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The Battle of Arista Colony (Part 3)

Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2022 @ 7:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Miller & Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Torvin Anor & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel & Ensign Magnum Rhodes
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Mission: Arista
Location: Arista Colony, USS Wayfarer

Previously on Star Trek Wayfarer

"Thiz iz notz goodz." replied Tez. "Okay let me shut down the power to that console" Patra said and she turned and opened a panel. as she did a sudden flash of flame came boiling out catching her full on. She fell back against the sparking panel as Tezasaurez flung her body over Patra protecting her from the flash fire. Unfortunately, the damage was done, Patra was burned and had suffered a severe shock from the electrical panel as well. She appeared dead to Tezasaurez, =^=Emergencyzz pointzz to pointzz transportzz from myz positionzz to sickbayzz, twoz to beamzz nowzz!=^= said the Gorn in a raspy voice.

And now the continuation...

"Keep firing!" Johnathan ordered as the Tyranians continued their advance. "We can't let them reach the Wayfarer!"

the combatants on the ground were now resorting to creating makeshift barricades with whatever they could find- be it wooden farming carts, furniture, or even the debris of their ruined houses- to slow the Tyranians' process. Of course, it would do little to stop them outright (hardly anyone was expecting that to be the case), but at the very least, it slowed them just enough for the snipers on the rooftops to pick a few of them off.

As Johnathan was focused on one such blockade, picking off the Tyranians as they struggled to hoist their heavy equipment over the debris, he heard a tiny, out-of-place klink somewhere behind him; glancing over his shoulder, he saw a silver, ovoid-shaped device laying just a few yards away. His eyes widened with horror as he realized what he was staring at.

"GRENADE!" he had just enough time to shout before it went off, causing the roof they were situated on to collapse.

When the dust settled, an officer picked herself up from the rubble and spotted Johnathan lying just a few feet away, A bloody stub where his right leg should've been. Her initial thought was that he had been killed, but as she moved closer to inspect for herself, she was quite surprised to find he still had a pulse; it was faint, but he was nonetheless alive. With no time to waste, she hastily tapped her com badge and prayed that Johnathan would last long enough to get him stabilized.

=A=I need a med-evac, now!=A= she implored frantically. =A=Commander Miller has been wounded!=A=

"COMMANDER!!! As Luna picked herself up from the rubble she saw an officer leaning over Commander Miller's body...what was left of him anyway! Her heart felt like it had been chattered into a thousand pieces at the carnage all around her. During the Dominion War she had been sheltered, so even though she had seen pictures and had spoken with survivors, NOTHING had prepared her for this."Kahless, help me!" Luna whispered as she turned back to face the Tyraninans. Chaos still reigned, but suddenly Luna didn't feel anything but focused rage against the monsters that had put her and her crewmates, and the Arista Colony in this position. "Everyone! We need to work together to keep these Qlp Hom Ha’DIbaH DenIb Qatlh (stupid runt dog Denebian slime devil) from not only continuing to feed on the Arista Colony, but adding us to the menu as well! Let's send these Ha’DIbaH back to the hole they crawled out of!" Luna shouted, bracing her feet and dropping targets like it was second nature to her.

[Arista's Sickbay]

=^= Stand down, we'll beam him directly to the sickbay =^= the CMO replied to then get the sickbay personnel prepared.

"Ok everyone, we'll have Commander Miller transported here. Everyone, get ready, clean that area down there. We will need space to work on" he ordered while getting the area ready.

Suddenly, the body of the officer materialized over one of the main surgery tables in the Arista's medical bay. Comander Miller's conditions were worrying.

Lt. Johnson widened his eyes. Commander Miller's leg was gone. He immediately shot him a painkiller to ease his pain, connected him to one of the medical scans and asked for help from one of his assistants.

"I need help here" he yelled
"what shall I do, doc?" one of the ensigns asked.
"Get over here and try to stop the bleeding, we will need to fix the wound before trying the dermal generation on him"
"Aye, sir" he promptly answered and started dabbing the wound while the CMO performed the surgery on the commander.

Tezasaurez and Patra materialized in sickbay. Tez looked around and saw a young ensign in medical blue teal, "Youzz, overz herez nowz!" the Gorn bellowed. "Iz havez a woundedz officerzz, youz wilz treatz herz."

“uhm … yessir” the young medical ensign answered while having Patra laying on one of the available biobed.
“Wha…what happened?” he asked stuttering from nervousness and looking at her vital parameters. As soon as he got a glance of her conditions he paled and, almost panicking, yelled over to the CMO “Doc, we need you here”

“One moment, Mr. Hopkins” Mark replied while trying to stay focused on what was left of commander Miller’s leg.
“Doc, we need you fast” he kept pushing on Mark while looking for some kind of medical equipment but being too anxious to operate accordingly on the patient.
“Mr. Hopkins, breathe...” Mark yelled while still performing the last few moves of the surgery on the commander and being concentrated on him “...take a deep breath and start telling me what happened and the patient’s conditions”.

