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Posted on Wed Oct 11th, 2023 @ 8:41pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant Vrax tr'Keirianh & Ensign Robert Lee Jr.

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: USS Wayfarer

Akeno crawled through the Jeffries tubes heading down into the depths of the ship. She was using Thoron particles to mask tricorder readings, this allowed her to move almost undetected. She was heading for the Brig, if she could overpower the guards she could release the senior staff.


The security officer stood at the Brig console, one hand on his type two phaser whilst he worked the controls with the other.

The most gentle sounds of a transporter beaming seemed to be ignored by the Security Officer manning the Brig console as he must've assumed only one of his crew had come over to reinforce him as he called back, "You here to relieve me?" without turning.

Materializing with a Romulan disruptor pistol in hand, Vrax raised it to the ready before he answered back, "No. Reporting for Duty to my new assignment."

The voice, being completely unrecognizable to the Terran Officer and containing an accent he would certainly know didn't belong to any of his people, caused him to finally turn. He only managed to reach for his holstered phaser with a look of shock on his face before the Romulan's pistol discharged, striking the man and causing the Terran to not even let out a scream before he completely dematerialized.

Glancing quickly around for reinforcements, but finding none, Vrax moved swiftly over to the console the Terran had previously been manning, raising his pistol behind him towards the closed door to the Brig in preparation for reinforcements. Already knowing the Prime crew had been completely overtaken, he gave them only a glance before deactivating the force fields keeping the officers contained.

Mashiro's jaw dropped in utter disbelief. "Wait, who are you and what are you-?"

Turning to face the group of officers in Starfleet Uniforms, the Romulan was still wearing his Star Navy Uniform and Rank, but didn't lower his pistol from its aim towards the door as he offered a quick salute to the officers, "Erein Vrax tr'Keirianh reporting for duty as your new Chief of Sciences. It appears you are in need of aid," he said with a clear air of superiority that shouldn't have been unexpected from the Romulan.

"I suggest you arm and ready yourselves," he said motioning with his pistol towards the crate that had beamed in with him still sitting where he'd originally arrived, "It won't be long before they realize someone has beamed aboard. We should move out quickly before they trap us in here."

Mashiro blinked in surprise. "Well, wasn't what I was expecting, but... we'll take what we can get."

Luna's jaw hit the deck seconds before she recovered and was on her feet, shooting across the cell and skidding to a stop before the Romulan.

"Thanks, Chief tr'Keirianh! You heard tall, dark, and hero! Let's go!" Luna grin with a bit of a feral type smile as she opened the crate, and whistled.

"Whewy! Now THIS is my type of weapon!" Luna pulled out a d'k tahg and phaser, the smile widening as she strapped on the dagger and tucked the phaser into her belt before again turning to the Romulan.

"Hiya! Name's Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok, and again, thanks for the rescue!" Luna grinned and stuck out her hand.

Ileah rose from her seated poition, walk like her usually model like strides from the cell to the fallen Mirror Security man, bending while mindful of her skirrt she took his type II phaser and a dagger he had.

"Nice of you to drop in . Ileah said as she checked her weapon. "You would not happen to have a cricket or something smaller and lady like as I do not condone violence."

Bristling at the pronunciation of his family name, the Romulan looked at the offered hand a moment but did not take it. "Mister Vrax is fine, Lieutenant Luna Eclipse," he corrected, both realizing why Vulcans used only one name and purposely omitting the Klingon's house.

Luna gulped back a snarl, understanding that she'd goofed...somehow...and lowered her hand, channeling her anger into thrashing the honorless ones who had hurt her family and killed her bretheren.

"And, no," Vrax continued, turning his attention to the Deltan, "I'm afraid I only have what the Empire has graciously offered, Lieutenant Ileah," he answered attempting not to show his amusement at her reluctance despite the foreknowledge of it.

"Your timing is impeccable, Spooky was taking his sweet time of getting me out of here. Ileah commented. "Now I think I should be getting about the Slave Driver's work slowing the progress of the ship a bit." SHe winked and sighed. "I hate going in the Jefferies with a skirt, but my fashion choice has come to bite me in the bum it seems."

Lt. Commander Johnson rose from his crouched position and turned towards the new arrived Romulan.

“Thanks for the save, Mr. Vrax, Lt. Cmdr Johnson. Chief Medical Officer” he presented himself while exiting the brig and checking the surrounding for some weaponry or something to use as such.

