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Traitors be amongst us

Posted on Wed Nov 15th, 2023 @ 7:28pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant Vrax tr'Keirianh
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Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: USS Wayfarer Bridge

[Bridge - USS Wayfarer]

The doors of the turbolift swished open and two Terran security officers fell out of the lift. Their limp bodies fell to the floor, holes their uniforms were still smouldering where they had been hit repeatedly by a phaser set on a high setting.

Misaki stood up and turned back to see what the commotion was all about. She was still angry about the Wayfarer's Intelligence Officer making her look like a complete idiot in front of her crew. She was surprised that her own crew hadn't turned against her for showing weakness and being somewhat defeated in a fight.

"What the hell!" she exclaimed as her hand instantly went to the phaser on her belt. She drew it ready to fire.

Standing at the Science Station, Vrax turned at the sudden and unexpected whoosh of the turbolift's doors drew his attention. Having not expected anyone else, and given the previous unexpected interlopers, the Romulan's hand immediately went for the disruptor pistol at his waist, drawing it and leveling it at the doors even before the rider stepped out.

The doctor noticed the two comrades dropped dead in front of him. He didn’t even move knowing nothing would have helped them. His impassible gaze moved from the two bodies to the unknown human responsible for their death. At Misaki’s order he simply stood still, clenching his fists waiting for the opportunity to vivisect the entire USS Wayfarer’s crew to further study those inferior beings.

Mckenzie quickly flipped her phaser to the highest setting. She would have set it to kill, but she didn't know who it was yet on the other side of the dead crew-members. She could determine the change once she knew who it was. Raelyn slid over her console to get a vantage point in front of the aggressor, her black hair flying in the process. Once she found herself where she wanted she aimed directly for the aggressor. Maybe if Misaki ordered him tobe kept alive then an agnozier booth would do wonders to terrorize him.

Out of the turbolift a man stepped out, a phaser compression rifle in his hands. A type two phaser was also attached to his belt and he was wearing what seemed to be some sort of combat armour. He stepped out without a care and looked at the Terrans with a sinster look in his eye.

"Tell them to lower their weapons!" he demanded towards Misaki. "I have this set to kill, it'll be quick." He said as he aimed it directly at Misaki.

"As if!" Munetani called his bluff. "You're one man against an entire bridge crew! What makes you think we won't be faster on the draw?!"

Misaki waved her hand telling her crew to stand down for now. "What exactly to you think you're going to achieve here?" Misaki smirked as she crossed her arms. "My men have you surrounded. I've looked at all the crew manifest of this ship, and you're not on it? Who exactly are you?"

The man smiled, still keeping the rifle trained upon the Terran Captain. "I won't appear on the crew manifest. Either Akeno forgot to put me on, or I made sure I never appeared upon it. I am Xander Benson and I have an offer for you Captain Misaki. One you can't refuse..."

Luna had been cleaning up a crewman's spilled coffee...NOT a cup she had brought thankfully, when the intruder walked onto the Bridge.

[Oh no! Now what?!] Luna thought fearfully as she tried to make herself as small as possible.

Lowering his weapon at the Captain's insistence, Vrax didn't slip it away but kept it hidden beneath his station, ready to draw and fire should the opportunity present itself. Watching this…Xander, Science officer occasionally glanced Miskai's direction, hoping she would catch the look he was giving her, and that she would understand he was just a raptor waiting for the opportunity to strike, at her signal…

Luna was so scared that she couldn't move from her kneeling position.

Misaki stood there her eyes locked with Xanders. "Whats this offer that I can't refuse?" she asked. She had a hand close to her side arm, if she didn't like the offer that this man was going to offer then he was no use to her.

Xander lowered his weapon as he moved towards Misaki. Slowly he made his way past the tactical station, down the couple of steps and into the command area of the bridge. "Its simple. Your mission is to steal technology and information from this universe and send it back to yours isn't it?"

Misaki smirked. "What do you know of our mission?"

"I know enough from watching your people to know that you have the wrong approach. Taking this ship won't help you, surely you've realised that you can't get computer control right?" Xander smiled. "You under-estimate this crew."

Turning away for a moment Misaki let out a sigh. "So, you're telling me that this is a while waste of time?" she quickly pulled out her knife and with one swish had it pressed against his neck. Fire burned in her eyes as she stared into his, pressing the edge of the blade against his skin. "So, whats your offer? Get to the point or else that..." she pointed towards Luna "...will be cleaning your blood out of the carpet!"

