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Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson

Name Mark William Johnson

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1,80m
Weight 85kg
Hair Color brown with grey shades
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Fairly tall and with broad shoulders. Hair cut short, military style and usually well shaved face. His late wife Amanda used to love his well kept beard so, from time to time, when the grief for her loss catches him, he wanders around with a light unshaved beard to feel her close to him again.
An athletic body. While in missions he often keep in shape running around the ship and doing pullups or visiting the holodeck.

His left arm, at shoulder height, and his left breastplate shows a deep and extended scar.

The scar was left from a phaser shot that caught him and almost killed him when he got caught in an ambush with the away team of the USS Genesis on an M-class planet with presumably a friendly civilization.

In that ambush his wife, Amanda Kiss in Johnson was killed.
He wanted to keep the scar and avoid the dermal regeneration of the area as a mean to keep his wife with him and close to his heart forever.


Spouse Amanda Kiss (deceased)
Children none
Father Daniel Johnson
Mother Dr. Chloe Barr (in Johnson)
Brother(s) and / or Sister(s) Steve Johnson - deceased due to excessive exposure to radiations in a mission abroad the USS Nimbus

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mostly introvert but always eager to help others. Loves to walk long distance hikes on his own to be able to relax.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hard worker.
He used to love socializing with people but he became much more introvert after the loss of his wife.
Ambitions Save lives
Hobbies & Interests He loves reading. He uses to read old military strategy books, especially related to naval and submarine warfare. He likes to find similarities between first and second world war's submarine strategies with modern Starfleet assets ones.

From time to time, when he gets back home from long missions, he enjoys sailing along Florida gulf on a small ship.
He likes long distance hiking, mountaineering and climbing.

Personal History Born in 2341 in a small village in the coast of Maine. He grew up spending time in nature with his older brother Steve.
He went to medical school and graduated summa cum laude to enter Starfleet right after.

His first posting was on the USS Okinawa where he met his wife, Amanda Kiss. Amanda was part of the security team on board of the ship. The two fell in love and, when Mark proposed her, they married.

The two got transferred to different ships for a little while. Mark on the USS Italia while Amanda on the USS Skua but finally managed to be allowed to serve on the same ship, the USS Genesis.

Life hadn't been so easy on Mark. Right after his marriage with Amanda, his older brother Steve died of heavy radiation exposure while on a mission. Not even a couple of months after that loss, his dad Daniel got severely ill and left a huge loss in Mark's family.

Life with Amanda was happy, the two were inseparable and close. She was the Chief of Security on board and he was serving as the Chief Medical Officer.
During a mission on an M-class planet the away team comprehending him and Amanda too, got ambushed. The starfleet away team and the locals exchanged fire and Mark got shot. He fell unconscious with a deep and worrying injury in his left armpit and shoulder.

When he woke up in the Genesis's medical bay his ache was nothing with respect to the grief he suffered knowing that lieutenant Amanda Kiss was among the Killed in Action during the ambush.

He took some time off and returned to Earth before accepting a posting in the USS Wayfarer.
Service Record USS Okinawa
USS Italia
USS Skua
USS Genesis
USS Wayfarer