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Developing a plan

Posted on Thu Jun 23rd, 2022 @ 1:52am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Avery Coyle & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Torvin Anor & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Miller
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Mission: Arista
Location: Conference Room, Deck 1
Timeline: Current

Akeno entered the conference room shortly after Commander Millers team had returned from the wrecked USS Arista. She had called a briefing with the senior officers but had also invited others whose skills would be beneficial.

It was bound to be a long meeting so she grabbed a cup of green tea with a hint of peppermint. Sitting down at the end of the table she took a sip as she reviewed the data on the PADD she had brought.

The Wayfarer's Second Officer and Security Chief rushed to the door of the conference room, straightened her uniform, caught her breath, and walked in. She breathed a slight sigh of relief as she walked in, noticing that she was one of the first there. She took her seat next to the Captain and across from where Commander Miller usually sat.

Mark joined the rest of the senior staff in the briefing room with a concerned expression on his face.

With a quick nod of his head he silently saluted and acknowledged all the colleagues before finding a seat in a slightly secluded place of the room. He took his data PaDD from the holster and laid it on the table before crossing his arms and patiently waiting for the meeting to start.

Lt. Avery Coyle took a deep breath and pulled downward on his tunic. He wanted to make sure he looked his ship-shape best in front of the senior staff. He carried a PADD along to jot down any important mission details. He had read the mission briefings, and as Chief Flight Control Officer, he had ensure all navigational systems were operating at peak proficiency. He wanted to be prepared in case of any last minute deviations from mission protocol.

Coyle was looking forward to working with the Junior officer under his command.
She still was not here and was wondering where she was. Half Klingon, half Betazoid? This should make for a most interesting time.

Luna slipped between two crewmates and planted herself against one of the Conference Room walls, nervously tracing her wrist tattoo. All of the senor staff were in the room, plus several others she vaguely knew from reading their bios.

Lieutenant Patra slide into the Conference room just before the Captain began to speak. She was wearing a set of sweaty and grimy coverall and a dark blue baseball cap with the symbol of the Federation Merchant Marine and the motto "To maintain the economic health and strength of the Federation and all of its members." covered her sweaty blonde hair. She took another stick of cherry flavored gum out and added it to the piece she was already chewing. Seeing a spot along the wall near a female Klingon hybrid with brown hair and purple highlights she slide over to the wall and stood next to her along the wall. Patra was sweating profusely as she had been working in the Jefferies tubes down in the landing strut regions of the ship, doing a thorough inspection of the hull and strut region, especially as this was the first known usage of the struts of the USS Wayfarer since she was officially christened and put into service when the call came in over the comm system for her to report to the Conference room. She was not very familiar with the crew, except the few officers and enlisted engineers she worked with and she glanced around the room to gauge them.

Torvin Anor stepped in, the man plucking out a few loose strands from his uniform as he takes a seat himself. Holding a couple of PADD's blocked full of details about the Arista, its history, and details about the Miranda class starship as a whole. The young engineer has given himself a crash course refresher on the ship and its functions in preparation. He was still getting used to all this, and in his usual state had almost overprepared himself.

Counsellor Rania Bhatti took a seat for the meeting in the Wayfarer 's conference room, waiting for things to get underway. She had a full day's worth of work to keep her busy. That much was for sure.

Once everyone had gathered and either taken a seat or found a place to stand, Akeno cleared her throat and rose to her feet. The windows behind her usually showed the endless void of space, however today it was a beautiful vista of the evenings sunset.

"Thankyou all for attending. I know it's crowded in here, but we don't have much time to act" she started. "This is Captain Sistine Fibel. You've already been briefed on the situation regarding the Aristas crew/colonists" she motioned to Sistine who had also attended upon request.

She paused for a moment. "I have decided that we are going to defend this colony against the race known as T'yranians'". A fire of determination burned in the young Captain's eyes. "We have two days to come up with a defense plan, prepare and implement it"

Defense plans thought Rania. Not exactly my area of expertise she surmised.

Akeno paused again. "Open table, throw some suggestions my way"

It took all of Luna's willpower to make it look like she was just casually putting her hand under her chin when the Captain finished. In reality, she was keeping her jaw from hitting the floor in shock. "Two days!? If they're anything like Earth's Tyrannosaurus Rex, they're going to be hard to beat based on speed alone! You're being silly, Luna! You're a Klingon for Kahless's sake! On top of that, you can read what others are feeling!" Luna thought, taking a calming breath and focusing on first those closest to her, then fanning out across the room. Fear, excitement at being able to help, anger at what had been done, sadness at the loss of half the crew, determination (the Captain radiated this feeling the most), and resolve. Luna smiled, her new crewmates would fit in very well with Klingons. "Quit daydreaming and listen up!" Luna admonished herself as the blond Lieutenant who had slipped in beside her, Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel Luna now realized, started to speak.

