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Lieutenant JG Pepone

Name Pepone

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Watu
Age 63 Moon Cycles (31 Earth Years)

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 142 lbs
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Pepone is mostly seen in the Uniform as it is the most Gender neutral attire that can be found. Often the hair is in a tight ponytail, at present. It is not unheard of for Pepone to get a mood to 'let the hair down' by seeming mood.

Pepone will adapt the off-duty attire according to the social event and people attending. A night out with the Girls upon occasion, full feminine dress and jewelry or a Bachelor party with a fellow Medical Personnel before the nuptials.

The more accepted Gender tendencies vary per ship as Watu People tend to change as needed. The present assignment appears to be more gender accepted attire, the human jeans and slacks with a cotton shirt and long over
shirt of in a matching color. The mannerism are the key; of the mood.

One physical oddity of te Watu is an extended Frog Like tongue capability that reaches nearly a foot in length. and unusually strong leg muscles.


Father Not Applicable
Mother Mothren
Brother(s) and / or Sister(s) Malown (1st)
Sista (2nd)
Babon (4th)
Other Family Sandigo Region Community

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pepone was a middle spawning from the 3rd of his Line. The people of the Watu have capbility for passing gentic codeing in humaniod fashion with both sets of reproductive organsin the DNA but latent. Not needed for their reproduction , they remain dormant unless another racial interaction is required and the biochemical rush of tetestarone of Estrigein rushed through the system. .

What has been difficult for Pepone is the Gender Identity; remaining neutral like his people he can be hard to read and the ampount of stimuli affects the Watu; especially the more helping nature of Pepone. Not empathic in a telepathic way, the Watu individual is very soft in nature.

Pepone is a passive agressive type if provoked, the emotional levels between male and female are a study for Pepone. The emotional levels in a Watu are dependant upon the stimulus, thus Pepone exhibits both male and female traits equally. A typeof social comleaon in the understanding of each gender's emotional range and adapting to be 'One' with the community; in this case, his crew.

In his career Pepone has put a male dominated physiciqan persona on one ship and a more femine on another depending upon which 'Gender' gives the greatre comfort to that crew. It might be noted that for normal 'Gender Specific Races this trait might be call a crisis. The Watu seek harmony among society and adapt well to the demands placed upon them.

Pepone has a defined Persona; a healer, and it could be observed belief system with devout soul. Just the unusual gendre neutrality is a concept not often witnessed in the Federation Database. One thing that has been noted is during what was obsreved as a 'Spawning period' on one of Peopne's tours the more feminine traits came to the surface and for that ship tour Pepone was dominantly female in attire and persona. After the cycle it was ; by Pepone's definintion, easiest to maintain that persona until transfer.

Pepone was more male dominant during this evaqluation round, the long mane in a tight ponytail and impecvably kept uniform, as a counserlor it would be nice to see Pepone after Letting the hair down in a manner of speaking. Perhaps the next counselor will get that pleasure.

Pepone is well adjusted emotionally and cleared for duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Almost Empathic in menstruations
+ SKilled Xeno-Doctorite
+ Strong researcher

+/- Can seem Male or Female upon situation.

- Does not understand competition between sexes.
- Can appear to make fun of Gender from a lack of understanding
- Alien emotional barriers
Hobbies & Interests Form of surfing
Human Volleyball.
Exotic food and preparation

Watu form of Akido
Staff and Ropedart Master

Xeno- Botanical study

Personal History Watu are born in 'Spawnings' and as a race have one Gender that reproduces Asexually for the most parts. There is a species of Earth Frog that can change gender if population is insufficient of a needed gender. The Watu have more of a Tribal rather than hive mentality as each has distinct Individuality. The old Earth saying' It takes a village to raise a child' is very close to their social system.

The interesting aspect is that the 'Family or Tribal references come from the Region in which the individual is Spawned. Communities occupy geographic areas of related Watu. Like most humanoid histories filled with conflict, times of hardship and even environmental disasters sparkle the Watu people.

The major change between the Geneome is the Environment in which the Community reside, the planet is slightly in the warmer parameters of a Class M planet. Smaller than earth with very small polar caps, the Watu occupy the upper and lower two thirds of the planet. Thus they prefer to be assigned to less cold tempatures and do not do well in extreme cold. Before Warp the cryogenic process does not work and Watu must be in stasis rather than cryogenic state for deep exploration.