Catching the Medical Officer's searching gaze, Vrax grunted and motioned toward the Romulan crate he'd brought with him. "If you are looking for a weapon, Doctor, you could find some Romulan Disruptors in there. Take one. Gifts from the Empire for either use or study by Starfleet." Just from the sound of his voice, it was clear the Romulan believed his species' tech superior to Starfleet's.

Raelyn picked herself up off of the ground and approached the Romulan and extended a hand. "I concur with the doctor. Thanks for the save. I'm Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie, the Wayfarer's Security Chief and Second Officer."

Suddenly without warning the jeffries tube hatch flew open. Out sprung Akeno a phaser in her hand ready to fire. She was not in her uniform anymore but was still dressed in the long shirt that Specter had given her.

She froze when she was that her crew had already been released and by a Romulan? Safe to say she was a little confused.

"So..." she said lowering the phaser slightly. "What exactly is going on here?" She asked.

Ileah could stiffle the laugh.

"You found Spooky out of his hovel." Taking note of only the shirt on the Captain as Ileah removed her jacket offering it to the Captain. "I know Spooky's work, he does not think thing through if not analyzing data. Probably did not want to guess your size? Which way did he say he was going?

"He didn't..." Akeno said. "Although he did say something about the other Wayfarer. He's going to try and mess with them I think." she explained to Ileah. "Anyways, now that we're all somewhat present. I think its best if we try to take back this ship."

"CAPTAIN!!!!" Luna showed a moment of very NONE Klingon relief and wrapped the Captain in a bear hug!

Thankful for the sudden interruption, "That sounds like an excellent idea, Captain Misaki," he commented after turning square to his new commanding officer. Offering only a nod in greeting, "Er…Lieutenant Vrax, Sir. Your new Chief of Sciences, by way of the Exchange Program," the Romulan introduced himself, remembering to use his Starfleet equivalent rank to keep things transparent.

"Gotta say, Captain, this is the first I'm hearing of a Chief of Sciences being loaned to us via the exchange program," Mashiro admitted. "Were we expecting one to relieve Lieutenant Bhatti?"

"Yeah. I must have forgotten to tell you..." Akeno said. "Things have been busy you know. Plus, paperwork is totally not my thing."

"We'll split up into two teams. Shiro-Chan will lead a team to the sickbay and secure it. There should be some sort of sedative that you can distribute into the life support systems that will knock out the Terrans. Meanwhile I'll take a team to Engineering, if we can hold there we can divert all systems and controls away from the bridge." Akeno suggested.

"Understood," Mashiro nodded, taking a phaser from one of the guards and priming it.

"You realize what Spooky did, right." Ileah started.. "He erased the computer Operating Program, the computer has all memory but no language to convert so system is brainless."

"Yes, but the hard wired controls still work," Akeno replied. "That includes the emergency systems."

While Vrax had little real sense of the totality of the situation, the part he could play in it seemed clear. "Captain, I believe it would be best for me to join you in Engineering. I will be of more use there in gaining control of the ship," the Romulan voiced seeming very confident in his opinion and abilities.

"How much do you know about the inner workings of an Intrepid-Class, Lieutenant?" Mashiro inquired.

The corners of the Romulan's mouth pulled downward a moment, "The Class itself, not particularly much, but I know my maths and technical prowess is better than my biological."

"Shiro-Chan, Mark, Luna, Rania. You retake the sickbay. See if you can access the anesthezine gas reserves. Then if you can release it through the air filtration system, buy not Engineering." Akeno ordered.

Mark nodded to the captain, istintively checking the Romulan disruptor Vrax gave him. "Shall we move trough the jeffries or take our chanches through the main corridors?" he asked to the rest of the "sickbay team".

Having released the Captain, Luna stepped back beside Rania and nodded, on the one hand disappointed she wasn't with the team headed to Engineering, on the other the Captain had given her an order, and she was going to follow it!

"Everyone else with me. Let's get to deck ten, we can access a weapons locker and we'll take main engineering using the upper level. It should give us a tactical advantage" Akeno added.

"I will meet you on Deck 10." Ileah mentioned. "Spooky wants me to take out the Deflector Dish. without it we need to have shields up or a Miro-meteor could end our trip." She grinned. That will cut power for the engines and movement I am told. Slowing their progress dramatically." Noddding. "Don't worry Captain, I ca take care of myself and not opposed to running like hell if need be."

"Aye, Sir," the Romulan responded, already armed and ready to aid in the takeover of the ship.

To be continued...


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