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Captain Akeno Misaki

Name Akeno Misaki

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Akeno is a little short and has a light build. She has medium length light brown hair which she usually keeps up in twin tails or a ponytail. Her eyes shine bright blue in the light. Unlike other officers she prefers to wear the skirted variant of the Starfleet Uniform and the overjacket since entering into the Command Division.


Spouse None
Children Technically - 'Junior' (Alien entity whom invaded Akeno's womb, however did not survive upon birth)
Father Subura Misaki (Deceased)
Mother Rin Misaki (Deceased)
Brother(s) and / or Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Akeno is a rather bubbly and light hearted person. She always looks on the optimist side of life. She can sometimes be considered 'ditzy' by others. However she is a fairly good strategist and thinker. She loves her crew as she see's them as her family since she no longer has one. Caring and kind she always looks out for others and takes a lot to get angry or wound up.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include
+ Good Tactician and Strategist
+ Relaxed Command Style
+ Goes to the extra length for the people she cares about.
+ Is quick on her feet, but not great stamina.
+ Can be competitive
+ Gets to know everyone personally.

Weaknesses Include
- Can act without thinking
- Is Scared of Thunder and Lightning.
- Physically weak strength wise, but is quick to move.
- Doesn't like paperwork or reports.
- Has a weakness for things related to cats. (She loves them!)
Ambitions Akeno's ambitions are to one day discover what happened to her parents. They were both Starfleet Officers when they had been declared Missing in Action. She has worked hard to rise up through the ranks with the slight hope to discover the truth. Her personal ambitions are to help others through Starfleet and to see whats out in the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interest Include:
- Anything to do with Cats.
- Looking at Stars through telescopes.
- Swimming
- Cheerleading
- Japanese style festivals.

Personal History Born on Earth in Yokosuka a town not far from Tokyo, Akeno had a fairly average upbringing. Since her parents were Starfleet Officers Akeno was mainly raised by her grandparents. She would see her parents when they got back on shoreleave or talk to them over subspace. That was until she was nine years old in the year 2357.

In 2357, both of Akeno's parents were assigned to a new starship, the USS Pegasus. However only a few weeks into their assignment, Akeno got the news that the ship had disappeared and that both of her parents were declared "Missing in Action". There was a memorial service for which Akeno attended held in their local shrine.

From that day forward, Akeno always wanted to find out what had happened to her mother and father. She couldn't accept the fact that they were simply missing. She vowed to herself to find out the truth, there was only one way she could do that. Follow in their footsteps and join into Starfleet, gain a high rank and do some digging through any records she could get her hands on.

She worked hard in school, however she wasn't the most academic. She struggled with most of the subjects. Luckily her grandparents hired a private tutor and managed to get Akeno through her middle school exams. At age sixteen, Akeno now had a choice. Her grades were fairly decent, they weren't especially fantastic, nor were they bad. She was in the top two thirds of her class.

She decided at age sixteen in 2364 to apply for Starfleet Academy. Her application caught the eye of Commodore Williams, who had originally taught Akeno's parents when they were at the Academy. Even though Akeno's grades weren't the best, he wanted her as well. He knew that her parents had been declared "MIA" and wanted to make sure that their legacy continued on.

Akeno was surprised when she found out that she had been accepted into the Academy. The first year at the Academy was mostly general officer training. As a freshman cadet, Akeno almost found it overwhelming the amount of freedom she had. Her first year was filled with lectures about Federation and Starfleet Technology, Rules and Regulations and how to become a good officer. It was at the end of the first year that they had to choose a specialism.

Akeno was unsure what to choose. Luckily for her a certain gardner by the name of Boothby at the Academy was there to help her make up her mind. She had spent numerous hours sitting in the Academy gardens staring out over the bay trying to come to a decision of which line she should go down. Luckily Boothby had spoken to her and over the next few weeks managed to convince her to choose her speciality. She decided to aim higher than usual and go down the Command division.