Pepone is from a High Desert region that is near qa coastal region on his planet of Watu Prime. The upper region half betwee equator and North Polar Ice Cap. Close to the Western coast of the North American continent near the Baja Region. Being of that climate the brighter colors are his choice and camping on a beach or in a dessert have been his experience since his Spawning.

The 'Line history; family history of spawning, is taught to each and is of significance to know where one has come from to the Watu. Pepone's line is among the Chieftain equivalent in his community. The leaders that govern the community; down the line from the Great Spawning Line; most compared to a Family of royals, who lead. This Line is traced back to the humble founding of the Community asw eldest surviving line from gathering whom came to settle the region of the planet.

The Strongest Spawn Line rules the planet in the modern times and is the Governing body for all trade and outside interactions. The complex historical references that through the span of time established this Ruling Body takes a burst transmission to condense, let it be stated the process was long but not as bloddy as in some cultures. The most Genetically Fit example of the Watu come from that line and do not venture out for the most part.

While not yet aligned with the Federation, Watu Prime keeps a status like Bajor and not officially a member as a representative but has much trade and an alliance pact with the Federation. Over the past nine calendar years Watu Prime has een progressing a closer relationship with the Federation. It must be noted that the Watu have a large sattelite that goes through the Lunar phase only 3 times a cycle (Full Orbital rotation.)

Pepone had four 'siblings' from the Initial Spawning, he is the third eldest. His community spans in a 50 kilometer radius, larger than average but not quite tipping the scales of largest communities.

Pepone enjoyed the upbringing and was the type to care for others and wish to make them 'better' be it emotionally or physically. In what can be called his teen years his gift for healing came to the surface as a Healer'; some might call a 'Herbal' healer crossed with a surgeon, took Pepone under the wing.

The wide array of teachings for survival had hunting , tracking and a vast basic understanding of Herbology upon the youth. Poisonous creatures; toxic and non-toxic plants were all combine to create remedies. Being between an ocean and a desert the sports and interests of Peopne vary in the physical arena. Becoming very interested in the Human sport of Disk relay; more like Frizbee Football and Triathalon athlete for swimming, biking and running. An outdoors type by both training and just to look upon the stars.

At the age of Possible Spawning Pepone was filled with the Spawning Urge, an honor among the Watu for onew who Spawns at an early stage. The Spawned counted only a single ; still born, off-spring. Crushing the hope that was thought to be. While a small margin do not complete Spawning; the fact only a Single was cultivated is a narrow margin and then to lose the Little One crushed Pepone. A secret desire ; a fear really, festered in the heart and the dread of another Spawning Cycle to come would again fail haunted Pepone.

Rather than continue in the normal planet's existence Pepone sought admission to Star Fleet Academy. Being the first was accepted readily. The healing training lead after evaluation to an advanced course in the Star Fleet Medical. Pepone immersed head-long into Xeno-Medical study. He was an alien to Fleet trainers and everyone met defined as an Alien to Pepone. The Gender neutrality became the first hurtle; jumping from one Gender to another it seemed to obs3ervers as Pepone sought to fit in. Determination and a lot of observation aided quick adaptations and the kind nature of the Watu Cadet endeared the alien to his fellow cadets as well as Instructors.

Pepone is the First of his people to complete the Medicasl training and become a Fleet Officer. Also having been lettered with the Women's Swimming Team after a clerical mishap of placing Pepone in the Female Dromiroty 'to be safe' from insulting the fact Pepone could theoretically 'Spawn' during training. In the latter two years it was asked if Pepone wished to experience the Male Gender and was placed in the other dormitories. The experiment went well as Pepone also lettered with the Male Volleyball teams.

Watu anatomy could adapt to each of the 'Dominant Gender s' of the Humanoids and thus fear of 'incidents' had the Federation considering a vow of chaswity for Watu until it was discovered that with capability of either Sexual organs possible and the biochemistry delegating the dormant change between, that if a Watu was strongly connected to a humanoid the 'Gender would become more permanent.

Something to do with Watu able to be Male if few females and vice-versa. Several delegates had made 'connections' and exhibited a steady Gender w2ith their Life mate. It seemed the influx of Alien attraction and biology can spark the Watu nature to a great degree. The "Opposite' physical nature was lay dormant in lieu of the chosen nature.

Pepone was a fine surgeon, the more advanced tools of the Federation allow him to a new level of knowledge. The tricorder became an extension of Pepone. The humanoid biology was amazing and beckoned more study. Pepone wsa a naturalist and sough to experiment with Herbal healing properties among other alien plant species. The field of Medicines was his field of study aside from Xeno-Biology. His cross study began with how remedies affected the Humanoid body?

