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Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok

Name Luna Nicole Eclipse of the House of Martok

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Klingon
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 170
Hair Color naturally brown with dark purple highlights
Eye Color black irises
Physical Description slim, with prominent forehead ridges, sharp eyebrows, brown skin, a midnight blue stalking wolf around her left wrist, multiple scars all over from practicing with a bat'leth


Spouse none
Children none
Father Keth, of the House of Martok
Mother Ditra (deceased)
Brother(s) and / or Sister(s) none
Other Family several Aunts on Mother's side and several Uncles on Father's side

Personality & Traits

General Overview Luna is a unassuming looking young woman...until you get to know her, then she is an adventurer longing to explore and discover new and exciting things. She only gives her loyalty to those who have earned it, but will lay aside her personal feelings and work with anyone for the good of all.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: fiercely loyal, focused, won't stop till she finds the truth, fast learner. Weaknesses: overly curious, sometimes high-strung, unintentionally sharp tongued.
Ambitions Luna wants to learn as many languages and cultures as she can and explore until there is nowhere she hasn't been. She knows that might be an impossible task, but she's going to try anyway and see just how far she can get.
Hobbies & Interests swimming, gymnastics, horseback riding, flying, writing, exploring

Personal History Keth and Ditra met when he rescued her from slave traders and took her to the Klingon Homeworld: Qo'onoS. Soon after, Keth fell in love with the feisty Betaziod, who had been en route to Qo'onoS to study the Klingon culture and language when she was kidnapped, and they married three years later. Two months after Ditra became pregnant with their first, and proved to be only child, Luna, Ditra developed a strange illness. No matter what the doctors tried, she just grew worse as the pregnancy progressed. Keth stayed by her side every moment he could, for since he was part of the House of Martok, he had many responsibilities. Ditra gave birth a month before she was due, then died three days later. Keth requested an autopsy, and it was discovered that Ditra had been poisoned with Theragen mixed with several other poisons. A strange anomaly in Ditra had kept Luna from being poisoned as well. It was discovered later that the perpetrator was a dishonored Klingon named Krawl. When Luna was four, she started reading every book she could get her hands on, captivating anyone that would listen with her readings. Luna soon gained recognition as a masterful storyteller of both published works and stories of her own. She took up gymnastics, swimming, and bat'leth training when she was five, metaphorically and literally knocking her teachers off their feet with her speed and quick study. Luna was constantly looking for the next level of whatever task she was given. For her tenth birthday, her Father took her hover flying and from that day on, Luna spent hours in flight simulators, always trying to beat her high score. On Luna's twentieth birthday, the pair were visiting Earth, and ran into one of Keth's childhood friends, who was now a Starfleet recruiter, who enthralled Luna with tales of adventure, new discoveries, and mysteries galore. Soon after, Luna took the entrance exams and entered the Academy, claiming a place among the top ten out of one hundred students in her class in the flight simulator, and upon graduation, was assigned to the USS Wayfarer as a Flight Control Officer.
Service Record this is her first official assignment