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The Misaki Halloween Party

Posted on Tue Nov 1st, 2022 @ 12:48am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Torvin Anor & Lieutenant JG Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel

Mission: Halloween!
Location: Mess Hall - USS Wayfarer
Timeline: October 31st - 19:00 Hours

[October 31st - USS Wayfarer - Mess Hall, Deck 2 - 19:00 Hours]

The lights in the Mess Hall of the Starship Wayfarer were dimmer than usual. Around the room hung decorations for the ancient Terran holiday of 'Halloween'. Pumpkins with carved faces and logos, lit by candles inside them sat around the room. Skeletons and ghosts also gung from the walls, and orange lights cast glows across the room.

Deocrative spiders and cotton wool spider webs spanned the ceiling, and spooky Halloween Music and old classic songs created a spooky atmosphere. Several tables had been pushed together around the kitchen area for the buffet. The food selection had everything from different sandwiches, sweet treats and fruit punch with real alcohol (Thanks to Captain Misaki).

There was also an area set aside in the room where a temporary dance floor had been put down. Lights and a Disco Ball had also been set up, so that anyone wanting to have a boogie could do so. There was only a few rules at Captain Misaki's halloween party:
1. You must come in costume!
2. Don't get too drunk! We're still Starfleet Officers.
3. Leave your ranks at the door!
4. Have fun!

Akeno had been there helping set up the room for a little while now. She was dressed as a witch. She wore a long black dress, a cloak and hat. She also had a stuffed black cat attached to her shoulder, and a broomstick she was carrying.

The door opened to the mess hall as Torvin stepped in with a bright smile on his face. The Haliian wearing a strange mirror of his starfleet outfit, the main difference being the false arms that were held like a zombie, but backwards on his form as if his neck had been turned 180 degrees. In his 'actual' hands (the costume making them blend into his outfit when he put his hands in his pockets) held a couple of fog machines.

"Hey Captain, I found them!" he called out happily as he wandered over to one corner of the dance floor. "I knew we'd kept them in some of the deeper storage, these should work well, I replicated some material for it, should get a nice green fog out of them." Getting to work setting one up as he laid down to reach a good connection point. Which looked quite strange as the two false arms reached for the sky. In a rare case the usual scuffs in his outfit actual working to his benefit "My parents and I tried Halloween back on Trill when I was a kid. we all thought it was a blast."

"I knew we had some somewhere" Akeno smiled. "How fast can you set them up? People should be coming soon."

"Oh I'd say..." the small hum of the machine kicked in as it began to lightly spew out a light green fog "Now." he smiled as he got to his feet "There! One spooky party ready to go as requested Captain!"

"Cool!" Akeno exclaimed with a grin. She moved over to the buffet table. "Well, ranks drop now. Fancy a glass of my famous fruit punch Torvin?" she asked as she used the ladel to pour into one of the glasses that had been placed next to the bowl.

"Oh sure Capta-...Akeno" he stumbled for a moment as Torvin tries to fo coming over to look at the view "A single glass won't hurt, I don't think."

Akeno couldn't help but smirk as she poured him out a glass. "Of course it wouldn't." She told him with a smile as she passed him the glass. She took a sip of her own. "Well, now we see who turns up next," she smiled.

As was to be expected, Mashiro had decided to show up dressed as her mother; not a surprise, given the great amount of respect she held for her. And in spite of the fact that the uniform she was sporting was of a replicated nature, she was particularly keen on maintaining historical accuracy, right down to the fibers that uniforms of that era would've used. Perhaps it was in part due to this obsession with period-accuracy that she'd had to skip out on helping the Captain set up, Leaving Torvin to volunteer in her stead.

"Captain; Lieutenant Anor," she greeted, lightly adjusting her collar. "Apologies if I'm late; I was just putting the finishing touches on this costume."

"Rule 3 Shiro-Chan" Akeno said in response pointing to the boards she had set up with the rules on outside each door. "Its a party, no ranks remember" she said with a wink.

"what's...?" Mashiro glanced at the sign Akeno had posted at the side of the door and frowned.

"My... sincerest apologies, Akeno and Torvin," she expressed, though it hardly sounded natural coming from her. "I will... endeavor to keep the formalities in check for the duration of this function."

"Just have a good time. Here drink this," She said as she poured out a cup of the fruit punch for her and held it out.

