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Ensign Robert Lee

Name Robert Dilbert Lee Jr.

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 201lbs.
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Broad Shoulders, your ideal football player defense lineman type body. Physically Active and tends to work outas he is a glutton for food and drink when off duty.


Spouse Rebecca Wilfong Lee
Children Robert D. "Trippy" Lee III
Father Robert D. Lee Sr.
Mother Susan Cardwell Lee
Brother(s) and / or Sister(s) Tommy Lee (Brother 22)
Amanda Lee (Sister 20)
Other Family Vice Admiral Willis Augustus Lee (Ancestor)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hardworker and Determined. Once he has his mind set to something or a task, he will finish it. He is a glutton for food and drink, 'variety is the spice of life' as he wants to try every bit of that variety.
Strengths & Weaknesses PROS: CONS:
Physically Active Glutton for food and drink.
Hardworker Heavy Sleeper
Bit of a Engineering know how. Kick it hard enough to work.
Skilled Sharpshooter Lacks Physical Grace
Honorable and keeps his word. Bit of a temper when his trust is betrayed
Ambitions Develop weapons systems to keep the peace in the galaxy. He lost family on both sides to know that better weapons means stability and security.
Continue to stay active and physically fit. He wants to be that role model for his son that is now two years old.
Hopefully get a position at Starfleet Academy or in Starfleet's R&D to be around his wife and son more.
Hobbies & Interests Physical Contact Sports, Outdoor Activities (Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping), learning more about different or alien concepts on weapons engineering when he is curious.

Personal History DOB: 3/25/2350

Growing up in Jackson, a community based around Lake Anna in the former US State known as Virginia, he was very active growing up. Typical boy that was playing in the woods when out of school or on the water during the warmer months. His mother stayed at home while his father was a career Starfleet Officer. Avid Sports Player that always had his head in the game and there for his team mates when they needed the encouragement. In Grade School, he always stood up to bullies. His hulking size didn't have the kids mess with his friends. Everybody was on his good side but he always kept his word to everybody and always vindictive if somebody would lie to him. When he enlisted, he was a hefty two hundred and fifty pounds when the requirement to join starfleet was two-twenty five. During the next six months, he worked out to shed the pounds barely making it at two-twenty four.

Starfleet Academy: During his time while learning engineering, he met up with an Engineering Cadet named Rebecca Wilfong from Mobile, Alabama to where, following within Academy's Protocols and not breaking them, they kept their distance but when allowed, met up. She liked to work on combustable engines and get the most out of it. He knew basic gunsmithing but he always had a fasination with power boats as he seen them on the waters of his lake outside his front door. They married after three years of courting and July 11th 2374, him and Rebecca had a son.

Service Record Starfleet Enlistment: 2366
Starfleet Academy Graduation: 2370

Noted for his small team leadership skills that he credits from his time of playing sports. He wasn't afraid to ask questions if something peaked his curiousity. In class, it was notable that he was confused or seemed stumped but again, not afraid to ask the instructor. He was noted to think outside the box although he had that determination but was stubborn to adapt to ways that was expected. Over a period of time and failed grades, he would adjust and try to understand.

First Assignment: ((Insert Random ship name here that he would be Ensign Jr. and Sr. Grade on.))
Second/Other Assignments: ((Willing to work with the DMs/GMs/Whatever to flush this out more. to make up that 3 year cap between first assignment and now.))