The Cadet cruise put Pepone closer to the fringes as he graduated in the top 2% of his Cadets; number 4 overall in his class. The elite training was with a Medical Officer of a Nova Class Vessel surveying and Star Mapping. Pepone had the Gamma Shift in Sick Bay but the Commanding Officer ; Captain Fredia Mills, took an interest in the Watu Cadet as her field of study was Botany. She and Pepone share many conversations about the alien Botanical discoveries they had. On an Away Mission; while assigned on team 3 as a Medics tech and to fill the Botanist survey slot, the Landing Survey had found a M class planet with limited Humanoid beigs, amphibious types.

The Ground survey came across a type of Brair Patch like growth; the thorns had a toxin in them. Pepone noted and warned the party of this. The Brairs did nothing but inflict toxins, Pepone wondered why there were no Dead carcasses about. Before anyone could readily realize that a breed of snake made home in the Brair, the snake also poisonous, it scavenged what the Brair infected. The Briar was only toxic enough to weaken the venom finished the job. Two personnel were attacked by snake bites. when the venom was extracted from a stunned snake the Anti-toxin was slowing but did not cure the venom. Pepone put an anti-toxin from both Briar and venom to save the lives. There was some minor muscle and skin damage. Dermal regeneration was able to compensate and the victims fully recovered.

Pepone earned an Ensign Assignment on a Science Vessel USS Copernicus; Captain Zachariah (Zac) Holland commanding. An experienced command survivor of the Dominion War had his own views. One look at the 'Pretty one; whom showed the first signs of a "Spawning Preparation' was deemed the 'lady.' Pepone tried to correct the captain politely with respects and Holland pointed out her having more feminine features and the softer nature as a male would have been more reverently. With the Spawning pheromones Pepone adapted tp exhibiting female dominance in 'Her' nature. Dresses off duty and even a skirted uniform like some of the Medical and other crew in formal occasions, becoming one of the Girls predominantly.

Pepone had managed to be on Beta shift and second on rotation for Away Missions. While on a distress Call from a station, the Pirates that had raided lay in wait and attacked the Copericus while the Away team were on the station seeing to the wounded. The force on the station took the Medical personnel ; including all the six 'female' nurses; which included one Ensign Pepone.

While the females were kept aside, Pepone lay in wait; when some males came to keep the 'Ladies company Pepone showed a little female interests to lure a male in range. When 'she' was about to kiss him the tongue darted out into the Pirate's eye socket. The momentary pain was encompassing and gave Pepone a second to kick another with the strength of a Watu Leg muscle. The other females managed to get the other two men and with Pepone; who tied the hair into a ponytail and not as lady like ripped the seams of her skirt to have better leg movement. The 'Male' side helped free the contained Security personnel and eventually take a foot hold until the ship could bring help.

WHen Holland boarded Pepone was not as dainty or 'cute' as the Lady, fingering the hair loose and switching with more grace to keep the skirt from showing any more leg due to tears. 'She' smile demurely and was among the first able to return to the ship and 'Back into uniform properly.

Another incident before the end of her tour came when on a survey the planetary inhabitants; a pre-warp society that had energy signatures more advanced that the apparent culture had a landing party attacked by 'Magic Rods' given by the Protector' to deter attacks. The energy rods fired crude chemical ballistic weapon that used acidic projectiles. Pepone had been separated from the group. Taking 'her' cue she bland in with the culture and saw to a fellow Crewman who was injured but the two had escaped. Tending the acid wounds Pepone survived long enough to also note the culture of the city was under a 'Plague' of unknown source.

"A band of cutthroats were trying to strip mine the planet of a small dilithium deposits; had been an operation for years. The influx of more 'miners' to clear out the remaining vein had brought some 'bug' from the stars that the Federation inoculations covered but this culture did not. Pepone managed to identify the source and communicate it to the Medical Staff. The cloaked vessel was engaged and conquered; security forces rounded up the Mercs and began quietly breaking down and discreetly beaming the equipment off the planet. Pepone remained on surface to aid the recovery of victims, introducing the 'Doctors to a herbal anti-toxin from a 'Gypsy type' that happen through the area. The world was placed as Prime Directive Protected and Pepone quietly took 'Her' act out of town and back to the ship.
The doctor had been killed during the survey and Pepone covered for the six months of the remaining survey, earning a promotion and transfer.

The USS Wayfarer became her newest assignment.