Mashiro glared at Mashiro suspiciously as she took the drink. "You seem awfully eager to pass this off on me..." she remarked.

The Captain simply stood there smirking, staying quiet.

Mashiro frowned, but shrugged it off and took a sip- only to regret it approximately three seconds later when her tastebuds registered the distinct-and quite strong- sensation of authentic alcohol.

"My God... what did you put in there?! she coughed, practically spitting her drink all over the floor. "Are you trying to poison me?!"

Akeno burst out into laughter, placing both hands on her belly as she leant over slightly. A few tears emerging from her eyes as she laughed. "Not... to your tastes... huh?" she asked through the laughter.

"Fuck, no!"

"Language Shiro-Chan..." Akeno said still laughing slightly wiping a few of the tears from her eyes.

Torvin smiles fighting between the empathetic feeling of her discomfort, and the humorous sight before him "Good day Munetani-san" he said simply to even the score as she recovered "I suppose you got the 'trick' part of 'Trick or Treat' Taking a sip and coughing a little himself, having been a while since he had a drink proper. "Oh...oh that's truly got a 'punch'." he said as he finished.

"Geh..." Mashiro groaned as she searched around for a towel. "Remind me never to accept strange drinks from the Captain ever again..."

"Good thing I sew, I bet the replicators would've made this upside down!" Luna snickered excitedly to herself. She was dressed in a Mermaid/Werewolf costume and hadn't wanted the tail to slow her down between her quarters and the Mess, so she walked on her hands with the tail perfectly balanced between her feet. The one disadvantage to this position was that Luna couldn't see very well, and inadvertently fell through the Mess Hall doors after slipping on something wet. "YIKES! UMPH! Hey, anyone get the license plate on that slime monster that tried to kill me?" Luna asked from her sprawled position on the floor.

Patra finished fixing her hair up in the Red Bandanna and looked in the mirror and compared her look to that of the image of Rosie the Riveter. She was satisfied she looked like the lady portrayed in the image down to the button. She was excited to be going to the captain’s Halloween Party. She knew that few of the crewmembers would recognize the costume choice she had picked, but she found it most appropriate, after all it was through the efforts of such women the United States had defeated the Nazis, and thusly her own family. She made her way to mess hall and entered it. She looked around, Wow, the Captain went all out for the party. she thought. She walked forward into the ‘spooky’ light green fog and over to the buffet table she was famished. She saw Captain Misaki, the XO Commander Munetani, and her boss Lieutenant Torvin. As she was proceeding towards the table, she heard someone fall, she turned and a strange looking ‘creature’. “What the hell! Are you okay?” she asked, as she bent down to assist. Realizing who it was she smiled “Well what an interesting costume you have Luna. May I take a guess? I believe you are an Acamar III dog fish.” She said in a teasing manner, as she assisted her to her feet. “No, I believe that cannot be the case, they are way much uglier than what you costume is depicting.” Patra replied. “Seriously though, are you okay?”

"Thank's...Patra. Other than a little floor burn and a rumpled tail, I'm ok. I'm actually a Weremaid, which is a Mermaid mixed with a Werewolf. It's loosely based off of a book I started writing...though they don't look like this, I just wanted to have a bit of fun sewing. Hey, I know who you are! You're Rosie the Riveter!" Luna squeaked excitedly after she regained her balance and got a good look at Patra's outfit.

Patra smiled, “Yes, I am, I admired those women in that time area, they paved the way for future generations of women; well, Terran women. Well, I have heard of a werewolf, and I have heard of a Mermaid; but I cannot ever recall haring of a Weremaid. Are you sure you are not reading some kinky erotic book, and if so, you must share it with me.” Replied Petra in a good nature way. She was trying to see if she could get Luna to blush. "Shall we make our way over to the buffet table; rumor has it that the captain is allowing actual, honest to God alcohol to be served." Patra said with a gleam in her eye.

"I can attest to that," Mashiro sighed as she got down on her knees with a towel and began wiping up the mess. "Though, I wish the Cap- Akeno wouldn't use me as an unassuming guinea pig for her concoctions..."

Luna did blush a little, on account of how her outfit explanation had gone a little sideways. "Um...that is, I'm actually WRITING a book about a Werewolf Mermaid. She's the daughter of the King of the whole ocean, and the Alpha female of one of the strongest Werewolf packs in North America. It's set back in Earth's 21st century. Here, Mashiro, let me help you with that," Luna blushed as she grabbed some more towels and got down beside Mashiro.