Luna jerked as the Captain brought her presence to light...thankful it was only to say what she was needed for.

At his captain's sudden, swift, aggressive movement to engage the intruder, Vrax raised his hand disruptor to aim, being sure to keep himself steady should there be a need to fire so as not to hit Misaki.

Xander started to laugh. Soon the silence on the bridge was broken by him laughing deeply and loudly. "You want information and technology. Wouldn't it be best to have a constant supply of that? Something less obvious?"

Misaki lowered her knife. "We already have that. But its not enough..." she spat in disgust. "It took them years to steal the plans to make our own Intrepid Warship. Plus, we need it quickly and we need it now!"

"Then, how about I provide you with a permament link?" Xander said. "I'm not just any man here. I have access to Captain Misaki, or at least my Captain Misaki. Plus, I have my own goals to achieve here." He held out a hand to her. "Listen, make a deal with me. You leave this ship and stop the un-necessary killing. Make it look like the crew of the Wayfarer beat you back, and then I'll provide you with all the technology and upto date information you need."

"You'd betray your own people?" Misaki smirked. "Why?"

Xander smiled. "Because they're not my people. I have my own motives, but I can't tell you that. Right now I have found msyelf in a good spot. I get to keep that sweet little thing 'entertained' in the bedroom and I'm in a position where I can achieve my own motives once everything falls into place."

"Oh, so you're the one who's been with little Akeno? You must be good..." Misaki blushed. Xander moved closer and placed a single hand around her back pulling her in close to him.

"I can be incredible..." he whispered into her ear. "Do we have an accord? I can throw in a free 'demonstration' of what I can do in the bedroom if you wish it...". Misaki began to blush brightly, this man, whoever he was had charisma and it was working on her. She couldn't even comprehend how much this worked on her counterpart.

"We have an accord." Misaki replied. She reached up and placed both hands around his neck and pulled him in locking their lips together. "Munetani. Do what he said. Make it look like we're losing and pull out slowly. I'm going to enjoy my 'demonstration'...." Misaki ordered. "Don't mess this up!"

Raising an eyebrow at the developments, the Romulan's aimed weapon hadn't lowered, despite the posture his captain had taken on towards this uninvited guest.

"Have you lost your spine?!" Munetani protested angrily. "You're going to simply let some stranger just waltz in here and tell us what to do because he can get you off?! It's a miracle you ever aspired to be anything more than a filthy sex slave-!"

Finding himself in agreement with the Commander's assessment, Vrax focused on the exchange taking place between the two commanding officers. There was usually only one method such disagreements were handled, but he wanted to be sure this…Xander didn't use the opportunity to his advantage, holding his aim on the man.

[Oh no! They don't know he's a traitor! Wait...WHY do I care all of a sudden!? They're not MY people either!] Luna thought as strange feelings started to surface that she'd never even DARED to feel!

Akeno broke free of Xander. "Please excuse me for a moment..." she said to him. She turned swiftly, using the momentum of her movement to draw the knife from her belt. With one smooth movement she gracefully launched it right at Mashiro. The knife's blade hit its target, lodging itself in the commander's neck.

The now-mortally-wounded XO staggered back, her hand pressed up against the wound in a futile attempt to mitigate the bleeding. Realizing it was all for naught and that her life source was fading fast, she scowled at Misaki and uttered her last words:

"I always hated you..."

And with that, she collapsed on the floor, her hubris having caught up with her at last.

"Well, she was annoying..." Akeno smirked. "Clean up that mess!" She said loudly towards Luna. "She doesn't deserve a honourable or hero's death. She stood against me, just fire it our of a torpedo tube!"

"Y-yes Ccaptain!" Luna yelped, scrambling up from her knees and attempted to lift Mashiro's body...without much success.

Two of the bridge crew laughed and threw their coffee at her, thankfully only soaking her from head to toe and not scalding her.

Luna finally got her arms under Mashiro and struggled to her feet...and promptly fell flat on her back with Mashiro on top of her.

Not bothering to give the traitorous Mashiro another look, Misaki led Xander into the ready room. The door swished closed behind them leaving the bridge in silence.

To be continued...


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