Specifications - USS Wayfarer


From stem to stern, the Intrepid class is one of the most advanced starships in Starfleet. The class employs a new warp core, variable geometry warp nacelles, and was the first to field both bio-neural gelpaks and the Emergency Medical Hologram system.

Nearly three-hundred-fifty meters long, the Intrepid class is built sleek and long, sporting the fastest top speed on record for a Starfleet vessel with the exception of the new Sovereign class and the ground-breaking Prometheus class in field trials currently. The tilting, wing-like nacelles can shift microns in their positions, emitting minutely adjustable warp fields that are more efficient and safer when traveling in subspace. This, combined with new verterion manufacturing and the APD-01 Warp Core, makes it’s propulsion systems super-advanced.

The class serves multiple functions based on its load out, as well as size. An Intrepid could be seen on patrol or escort duty as easily as long-range exploration or survey. State of the art computers give it unprecedented storage capacity, access speed, and rigor conditioning. This, combined with a wide array of sensors covering a large amount of the exposed surface, makes the Intrepid class a premier ship of the line for Starfleet’s scientific endeavors.

Fast, agile, and well armed, these science ships are among the more capable multi-role platforms when faced with combat situations. Advanced shielding and Type-X phaser arrays equip it admirably, with several representatives of the class serving during the Dominion War with amazing success.

Note: The USS Wayfarer features the second generation hangerdeck, which expands both the upper and lower bays to allow for a more versatile loadout.


Class Intrepid
Role Exploratory/Patrol Ship
Time Between Refits 4 Years
Time Between Resupply 1 Year


Length 343 Meters
Width 133 Meters
Height 66 Meters
Decks 15


Officers 35
Enlisted Crew 115
Marines 16
Civilians 30
Emergency Capacity 500


Cruise Speed Warp 8
Maximum Speed Warp 9.975
Emergency Speed Warp 9.985 (for 12 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Auto-Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Defensive Systems Ablative Armour
Point Defense Batteries: 8
Armament Phasers Type IX Array: 12

Torpedoes Pulse-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 4
– Photon Torpedoes: 29
– Quantum Torpedoes: 19
– Polaron Torpedo: 2
– Tri-Cobalt Devices: 4

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles, Transports, and Workpods Type-9 Medium Short-Range Shuttlecraft: 3
Type-11A Shuttle: 2
Polaris Transport: 2
Northstar Transport: 1
Brunel Workpod: 2
Sphinx Workpod: 1
Fighters Razor Interceptor: 6
Runabouts Volga Class Runabout: 2
Arrow Class Runabout: 1
Talon Class Scout: 1