"Thanks, Lieut- Luna," Mashiro expressed, though it was pretty obvious that the formalities were hard-wired into her into this point- chalk that one up to hailing from an established Starfleet family.

Patra smiled evilly and looked to the captain, "Well then Akeno the witch, let me have a glass of your witches' brew." Patra had no compunction of calling people by their names instead of rank. "I am sure I can handle it far better than Mashiro." she said looking at the by the book XO. She was relishing the opportunity to have a little fun at the Commander's expense. "Oh, and Luna I really want to read your book about a Weremaid, sounds wonderfully kinky." Patra said, trying to get Luna to blush even deeper.

Akeno imitated the cackle of a with. "Try it, for the secret ingredient is something special!" She replied to Patra. "Let it dull your senses and put you all under my spell!"

She held a hand upto her mouth as if to shield her voice from Mashiro. "That ingredient, yeah, it's real Vodka. So be careful" she said in a hushed tone with a wink.

"It was more of a task to get the exact fit correct, the hand stitching was a must to be authentic. Having no hair and finding some human costume that would allow her to wearit without a wig had been a search. One that she favored quite well. The High Heels of the costume were not a factor; Ileah could move in them with a micro mini skirt and not give away any hint as to her undergarments. It was part of her naturally practiced poise. The leather had been harder to work with though; even the simulated version that she had to use. But with a little effort and time the look was quite movie correct. Though the simulated Leather was more plyable than real so Ileah could move as though it were 'painted' on her.

The excess leather had been woven together for a fine addition to her costume.

Entering the Party with the clicking of her heels upon the decking Ilea had the pale makeup for the completion, the skin tight bodysuit follwed her every Deltan curve and left millimeters between her skin and the Leather despite hundreds of visible stitching's all about the suit. The skull cap with the trademark cat ears that made the actress Micelle Phifer famous in the same role as Catwoman.

The leather whip wrapped around her waist with handle hanging off her round hip in easy reach, it was the use of this and mostly the "drawing from her body, that Ileah had practice for a Holloween bash, sine her Captain had it on her calendar it was easy to get some extra practice and sewing time.

Ileah walk like a model version of Catwoman towards the Captain and just short of the group she did the forward handstan flip from the movie and stopped dead infron of the Captian .


Luna blushed six shades darker and gulped. "What!? It's...that's not...I..." Luna sputtered, then Luna was further flabbergasted as Ileah walked in and made her performance.

Patra laughed and took a cup of the captains 'Punch'; "Here's to the ship. May this brew taste as good as the Ship and Crew are at their jobs as it goes down my hatch." With that she downed the 'Punch". It burned like hell and had a wonderful fruity taste at the same time. An excellent 'Jungle Juice Concoction'. Patra turned and smiled at the captain, "Well damn that was mighty fine brew." Patra turned and watched the Deltan Ileah's entrance, and she was instantly enamored. Patra knew better though than to get involved with a Deltan, but she could definitely appreciate her figure. Patra also enjoyed the fact that she and now it appeared Ileah got to Luna. "Well, I can appreciate that fine entrance Ileah, and I believe poor Luna is a bit speechless. I believe she was going to inform me about how kinky the book she is writing is." laughed Patra, she then whispered in Luna's ear, "Just having some fun, I would like to read the book when it is finished." With that she turned and looked at her boss "Mister Torvin, I do believe you have two serious issues; first, your head seems to be twisted about, and second you are outnumbered by the number of females present. I would suggest you try the wonderful witch's brew." she said with a mischievous smile.

"What can I say, what is more... fitting than a black cat at this party?" Ileah smirked. "I think I will forgo giving myself a bath and get a sauser of Toblerone."* Ileah winked and sauntered towards the Drinks, using the whip to casually swinging the handle, hips swaying and heels clicking rythmatically with each stride.

Torvin had been listening to the conversation quietly, parties were always a difficult space for the Haliian, but in his new role he was attempting to make an effort, even as the relaxed emotions of the room battled against him. Resting against the wall as he took a sip of a more 'normal' drink now, he jokingly called out to Patra "I took the phrase 'head on a swivel' too literally it seemed. The second issue I may simply have to hope I survive." he laughed "Perhaps I'm simply the last survivor."