When the request came across Commodore Williams desk, it was said that he chuckled to himself. He approved it and allowed Akeno to enter into the Command division. It is well known at Starfleet Academy that getting into the Command division is not common on your first attempt and that it is hard and sometimes tedious. However Akeno found her motivation, that of finding out the truth behind her parents disappearance.

The next three years were hard for Akeno as she was put through the Command Training curicculum. She struggled with it, however with some tutoring from Williams she managed to graduate as a Command Officer and was awarded the rank of Ensign in 2368.

In 2368 she was assigned as a Junior Relief Officer aboard the Excelsior Class USS Monitor. Her job was fairly simple. As a relief officer and having been trained in bridge command and functions she would take over stations when needed on the bridge or where needed. Her job description was basically the 'go to' girl when it came to needing something manned. She often found herself manning the helm or operations console when the senior officers went into a briefing. She enjoyed this quite a bit since it allowed her to do a bit of everything.

In 2370 after two years she was promoted to Lieutenant Juniro Grade after completing the mandatory two years at the rank of Ensign. She remained on the Monitor as a relief officer, although now she was given a little bit more responsibility. She was given the job of a team leader amongst the relief officers, therefore she would work with the executive officer of who to assign to where and at what times. She rather enjoyed this and shocked the Monitors XO, Commander Lawton as she knew everyone personally even down to their likes and dislikes. This impressed Commander Lawton who made to note it to Captain Hardy.

Because of her determination and her enthusiasm, Akeno found herself with a little more weight on her collar three years later in 2373. She was promoted to Lieutenant. With the Monitor up for crew rotations she was also assigned as the ships Second Officer. Although she was still technically a relief officer whilst on duty she was somewhat considered a senior staff member. She was also the officer who would command the ship during night shifts. She was often called in to staff meetings as the ships second officer and helped around the ship where needed. This was unusual as she wasn't a department head, but she was well liked by the other senior staff.

In 2373, the Dominion War broke out and the Monitor and Akeno found themselves on the front lines against the Cardassian/Dominion Alliance. The Monitor saw heavy combat throughout the next couple of months. The ship itself was often tasked with others along the front lines.

In 2374 the USS Monitor was present during 'Operation Return' a push by The Federation to retake Deep Space Nine and prevent the Dominion from removing the Minefield deployed around the entrance to the Bajoran Wormhole. This would be one of Akeno's bloodiest battles. The Monitor had taken a beating during the battle which had resulted in the ship being nearly crippled.

Commander Lawton was killed in the battle. With Captain Hardy also badly injured, Akeno took temporary command of the Monitor. She managed to keep the ship in the fight by giving out quick orders and knowing her crew. Although badly damaged, the Monitor made it out alive. Although had to be towed back to a starbase for extensive repairs. Forher quick thinking and taking command she was awarded a commendation by Starfleet Command.

The Monitor was far too badly damaged to be useful in war service. Therefore she was due to be mothballed until Starfleet could afford to repair her and get her back into active service. Akeno and the majority of the crew found themselves reassigned. Due to the trauma most of the Monitors crew were reassigned away from the front lines.

Akeno found herself assigned to Starbase 45 as a yeoman to Vice Admiral McGarden who was the ranking officer in that sector. Akeno worked with the Admiral being his personal assistant however she found the paperwork boring and tedious. She didn't like paperwork, however she did enjoy meeting people and being the one to deliver messages.

In 2375, towards the end of the Dominion War, Earth was attacked by the Breen. Akeno got the devestating news that her grandparents whom had been in San Francisco had been killed in the bombardment. They had been on holiday visiting the city when it happened. However they were unfortunately caught up in the assault, resulting in them losing their lives like so many other civilians. Akeno now had no family left, she was purely alone. She felt her hatred start to build for The Dominion. She started to not like how she was feeling about this, so she needed to get back onto the front lines again to vent some of her built up anger.