Ensign Hopkins tried to calm down and feed the Head of the medical department with all the needed and requested information. Mark simply nodded at the information he was fed with and finished operating on the commander.
“Ok, I’m done with this, work on tissue regeneration and keep him stable. If there’s anything, call me” he ordered his assistants while motioning towards the other biobed where the blonde lieutenant was laying “Oh my…” he whispered “..give me space to work” he told Tezasaurez while starting to treat her.

“Lieutenant,do you hear me?” he asked in a calm and soft voice while treating the bruises to see if she was conscious or not.

More and more Tyranians came rushing through into the colony, cutting down officers and colonists with their weapons and some with their claws. Akeno leant against the barricade, her rifle holding close to her chest as she breathed heavily.

Luna was fighting for breath as she struggled to get a Tyranian off of her. He had jumped up from nowhere and dropped her faster than she knew was possible. "AAAHHH!!!" the Tyranian bit down on her shoulder, temporarily blinding her with the intensity of the pain. Suddenly, Luna heard a chilling roar. The Tyranian, who had been increasing it's psi on her shoulder, stopped, and after a heartbeat, let go, stood up, and walked away. An Ensign helped her up and pressed a compression bandage against her shoulder. "Do you want me to call a Medic?" the Ensign asked. "No thank you, Ensign, I'm..." Luna watched the Tyranians form a circle and a much larger one appear. By the time he was finished talking, Luna wanted to tear his smug, arrogant, scaly head off! She even took a step toward him before Captain Misaki gave the order to retreat. "Let's get out of here guys," Luna whispered, backing away while keeping her eyes on the circle.

Suddenly a long loud roar echoed around the area. The Tyranians stopped, they seemed to freeze and stand still, some still looming over crew and colonists who were on the ground. It was like a saving grace for many.

The Tyranians walked away to the middle of the street, forming a circle. A few seconds later a much larger Tyranian appeared in the center of the circle. It stood much taller, was much bigger in size and was darker in colour than the others.

"Humans and... others!" it spoke, the universal translator locking onto their language. "You cannot withstand us, all of your females will be added to our livestock. I will overlook this insurrection if you surrender"

"Misaki to Wayfarer" Akeno whispered as she tapped her comm badge. "That larger one must be their leader. We'll get out of the area, I want you to hit him with a photon torpedo on my signal"

Mckenzie tapped her badge =^=Yes ma'am=^=. She tapped her badge again to contact another security crew-member still on the ship. =^=Petty Officer, Houston, is the forward torpedo tube still clear?=^=

The Enlisted security member tapped his badge. =^=Yes ma'am it is.=^=

=^=Good. Load it with another photon torpedo.=^=

=^=Aye Lieutenant.t=^=

Akeno tapped Sistine on her shoulder indicating for her to rise with her. Both women rose up slowly from behind the barricade.

"This is the first time you've ever spoken to us!" Sistine started up.

"We don't 'play' with our food female. However it seems you have found more of your kind to attempt to resist us" The larger Tyranian snarled. "But you have only added to our current stock" he pointed a long claw at Akeno. "That one looks especially delicious, she must be like you. One of their leaders, the best when it comes to taste!"

"I'm not here to negotiate with you" Akeno spoke up. "This colony is now under the protection of the United Federation of Planets. More starships will come, we will protect these people!"

A strange crackling like sound came from deep in the Tyranians throat, much like laughter only more creepy and raspier. "I doubt that any of your 'Starships' will be able to defeat us. You can't even fend off my soldiers on the ground, our technology is far superior amongst the stars"

Akeno turned slightly to the side. "Wayfarer" she whispered into her comm badge. "Hows that torpedo?"

=^=We're almost there.=^= She tapped her badge again. =^=Petty Officer, where it is that damn torepedo?=^=

=^=She's ready sir!=^= the Petty Officer called out over the comm.

=^=Very good. Mckenzie out.=^= She contacted the Captain again. =^=She's ready=^=

"On my mark..." Akeno whispered.

"We still have plenty of tricks up our sleeve. I will not let you hunt down any more of my people!" Sistine shouted at the Tyranian.

The strange crackling sound came from the Tyranian again. He obviously found it humorous that his 'food' was answering back. "How are you going to stop me female? I've always enjoyed how you taste, you are my favourite, so you're all mine!" he pushed two of the other Tyranians apart and extended his long sharp claws "So resist me, I can't wait to finally kill you and eat you myself. Or maybe I won't kill you, just eat you and savour on your screams!"