Patra had a very uneasy feeling with what the Captain had just said, but she kept it to herself. She did a quick mental calculation of knowledge of what she had read and knew of the Miranda Class Starships. She knew several were still in the fleet, and took part in both the Battle of Wolf 359 and Dominion war. “Captains,” she spoke up “do we have any data or information on the weapon systems employed by the Tyranians? It would seem they would have some powerful ship to ship weapon systems to take out a Miranda Class Starship. Hell, Miranda Class Starships are still in service to this day, have fought the Borg, especially at the Battle of Wolf 359, and in the Dominion war with distinction. It would be wise to review the data in the Arisa’s data banks and a properly trained engineer and science team should inspect and review the Aisa. In the mean time the engineering staff could set up portable field generators and modify them to create a temporary shield system for the village and of course we can use the Permacrete on the ship to build defensive positions that should withstand an assault, of course that is if Lieutenant Torvin agrees with my assessment.”

"Well, Lieutenant?" Akeno said towards Torvin to get his opinion on the suggestion.

"I think that's easily possible" he agreed with Petra before adding his own information "I've conducted a brief damage assessment on the Arista herself while we were aboard, Initially I was confused, as the actual output of the damage seems weaker than even her, relatively, older shielding should have been able to handle. So after some looking around, I found a large portion of the energy regulation systems onboard the ship were heavily damaged, if not outright destroyed, the details are hazy, but from what I can guess, they were hit by a series of rapidly pulsed energy charges through the shield matrix, which would easily have crippled her higher power systems from functioning. Engines, shields, weapons. After that their relatively weak weapons did the rest. Disable, then destroy."

He took out one of his PADD's and showed them a diagram of a shield emitter clearly being overwhelmed before picturing a new modified system "Luckily, we have met the Breen since then. Using some of our research on that I should be able to make our own shield emitters resistant to the pulses, we should catch them by surprise when they return. But it would only resistant, eventually any system will be overwhelmed if injected with too much energy, and it'd take a federation science team to truly understand their energy projection tech." He detailed before waggling his hand "Let alone what it might do to us as mostly squishy, electrically charged beings, Correct Sir?" He said, gesturing to Mark, addressing him as 'Sir' automatically without even thinking about it. Still unused to that new rank.

The doctor nodded while a shy smile showed up on his face. "That's right lieutenant" he acknowledged Torvin's thought "The less we expose ourselves to those pulses, the better" he concluded "...and there's another thing that actually worries me" he adds "We still know very little of the Tyranians' tech and biology." he breathed deeply and tried to find the right words to continue.

"The way in which they...feed themselves... of the Arista's crew and they have them live again without erasing any single memory from them is..." he paused "...concerning. I don't understand how they accomplish this terrible thing but, if they have the tech to do that, what else are they capable of?".

Akeno nodded. "How they do that is still a mystery and I agree, they may possess highly advanced technology that we don't know about"

Sistine spoke up quickly. "We know they use landing ships instead of transporters. They usually land in the same place, and instead of handed weapons they use their claws... and teeth..." she paused. "We once tried using salvaged phasers against them. But their scales seemed to reflect them, however we did notice it hurt them a little" she paused again as if remembering. "The best way I can describe it is... when a insect stings you. It hurts, but it's not enough to really do anything"

Patra chewed her gum blew a small bubble and brought it back into her mouth as she considered the issues brought forth. She finally spoke up again “Pardon the interruption but I may have a few solutions to our issues. First I seem to recall in my text books an old Earth technique for handling electromagnetic fields, a Faraday Cage. In this case we could make mesh cages to cover the Shield Generators on both the ship, on the ground generators, and other critical components. We can also run a triple bypass system of circuits going to critical systems allowing for the energy to be shunted to none critical systems. We can also make mesh material Faraday Cages that can be worn over our uniforms. Lastly believe it or not the good old fashioned polarization of the hull will help. Modern star ships are heavily dependent on their deflector shields and modulating shields to handle most combat situations.” She took a moment to catch her breath and chew her gum and began again with her suggestions “If what Captain Sistine said is true I learned a few very nasty tricks from our brethren in the Star Fleet Marine Corps Marine Raider Regiment (EOD) 2nd MSOB. I can set good old fashioned landmines and build some well hidden boobytraps. We could then force them into narrow field kill zones where we have the advantage. Finally we can replicate some good old fashioned Earth .50 caliber machine guns and ammunition for those kill zones. That ammo was reported to have been able to punch holes in concrete buildings and lightly armored combat vehicles.” With that she leaned back against the bulkhead and resumed chewing her gum.