She requested a transfer to a vessel so she could help fight against the Dominion. It was denied by Admiral McGarden whom over the last year and knew that she was suffering from grief. He kept her where he could keep an eye on her. He made sure she kept busy keeping her mind off of the current galactic situation.

Eventually in late 2375 the Treaty of Bajor was signed thus ending the Dominion War and the Galaxy Found itself turning slowly back to peace. The Dominion had caused extensive damage to Starfleet, Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian infastructure. From her desk alongside with Admiral McGarden Akeno worked by commanding different teams to help rebuild their little section of the Alpha Quadrant.

In 2376, with most of the repairs finished and the Federation Fleet now getting back upto strength. Admiral McGarden approached Akeno with a strange request. She had peformed well over the last two years, but he knew that she needed a new challenge. He told her of a new upcoming position, the Executive Officer position aboard the USS Wayfarer. He suggested that she apply for it. Seeing it as a new opportunity to get back into space and to excel, she decided to apply and see what happened. She was accepted and was field promoted to Commander to take the job as the ships Executive Officer.

Akeno was assigned as XO of the USS Wayfarer under command of Captain Dick Sprague which was on its way back to Earth after a disastrous mission. However Captain Spraque thought that he was only a passenger on the ship. When the ship was fractured into different realities, Akeno found herself separated from the others. Upon restoring reality Captain Sprague had vanished. Due to no other Captain's been available, Starfleet Command promoted Akeno to Captain and gave her full command of the Wayfarer, making her one of the youngest Starfleet Captain's in service.

Akenos first mission on the Wayfarer was to chart a nebula. However a non-corporeal being that had been imprisoned in the nebula entered Akenos body through her belly button in an attempt to escape. The being settled by trying to hide in one of Akenos oocyte's causing a rapid pregnancy. The entity named itself 'Junior' and attempted to take the ship by controlling Akeno through the nerves in the umbilical chord. However after being born, Junior did not survive as the entity was incompatible outside of Akenos womb. After a brief period in Sickbay, Akeno resumed command of the Wayfarer.

The Wayfarer then responded to an old distress call from the USS Arista. Upon investigation Akeno and her crew discovered the Miranda Class Starship crashed on a planet. The crew were still alive, but being 'reborn' over and over again with their memories intact and used by aliens known as the Tyranians as a source of food. Akeno helped the Captain of the Arista, Sistine Fibel fight off the Tyranians and secure the planet. However Sistine passed away not long after the final battle, she finally was at peace.

The time spent with the Arista crew shook Akeno, the Wayfarer underwent repairs at Starbase 12. Akeno and the crew enjoyed 10 days of shoreleave on Risa. Akeno met Xander Benson on Risa whilst on shoreleave and after a few dates they started a physical relationship. Akeno lost her virginity to Xander on their second date. When she returned to the Wayfarer, Xander came with her as they had now entered a romantic relationship.
Service Record 2348 - Born to Subura and Rin Misaki - Yokosuka, Earth.
2357 - Loss of Parents aboard the USS Pegasus
2364 - Applies and Enters Starfleet Academy - Officer Division
2365 - Applies and accepted into Command Division Training, Starfleet Academy.
2368 - Graduates Starfleet Academy - Promoted to Ensign.
2368 - Assigned to USS Monitor - Junior Relief Officer.
2370 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade - USS Monitor - Relief Officer & Team Leader.
2373 - Promotion to Full Lieutenant. - USS Monitor - Night Shift Command Officer & Second Officer Position.
2374 - Takes Temporary command of the USS Monitor after the CO and XO are incapacitated.
2374 - Assigned as yeoman to Vice Admiral McGarden - Starbase 45
2375 - Grandparents killed in the Breen Attack on San Francisco.
2375 - Request to Transfer to a Front Line Vessel [Denied]
2376 - Reasigned to the USS Wayfarer as Executive Officer - Field Promotion to Commander
2376 - Assigned as USS Wayfarer Commanding Officer - Field Promotion to Captain.