"You asked what we were going to do..." Akeno said. "How about this?"


Raelyn pressed down hard on the console without delay. She wasn't going to allow anyone to die on her watch if she could help it. "Hasta la vista..." she said to the enemy leader even if they couldn't here it. The photon's speed increased rapidly and flew out of the tube. The torpedo flew around the settlement until it reached the lead Tyranian. There was a mighty explosion. "...Motherfucker!" Raelyn finished the one-liner. She tapped her badge. She needed to make sure everyone else was alright.

=^=Wayfarer to Misaki, please acknowledge=^=

The explosion threw mud, sand and dirt high into the air, showering everyone as the shockwave buffeted the barricades. The dust began to settle slowly.

Akeno coughed on the dust as she peered over the barricade, where the lead Tyranian once stood was now a large crater. It was obvious that the torpedo had not only killed the Tyranians, but also disintegrated them completely, they were nothing now but dust.

"Misaki here. Good shooting Lieutenant. Status of the Tyranian vessel in orbit?" she asked.

The Security Chief quickly looked at her console and tapped a few buttons. =^=They appear to be retreating. But I can't be certain with the atmospheric conditions. I can't track where they are headed either. I recommend we go to Yellow Alert before we leave.=^=

"Agreed" Akeno replied. She tapped her comm badge again. "Captain Misaki to all hands, the Tyranians are in full retreat. We did it people!" she announced.

Raelyn didn't say anything. She just made a big sigh of relief. "Ops, how are we looking?"

"All good, damage to the upper hull, but nothing we can't handle" The ensign at Ops reported with a smile.

The CMO merely nodded at the news while he kept working on the wounded and injured.

Back on the ground, Akeno and Sistine emerged from the otherside of the Barricade to assess the damage and the large crater. Akeno looked around at the devestation of the battle. There were several of her officers and the colonists who now laid deceased in various places. Akeno could feel herself holding back a tear, but she had to be strong now.

"Gather all the dead" she ordered simply. "Have the Wayfarer beam them to the Morgue. We'll give them all a proper send off later. I need a headcount everyone report in!"

"Lt. JG Luna Martok reporting in for the ground forces in Commander Miller's absence. He was...hurt when a grenade went off, and I saw an Officer beam with him to Sickbay. We're a bit shaken, but we've regrouped and will begin gathering the dead. Martok out. Alright everyone! I know we're tired, but we can't leave our brothers and sisters like this. Ensign...Phelps right? You take half our men and start on the right side of the village. If you see any wounded call a Medic or Sickbay and leave a crewman with them till they are attended to, then continue. I'll do the same on the left. We'll meet in the village, I guess where it USED to be, and start transporting them aboard," Luna instructed the Ensign who had given her the bandage since she was unable to see any other officers in the immediate vicinity. He nodded, pointed to a handful of crewmen, and started making his way across the village. Luna took the others and did the same. Several hours later, the grim task was complete.

"Lieutenant Martok? Are you alright?" Ensign Phelps asked, noticing Luna's face was quite pale and she was fighting for breath. A wandering Medic had patched the wound in her shoulder, but she hadn't wanted to stop working, so the Medic had given her a shot for the pain and had moved on. Now, she looked like she was about to pass out. "I' was the question?" Luna was suddenly having trouble concentrating, and the air didn't seem to be enough to keep her lungs full. When the Ensign didn't answer, Luna turned to look at him...or that's what her plan was anyway.

The spin turned into a fall, and everything got hazy. "LIEUTENANT!?!?" was the last thing Luna heard as her world went black. "Ensign Phelps to Sickbay! I need a med evac now! Lt. Martok was wounded during the fight and just collapsed!" "Don't panic, Ensign,. Just stand back, we're beaming her aboard now," a calm voice told him as the Lt. disappeared.

A little while later, the dust had settled and the remaining crew of the Wayfarer and the colonists were beginning to clean up the area. Akeno's uniform was covered in dirt and dust from the battle, she walked amongst the crowds as they took down barricades, performed first aid on the injured and placed their weapons down.

Slowly the Captain walked along with Sistine towards the Wayfarer, it loomed over them like a skyscraper and stood proud and strong. "Well, we did it. I doubt they'll be coming back anytime soon" Akeno said.

"Thank you for your help Captain" Sistine replied. "I'm going to check in with my people. We have a lot to do now"

Akeno nodded as Sistine flashed her a smile and trotted off towards a group of her people. She couldn't help but smile as she walked slowly back towards her ship, this was the start of a new beginning for the Arista crew and she felt a warmth in her chest knowing she had helped save them from their own nightmare.

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