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Lieutenant Torvin Anor

Name Torvin Anor

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Haliian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 155lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color dark green
Physical Description Torvin is a fairly slim Haliian, Black, short hair in curls that fade on the side. His almond skin is generally well kept. as his face rests naturally into an almost mildly worried look. The noted Haliian bumps resting noticeable on his forehead.

His body was slim, but maintained, and while lacking any true bulk it keeps some tone thanks to the work he does. Numerous bumps and scratches rest on him, most could easily be repaired with a dermal regenerator, but are left unphased. Hidden underneath his uniform.

His uniform commonly has damage to it, small scrapes, cuts or loose threads thanks to his routine habit of getting hands-on where he probably shouldn't. It is not impossible to mark the progression of his shift by how intact his uniform is.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jaro Anor
Mother Nina Anor
Brother(s) and / or Sister(s) None
Other Family Herold Louissaint(Birth Father),Ruth Louissaint(Birth Mother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Torvin is a kind, but generally reserved Haliian engineer, with a curious spirit, and an eagerness to take a hands-on approach. His birth family lost in their own adventure in the stars, he was raised by an adoptive family, his isolated, but beloved childhood years turned into drive and passion, for ships, the stars and anything in between.

He is an individual who truly loves the career he has taken and leaves an impression behind wherever he goes, either due to his slowly shredding uniform, his seeming ability to pop up anywhere thanks to his knack for wandering around in the Jefferies tubes to manually inspect systems rather than relying on computer diagnostic reports. Whatever floating space object he is on, he will do his best to learn how it ticks and keep it in tip-top shape. And while he may be a reserved figure to those he doesn't know well, and doesn't sport the expected professionalism and formality of Starfleet, he does his best to embody its spirit, curiosity, kindness and courage in equal measure.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Tactile knowledge of starship components, beyond standard training
- Dexterous and agile, able to navigate tight spaces and climb well

- lack of true control of his empathic nature, forcing him to repress it. (With limited success)
- A lack of self-valuation, causing him to think little of risking himself, even for minor issues where he truly shouldn't.
Ambitions His goals are:
- increase his knowledge of starships, and design his own to submit to Utopia Planitia
- Becoming a respected member of Starfleet
Hobbies & Interests - Model building
- rap music
- Card magic and Cardistry

Personal History Torvin is an adopted Haliian, his birth parents members of the USS Mendeleeve when it was destroyed after a cascading Antimatter reaction during scientific research of an unknown energy pulse being emitted from an old defence station found in orbit of an extinct world. A bright adventure as a member of the crew at the behest of one of his parents, threw him aboard before their ship ended in disaster. He was 3

Eventually, he was rescued and placed into adoption, where he was adopted by Jaro and Nina Arnor, a trill couple who raised the child dutifully. Though naturally he found growing up in a world not of his own discomforting, especially when his empathetic powers began to show, with little to truly rely on for reference he was often outcast from his peers. But generally kept up a cheerful and friendly demeanour. Not just for his now parents, who he accepted and loved even when he naturally became aware of his adoption, but just in a natural will to be a friendly individual. He had a comfortable, if slightly sheltered, life.

Naturally, being left alone for large periods gave him free time, he decided to learn. Taking a great interest in the stars thanks to his research into his birth parents. He soon became fascinated by starships. Posters filling his room, even a few models (Some he keeps to this day). Jaro and Nina were more than happy to encourage what could, and would, become a career for the boy. Eventually passing through Starfleet academy and onwards. Where he serves as an engineering crewman on multiple starbases (272, 323 and 464 specifically)

Promoted to LTJG during his tenure on starbase 464, he wanted to expand his work and requested to be transferred to the wayfarer to serve as an engineering officer. A task he is eager to prove himself in.
Service Record Starfleet Academy Graduate, Engineering branch (2368)

Engineering crewman, Starbase 323 (2368-2372)

Engineering crewman, Starbase 272 (2372-2373)

Engineering crewman, Starbase 464 (2373-2375)

Engineering Officer, Starbase 464 (2375-2376)