The Counsellor sat quietly, listening to what everyone had to say; however, the mission was not at the forefront of Rania's attention. She was more focused on the crew, how they interacted with one another. Though it was the gum chewing lieutenant that had drawn to Counsellor's concentration.

"Lieutenant Mckenzie. Do you think you could can get your security teams trained on the usage of such weapons?" Akeno asked looking over to her Chief of Security.

"I think I can do that" she thought for a moment and then spoke up again. "It will take some time but it can be done."

Akeno nodded in response, replicating the weapons and then learning how to use them would take the longest amount of time. Luckily it was a last resort option.

"The Faraday cages could be useful as a backup to shields" Akeno pondered. "We'd have to design them in conjunction with the portable field generators" she

"Ok" Akeno said as she stood up. "This is what We'll do" she paused. "Engineering and Operations. Build those generators, let's get them around the colony. Let's move the Wayfarer closer too, if we can sit the ship right on the very edge of the colony, we can use the ships shields to boost the generators"

"Understood Captain." Replied Torvin, quickly noting something into his PADD "It'll be done double-time."

She looked at the flight control officers. "You'll be co-ordinating that. It'll take some very precise flying"

Luna snapped to attention, feeling the excitement and determination overpowering all other emotions in the room. "Yes, Ma'am!" She nodded to the Captain, it was too confined to salute, feeling her own excitement build as she started calculating how to fly as close as possible to the ground and still be able to pull off a series of maneuvers.

Next she looked towards McKenzie. "Train as many of your people and the Arista crew in the use of these weapons. If phasers fail We'll be needing them" she said.

"Agreed. I'll ensure that all of my team are as properly trained as possible. That does include myself."

"Do your best. Anything is better than nothing" the Captain replied with a small smile.

"Doctor, we're going to need to be ready. Have all medical staff on standby with emergency medical supplies and set up a triage area in the colony for if we need it. Use whatever you need"

The doctor nodded to Akeno “Captain Sistine kindly had us visit their sickbay and it's quite old and unequipped as per our standards but it's indeed a good place where to put some personnel and to use as a triage area. If we will get any major wounded or people in need of extensive medical care I plan to use the Wayfarer's sickbay. If that is ok with you, captain, I was thinking to transfer at least one-third of the medical personnel on the surface in order to face the probable medical emergencies we might encounter.” Mark concluded waiting for the captain's acknowledgement.

Akeno nodded in response. "Sure doctor. You plan your personnel how you need them and use which ever facility you need".

"It's going to be a long two days people. But don't over expert yourselves. You're all Starfleet and we can... no... we will do this. Captain Fibel and I will return to the colony to assist in preparations. We all have a lot of work to do. Dismissed"

Luna waited patiently as people started filing out, feeling her fear resurface as she thought about the task ahead. "What if...NO! Don't you DARE think that way! You didn't join Star Fleet to die on your first mission! By Kahless, I WILL see my Father again, and we will feast on Rokeg blood pie, Targ, Pipius claw, and Bloodwine," Luna shook herself, straightened her uniform, and went in search of Lt. Coyle, whom she had lost sight of as everyone started filing out.

Patra blew another bubble from the gum she was chewing and brought it back into her mouth and snapped it after Captain Akeno Misaki issued her orders. She really had a bad feeling about this mission, similiar to the one she had when she went in with the Star Fleet Marine Raiders in the 2nd MSOB onto Vellion 4. She just hoped it turned out better than that mission had. She began looking around the room for Lieutenant Torvin Anor, her immediate supervisor and Chief Engineer to see what he wanted her to do.

As soon as the first officers fled the room Mark stood up and queitely exited bringing with him his data Padd headed for the sickbay to oversee the preparation of the medical personnel under his command.

Jonathan stood up after everyone else had left and approached Akeno. "Let me know if you need anything Captain. I'm sure that the crew will do well, most of them are Battle hardened after the war, so they have experience on their side"

Akeno nodded. "Most of them anyways..." she replied softly. "I'm sure we can drive off these Tyranians and give the colonists back their lives"

Jonathan simply smiled, gave her a friendly nod of approval before turning and leaving the room.

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