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Lieutenant Rania Bhatti

Name Rania Bhatti

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unknown
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown (cosmetic contacts)
Physical Description Wearing a variant of the Starfleet uniform, Counselor Rania Bhatti wears an amira hijab head covering though sometimes will wear a shayla or standard hijab while on duty. These head coverings of cultural in nature honoring her family upbringing and are often vibrant yet solid coloured emphasizing the departmental colour that otherwise accents her uniform. Though she herself is not Human, she was raised by Humans who emigrated from Earth’s Kashmir valley, leaving their world behind in search for new opportunities as craftsmen and merchants.

Rania has a dark honey skin tone and clear complexion, almond shaped and warm brown eyes that flash a bit of allure and playfulness to them. She often has a mischievous smirk on her face though in general, she is fairly law abiding. Child-like in some ways, Rania has still been labeled as an old soul because when push comes to shove, she buckles down and looks serious in serious moments. Still, she knows how to have fun.

She is naturally a brunette, but very few catch a glimpse of her face with the exception of her expressive eyebrows which sometimes end up being her tell when it comes to playing poker. She lacks a true poker face but compensates by being easily trusted. Rania walks softly, has the grace of a dancer, the movement of a gazelle. She has caused many of people to become startled when then turn around to find her standing there watching them.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Highly adaptive, bubbly, and cunning – just a few words to describe Rania’s vibrant personality. She is not by any means a jack of all trades, but she doesn’t mind helping out where and when she can even if it is simply handing tools to a more suitable and qualified engineer. She does like to learn new things though, almost always watching. She is adventurous and brave, a worthy explorer who will not shy away from volunteering for a risky away mission even if her counselling services ’are not required’, she will find a way to make them useful.

She likes to consider herself a starship’s best kept secret, that a counselor is often underestimated, misunderstood, and that nobody watches the counselor. That is fine by her though. While all eyes are on the ladies and lads in the red and gold uniforms, she will be getting done what needs to be done. In her more youthful years as a rebellious teenager, she was an adequate jewel thief, but she does not go around putting that into her Starfleet personnel file.

Boredom has always been Rania’s arch nemesis – constantly moving or unfortunately fidgeting in her seat, she prefers to not be in one place for too long. It was why she left her home as a young teenage runaway, fleeing the floating bazaar of Xanthan, the planet her parents had settled down on when they discovered her orphaned and living on the streets, stealing from various vendors. They raised her as their own, officially adopting her when no biological family could be located. When she ran away, it was not out of spite or dislike of her adoptive family, but a need to just experience more than Xanthan. She found refuge in a galactic traveling circus where the young gymnast and ballerina made use of her double-jointedness to excellent use as a contortionist.
Strengths & Weaknesses † Double-jointed athleticism – Because Rania is double-jointed and has a background as a contortionist, she knows how to manipulate her body in gnarly ways to fit into places and spaces that no sane individual would nor should. It isn’t just a cake she has had to jump out of in her life. She’s been known to get into a barrel shaped cargo container or two.

† Graceful balance – Who says a background in ballet does not come in handy in Starfleet? Light on her feet and nimble, Rania can move silently and gracefully. Only the ears of a Ferengi or an incredibly skilled security officer would likely hear her unless she messes up, which sometimes does (rarely) happen.

‒ Fidgety – Ever since she was a child Rania has been unable to really rest and relax. She does not settle for one place too long. Always on the move, she often fidgets when seated for long periods of time. This also comes across as being impatient.

‒ Aquaphobic – Yes, someone who was raised on a damn oceanic planet known for its floating bazaar is terrified of water. She hates it…absolutely hates it. She is not the galaxy’s best swimmer, and though she can swim, she is always fearful of the water and believes it will be her death.

‒ Material girl – She is unapologetically materialistic. Her quarters are not cold, stoic, or militant. She lives as civilian as can be, taking a liking to fabrics that are soft, warm, and appealing. Her quarters are lively and bright, and she is meticulous with decorating them, but constantly changing it up. She will be the first to complain if a seat is uncomfortable or if the pillows are not soft enough. She would not last a day on a Klingon vessel.
Ambitions Rania Bhatti is looking to have a good experience aboard the USS Wayfarer, her second only Starfleet posting, but it comes at the end of a war, and more responsibility rests upon her shoulders than she has ever had on them before. She does not want to disappoint her captain nor crewmates; however, she does not want to lose sight of who she is. She still very much wants to have fun and cause a little mischief along the way. Additionally, Rania is not finished with her education yet. She would like to serve aboard the Wayfarer as she remotely works on completion of a doctoral degree.
Hobbies & Interests ● Gambling – She may not have the best poker face, but she is very good at reading people and inheritently, people tend to trust her. She likes to use this to her advantage while playing poker, but she also is pretty good at dabo and tongo.

● Botany/Gardening – Nowhere near being an actual botanist by any means, Rania does have a bit of a green thumb. She enjoys nature and tending to the airponics bay just to help out is no hassle to her. She enjoys growing things.

