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Reporting for initial psych eval

Posted on Fri Jun 24th, 2022 @ 11:06pm by Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel

Mission: Arista
Location: Counsellor's Office

Lieutenant j.g. Patra Rommel made her way slowly to the counselor's office. She dreaded this one the most. She knew she was suffering PTSD but refused to seek treatment, preferring instead to lose herself in the beauty of engineering. When the nightmares began, she would self-care by building elaborate and beautiful clocks. Outside the door to the counselor's office, she hesitated for just a second and pushed the chime.

Rania had glanced at a PaDD to refresh herself the order if her scheduled appointment. The itinerary for today showed that a junior lieutenant, Patra Rommel was slated for a psych evaluation. It was one of the many duties that Rania had as ship's counselor. The door chime had alerted her to the woman's arrival.

"Please," Rania called out and stood from her seat. She began to proceed over towards the doorway. "Enter, Lieutenant," added the Counselor who greeted the woman with a pleasant smile near the threshold.

Rania gestured inward to the office. "Help yourself to the replicator and make yourself at home."

Patra blew a bubble and snapped it back into her mouth as she entered the counselors office. Have to play this cool she thought as she entered. I cannot let her suspect anything. She turned and smiled at the counselor and replied “Thank you, but I do not need anything at this moment. Just here so you can verify that I haven’t jumped the rails so to speak.” She then took a seat. “So what do you want to talk about?”

The Counsellor smiled. "Ah, well, I don't suppose you have jumped the rails" commented Rania who made a bit of a detour and proceeded over towards the replicator unit. "Suit yourself, but I can't get through one of these psych evaluations without a nice soothing drink. They can be tedious and nerve-wracking if you ask me" explained the Counsellor.

Rania ordered herself a warming mug of karkadeh tea, hot and aromatic. The scent of hibiscus and something else lingering underneath, fruity undertones beneath the floral surface. The liquid itself a crimson red, nearly matching the Captain's uniform now that she studied it closer.

As the counselor made her way back to the cozy seating area she stifled a small giggle. "What do you think I want to talk about, Lieutenant Rommel?" Rania seemed almost amused by answering that inquiry. "This is your psych evaluation, dear. I am fairly certain that makes you the topic if what we are hoping to talk about."

Patra sighed heavily “Well to be honest, not much to tell about myself. Typical overachiever that Starfleet tends to draw.” Just great, happen to get one of those counselors that want to probe your mind. “I have been a busy little engineer since I joined, earned a medal or two and one or two citations, again nothing spectacular.” She said with a smile, as she resumed chewing her gum.

"Well, congratulations on your decorated performance, lieutenant," Rania replied in a supportive tone. The counsellor had gotten comfortable in her seat and was enjoying her tea as she studied the woman's posture and gum chewing. "Is that something you normally enjoy doing, lieutenant? Chewing gum? Is there a particular flavour that you like?"

As she waited for Patra to answer the small line of questioning, Rainia sat her mug down and reached for a nearby PaDD. She began to glancing at it and skimming through the information.

Patra chuckled “Why yes I do. I like cherry bubblegum and a friend of mine designed it with some enzymes to help digest it so I can swallow it. She said it was better for me to chew on bubblegum than to shoot my mouth off and be sarcastic at a superior officer.” She saw Lieutenant look at her PaDD, she smiled knowing that much of her career was classified. “Not much to see on the PaDD about me, takes a lot of teeth pulling and rank to get into the true nitty gritty of some of the crap I’ve done.”

"A clinical psychologist responsible for the mental and emotional well-being of the entire crew of this starship, Captain Misaki included, has their way to get into the nitty gritty if need be, lieutenant. Unless there is something you would rather I avoided?"

With a sly smile Patra looked at Lieutenant Bhatti “Happen to know that Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Special Operations tend to disagree with the standard counselors. They run you through their witch doctor head shrinkers before releasing you back to the universe at large. Personally I have nothing to hide. Just have to deal with those pesky questions of ‘what did you do during this time period?’ which of course I cannot discuss with those that ask, unless of course they are those pesky witch doctor head shrinkers of Starfleet Intelligence. Then they wire you up and have a field day with you.” With that she sits back and laughs. "To be honest a little PTSD, but not bad, so there you have it."

"Personally, I prefer not to mess around with pesky questions and hooking individuals up to devices, most of which the individuals they hook up to them are trained enough to not provide reliable results, or they have to deal with individuals smarter than little toys" stated Rania as she sat the PaDD aside.

She traded it for her mug and took another sip before continuing. "You have a few doctoral degrees. That's very impressive at your age even for a overly ambitious officer such as yourself, and yet you havent really been bumped up the ladder much in rank nor position. Now, nothing against playing your part and specializing in a certain area of engineering, but I'd feel a little offerended in your boots."

Patra looked at Bhatti and shrugged “Never really cared for rank, tends to get in the way of letting me tinker. I have an Eidetic memory and high I.Q.; I remember just about anything, especially if it is about engineering. I come from a family known for being some of the tops of their field. Probably why my parents and I do not get along so well, they say I am throwing my talent away and should be more like my brother or sister. My grandfather on the other hand finds it all so hilarious and says I should live my life the way I want to, so I do. By the way should you ever be on Earth and need tickets to see the Paris Opera Ballet let me know, I can get you premo tickets.” Patra then blows another bubble and brings it back in her mouth, not snapping it this time, and waits to see how the Lieutenant reacts.

"Thank you, that's a kind offer," replied the Ship's Counsellor. "If rank does not matter ti you, and you would much rather be focused on tinkering, why Starfleet?" asked Rania. "Surely someone of your intellect and education could be part of a think tank somewhere, Federation or otherwise. You could be teaching in higher education, or working as an engineer for somewhere of more prestige than the engineering room and a jefferies network of an Intrepid class starship."

Patra chuckled “Why Starfleet, why not? Cutting edge technology, first to see different alien technology, first in just about everything. If I worked in a think tank or as an educator I would probably end up phasering the whole lot of them. I love what I am doing, hate the ‘paperwork’ so I could care less about the rank. Tends to get me in trouble because I am not a ladder climber, makes those officers around me nervous for some reason. Tell me why are you a counselor in Starfleet?”

"I'm along for the ride, similar to yourself, lieutenant; I have always been one to move around and take in experiences, attracted to the adventures and finding something new" replied Rania. "I'm a Counsellor because I get to study people and help them learn about themselves. In ways, it can be a symbiotic relationship."

Patra thought about what the counselor had just said and reviewed their conversation in general. “So what have you learned so far about me?” she inquired of Bhatti.

"Officially, classified," Rania said answering the woman. "Off the record? I did not find anything that would cause me to pull you from duty. You are a capable and competent officer. I believe that your department heads will continue to be pleased with your performance. If anything, you may be a bit complacent in your position, but you've found your footing on the ladder."

Patra laughed and looked at the counselor, “So I guess I am cleared to go and crawl around the ship?” she asked.

"For now at least. I have nothing to keep you from that," replied Rania Bhatti. "You are dismissed and free to go, Lieutenant Rommel" added Counsellor Bhatti. She would finalize her report later before sending it in.


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