Luna laughed in that 'I'm so a newbie' way as she tried to cover her mistakes and unconsciously grabbed one of the 'witches brew's' and gulped it down. "GUH! AAAAAHHHH! TH!" Luna's face turned TWENTY shades of green, then she dropped to the floor, writhing as the alcohol from her first EVER alcoholic beverage fried her...well...everything.

Akeno couldn't help but smirk. "I thought Klingons could drink anything?" she asked curiously as she took a sip of the punch. Yes it was strong, but to her it was normal and gave her a warm feeling in her tummy. "Lets have a blast tonight!" she said raising her cup up into the air.

Just then the doors opened to reveal the Security Chief who was wearing a tan uniform with a whole bunch of prop contraptions on her person. She had a name-tag with red lettering that said "Mckenzie". Raelyn leaned her hand against the doorway and quipped. "Who you gonna call?"

"Starfleet!" Akeno called. "Wait... no, thats not right..." she pondered for a moment, there was a classic movie that this came from. "Ghostbusters?" she asked.

"Plus one point for Akeno!" she called out before she turned her attention towards the punch that was set up on the table. "What's in the punch" she questioned. She wasn't suspicious or anything, but as a Security Chief she was naturally curious.

"Stuff..." Akeno said shiftily as she placed both hands behind her back avoiding eye contact.

"You will be sorry if you drink it," Mashiro warned. "Take my word for it..."

"Haven't had anyone to drink with, Akeno. Plus, I'm a halfling, so it's kinda..." Luna blushed bright red. The doors opening again saved her further embarrassment.

With an impish smile Patra looked at Luna, “Well then I believe it is high time we rectify that matter. After all we need to ensure a fine and outstanding member of the House of Martok can handle their liquor. My good lady and witch, Akeno, could you please pour myself and our Weremaid another glass of your fine witch brew. I also believe our ‘Last Survivor’ could use a cup.” Patra could sense that Torvin seemed a bit uncomfortable in the setting. She walked over to him, “So tell me Torvin have you ever danced to the ‘Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and The Crypt-Kickers? Or better yet the ‘Werewolves Of London’ by Warren Zevon? We need to liven up this place, get some music going to groove to.” With that statement she said =^=Computer play Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon.=^= If there was anything that Patra knew how to do, it was party.

"I mean, if you consider some light dancing around in a Jeffries tube junction a 'dance' then yes." he joked faintly, clearly a little less confident in the moment. He took a small internal breath, a small skill that somehow pushed him through moments. He reached for his glass as he accidentally grabbed the more alcoholic beverage he'd only taken a sip from earlier. Downing it quickly before slamming it down on the table.

Clearly fighting the burn, hard, he held back from coughing for a moment. The shock pushed the outer emotions away and allowed his own feelings to push past. He seemed far brighter as gave a smile to the crowd "I can't be much worse in a more open space, right? Now, Patra is right, if we're going to party, let's do this!"

Luna took a breath, and sipped her next glass, still pulling a face at the taste but at least staying on her feet. As the music picked up, the alcohol started it's shenanigans, and Luna started swaying to the beat, tapping her foot and humming along. Unbeknownst to Luna, she had moved onto the dancefloor and was DIFFENITLY something!

"God, I haven't danced since High School," Mashiro muttered as she made her way out onto the dance floor. "Let's see if I've still got the moves..."

Adjusting her gait into a loose strut, Mashiro shifted her knees back and forth in keeping tempo with the rhythm, her lips moving and arms swinging as she tried to remember the lyrics off the top of her head.

Her improvisation was... laughable, at best.

Patra smiled at Torvin just as the music selection switched over to Transylvania Twist by Baron Daemon and the Vampires. She walked over to Lieutenant Torvin Anor and grabbed his hand, “Come on then Mister Torvin let’s see how well you do the twist.” She then guided him onto the dance floor and began doing a very seductive version of the Transylvania Twist. “Remember we are under ‘orders’ to have fun.” she said smiling at him.

Torvin was lead onwards, the sting of the alcohol still with him a little. "I mean, orders are orders" he joked faintly. noticing Mashiro's best attempts, but too empathetic to his own dancing confidence to make any kind of comment to it.