● Jewelry making – From her parents, she learned the art of jewelry making, and will make her own necklaces and bracelets. Though her gift giving is not as innocent as it may seem. However, there is often a catch to her leaving someone a gift.

Personal History Rania Bhatti has no recollection of what world or moon she was born on, and records are inconsistent with information about Rania prior to her being a toddler on the planet of Xanthan in the Delphic Expanse. Little is actually known about her biological parents though Rania appears to be human or at least humanoid resembling a Terran Human. Her adoptive parents are the only true parents she has memory of as she grew up fending for herself as a bit of a vagrant roaming the floating bazaar of Xanthan, stealing from peddlers, merchants, and vendors along the way for a few years before a couple took her in and adopted her, raising her as their daughter. It was them who gave her the name Rania.

She continued to be a mischievous child, always curious and always getting into things, but her puppy-eyes and warm affectionate smile made is nearly impossible not to forgive her. To give her some structure and discipline after school, her parents had her learn ballet. She was also a gymnast as well. These were actually very well suited for her because she was double-jointed and had a natural gracefulness to her. Her reflexes were almost beyond Human.

Unfortunately, as she got into her young teenage years, she became a bit bored with ballet and gymnastics. Wanting to challenge herself, Rania began putting her dodgy skills to nefarious use. She became a menace to unsuspecting merchants who set up shop on Xanthan, initially just stealing for the thrill and fun, Rania soon caught the eyes of a Ferengi who became a business acquaintance to the thirteen-year-old. For several months, he would pay her to steal jewelry and other precious items, and in return split the profits with her (disproportionately) of course. Their relationship was strictly business though. He always acted repulsed by her appearance and excessive clothing, but Rania had blackmail on over the short rat eyed Ferengi. He was no shrew businessman, but a Ferengi female living in exile for trying to make profit.

Rania would break ties with the Ferengi, something she was able to do once she found out the Ferengi’s secrets. It was fun while it lasted, but Rania wanted off Xanthan, away to experience the stars. She joined a galactic travelling circus when she was fifteen as a contortionist. These few years saw her travelling the stars and seeing far away worlds from Orion to Dopterius. She had even spent some time doing shows on an independent world In the Alpha Doradus star system.

Leaving the circus life behind was a difficult choice for Rania to make, but the constant moving around was starting to get to her. Perhaps she was just getting bored again, or perhaps she was finally starting to mature a bit? Whichever the case was, Rania ended up taking a transport to Earth and settled on Fire Island in the North Atlantic coastline. She spent some time as a performer doing strange things, a spectacle as usual, but also a capable bartender. She had excellent people skills, an almost eidetic memory, and never let a glass not bottle hit the floor – always reacting fast and catching it. She was an asset to say the least when it came to loss prevention. Even when tending bar, she could spot a thief a kilometer away. The adage It takes one to know one helped her out immensely.

By the time she turned twenty, she thought she finally knew what she wanted to do with her life. She was in that strange twilight point in a young adult’s life where the transition from child to adult happened. She had rekindled her relationship with her family, communicated with them regularly, but she had no plans on returning to Xanthan. Instead, it was off to Risa where she attended The Therapeutic School of Message of Risa, completing a program and earning a license as a professional masseuse on Risa, a planet where people were very open, a somewhat odd place for someone raised with her spiritual and cultural beliefs, but she was not chastised for them. Instead, she was very much welcomed on Risa.

Her life was going perfectly fine on Risa until Starfleet derailed it. An operation had led a Federation starship to Risa where Starfleet Officers busted open a large black-market operation that the Orion Syndicate had their hands in. It was fascinating to watch unravel, and the excitement of it sparked something in Rania. Why the hell was she rubbing people’s backs when she could be doing something like that, and that was exactly what she did. Though Starfleet Security was not what she ended up doing, she did end up leaving Risa behind and after her application to Starfleet Academy was accepted, she enrolled at the San Francisco campus.

Placing herself on a Pre-med track, Rania Bhatti was a science cadet for her four years as at the undergraduate level as Starfleet Academy where she majored in Biology and minored in Sociology. Her four years at the academy prepared her for Starfleet service in the Sciences Department where she hoped upon graduating from the academy, to gain some experience aboard a starship posting in Exobiology.

As a young exobiology aboard the USS Lamarck, Rania learned a great deal. However, after the Lamarck’s conclusion of its three year mission in the Beta Quadrant, Ensign Rania Bhatti made a request for academic leave. She wanted to advance her career with Starfleet and in order to do so, she wanted to truly transition over to Medical. Exobiology was a great start to that though she fulfilled it by returning to the classroom as a student as Starfleet Medical achieving a graduate level degree in Clinical Psychology two years later.

She returned to active duty following the conclusion of the Dominion War, with an assignment to the USS Wayfarer. There was a high need for Counsellors given the aftermath of the war, the psychological toll that it had taken on personnel. Because of the shortage of counsellors, spread thin across the two quadrants, Counsellor Rania Bhatti found herself thrusted into a position of seniority as the Wayfarer’s Chief Counsellor.

Service Record USS Lamarck
USS Wayfarer