered a race of spacebound aliens who only existed out of physical form in a strange nebula. One of them managed to gain physical form by impregnating Counselor Troi to experience what it means to have a physical existence.

Eleven Years later in 2376, newly promoted Captain Akeno Misaki is tasked with charting a similar nebula on the edge of Federation Space. After three years of war a nice easy science charting mission should be routine. However that soon changes when Captain Misaki wakes up similar to Counselor Troi, sporting an alien entity growing within her, but this alien is far from peaceful. It seeks revenge on the aliens who stranded it there millenia ago, and it will use Captain Misaki and the Wayfarer to get its cold revenge.


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80 years ago, the USS Arista, a Miranda Class vessel, under command of Captain Sistine Fibel disappeared off of Starfleet scopes. After an extensive search the ship was declared lost with all hands.

In 2376 the USS Wayfarer picks up a weak distorted distress call from the Arista from an unexplored star system. The wreckage of the old vessel lays crashed on a M Class planet with a small colony nearby of roughly one hundred Humans.

However, none of the Human population seem to be over the age of sixteen and all female. When the Wayfarer investigates they discover that for the last 80 years the population has been regularly visited by an alien race known only as The Tyranians, who visit and harvest the older Humans for food as well as drop off new Human children to repopulate their livestock.

When on Risa...

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When the USS Wayfarer docks at Starbase 12 for a resupply, general maintenance work and minor repairs the crew find themselves with nothing to do for a good ten days. Whilst the ship itself is out of action Starfleet Command authorises this precious down time to be used by the ships crew for some R&R.

Risa, the world known across the Federation as 'The Holiday Planet' is in the same sector, so most of the Wayfarer's crew pack their swimsuits, sunglasses and sandals ready to spend a week on the tropical holiday planet, what fun will they get upto? You know what they say, "When on Risa... "

Cracks in the mirror

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The Terran Empire rises again. After the capture and execution of Regent Worf, the Terran rebellion grew in strength until they eventually overpowered their oppressors. Only one year later a new liberated Terra is expanding their influence and power, pushing back a crumbling Klingon/Cardassian alliance.

A brand new warship, the ISS Wayfarer is launched by the new Imperial Starfleet. Under command of former slave, Captain Akeno Misaki, her mission is to reconquer former Terran space, liberate their people and take back what was once theirs.

However, the ISS Wayfarer encounters a crack in space, and finds itself in the prime universe. Terran Captain Misaki begins a series of raids on Starfleet and Klingon bases and ships, their mission to acquire new technology to strengthen the Empire and take what they need to survive.

The Klingons blame the USS Wayfarer for these attacks on their space, seeing it as the Federation attempting to push their borders after they've been weakened by war. After proving their innocence, Starfleet gives the crew of the USS Wayfarer a chance to stop the Terran Ship and to clear their name before the Klingons declare war.


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Its spooky season! Welcome to Halloween! Here you can write some spooky Halloween stories and posts, out of timeline! So whether its visiting a haunted house on the holodeck, dressing up and going trick of treating, or encountering a ghostly spirit; feel free to write some out of timeline spooky posts for the season!


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Happy Christmas Season! This Christmas side-mission is all side-story and character development. All posts in the christmas mission are out of timeline and can be written as your characters in any time and any place!