It took Torvin a moment, he danced awkwardly at first, but thanks to a little dutch courage working it's way into him he started to get into the groove, and luckily for Patra was fairly good at moving himself naturally that he wasn't stepping on Toes and came to match her in something respecting a decent Twist. Trying somewhat to match the energy of Patra as best as he could. A solid 7.5/10 work.

Patra laughed as the music switched to Bobby Pickett's the Monster Mash with a twirl she looked at Torvin "Well I will release you from dancing with me. Thank you for the dance." with that she bowed deeply and walked over to the punch bowl. She made herself a cup and downed it in a single gulp. Seeing Mashiro out dancing like a clown she made her way to executive officer "Well Miss Mashiro, looks like we need to improve your moves on the dance floor." she said with a very mischievous smile. "Get close to me and mimic my moves." with that Patra began another seductive dance, using Commander Munetani as her partner and dance pole.

"Well, if you insist..." Mashiro mumbled awkwardly as Patra took the lead.

After getting herself tangled in her tail three times...that she could remember anyway, Luna decided to take a break and get a none alcoholic beverage, mainly to replace all the water she'd lost dancing. After finding a nice corner to watch everyone, Luna sat down and breathed a sigh of contentment. "This is what it's all about: a crew having fun together and thereby growing closer as a unit," Luna sipped her drink and watched to see if Rossaleen would come.

Ileah was on the Dance floor, quite poisede and moving to the flow of the music in the "Twist; a little research ito the music that would be played had allowed her a little inside knowledge. SHe is thankful that she gave a little 'elasticity' in her outfit, moving with her like a second skin Ileah showed how comfortable she is wearing heels and her center of balance is spot on as the bending her knees for the twist allowed her to lower half way to having her rump meet the top of her heels then rising. The whip and her tail seemed to be a part of her dance style as they moved with her and stayed close to her as she shimmy and swayed.

It was fun as she had some potential Dance Partners keeping an eye on her as she moved.

Akeno couldn't help but giggle as she watched the crew attempt to dance. It was like being back at the Starfleet Academy graduation dance. Why was it that Starfleet officers never knew how to dance apart from when they were highly intoxicated?

Sipping more of the punch, she could feel her head getting a little lighter. She could also feel her foot beginning to tap to the music. She quickly downed the rest of the punch she had and wandered over to the dancefloor.

"I think... Its time for some... Classic Cheesy Songs!" she said as the Transylvania Twist ended. She clapped her hands together, obviously she had set this up well in advance, she had the computer responding to her commands. The music changed, it now had a catchy jumpy spanish beat to it. The unique beat of Los Del Rio's remix of the Macarena filled the room as Akeno ushed people into lining up.

"What in the f-?" Mashiro gawked in disbelief. "This was what they called a song?"

"Come on, if you don't know the moves. I'll teach you!" she said as she held out her arms. "Its really simply, like this..." She flipped her hands over in turn, then pulled her right arm to her left shoulder, and vice versa for her left. Then with a wiggle she moved her right arm under her left, upto the right side of her head, and repeated on the left. Next she wrapped her right arm around her chest, tucking her hand around her left side, and crossed over with her left arm. She then pulled back her right arm, to place her hand on her right hip, and then the same with her left. She gave her bum a little wiggle before turning ninety degree's and starting the process again.

"I LOVE this song!" Luna squealed excitedly as the music changed. She eagerly scurried onto the dance floor and instantly synced up with the beat. Luna couldn't help singing along with the music, feeling the flow reach deep into her being and releasing a side of her she didn't know she had.

Patra again laughed, and this time snuck of the dance floor. One of the nice things about being an engineer and working on starships and space stations was you knew the best hiding places for contraband. She pulled out a small bottle that contained her premixed Klingon martini. She smiled wickedly as she poured some in a glass and looked for Luna. Seeing her on the dance floor she whirled and twirled her way over to Luna. “Hey there, have some refreshment for you as you dance. Promise it is not the Akeno the witch brew.” with that she handed the glass to Luna and began following the captain's crazy dance.

The party continued into the night, the music became cheesier and it wasn't long before everyone there was dancing in their own sort of way. The spirit of Halloween, the night of the dead, ghosts, ghouls, witches and black magic was still very much alive on the USS Wayfarer. However, was it just a holiday? Or was something lurking in the shadows around the bulkheads, something that you can only see out of the corner of your eye? Maybe it was waiting for the right moment to make itself known... Who knows....

Happy Halloween!


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