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Scoring a date with Doctor Holliday

Posted on Thu Oct 20th, 2022 @ 9:45pm by Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel
Edited on on Sun Oct 30th, 2022 @ 2:32pm

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Starbase 12 Medical bay

Patra slowly came to in the medical bay with Doctor Nethercott talking to the nurse on duty. “About time you came around. I have better things to do than wait for you to wake up from your procedure.” He grumped at her. Patra looked the elderly, balding man and replied, “Anyone ever tell you that you’re a grade A prick?” as Patra finished her statement, she realized her throat no longer hurt, nor did it hurt to breath. She took in a deep breath yep, most definitely doesn’t hurt she thought. The old curmudgeon smiled wickedly at her “Well you passed my first test” he replied, then to her utter amazement he pulled out an honest to God old style stethoscope. “Now sit up young lady, I need to listen to your lungs and heart.” Patra was too shocked to question his order and sat up. She felt the cold metal touch the bare skin on her back.

“Now take a deep breath.” He said, Patra complied. He repeated this several times on her back. He then moved the stethoscope to her chest. “Trying to feel me up, Doc?” Patra joked. Doctor Nethercott harrumphed “Are you sure you’re a Starfleet Officer?” he inquired. “Yep, have the degree that says so. Got it out of a box of Crackerjacks.” Replied Patra in a very solemn voice. Doctor Nethercott looked askew at her, then said “remain quiet and let me listen to your heart.” With that Patra remained quiet as he moved the stethoscope about. Finally, he pulled out a medical tricorder and ran a scan as he was doing this the med bay doors slide open and in walked Doctor Holliday. Patra caught her out of the corner of her eye, and she felt flutters in her stomach. “Well, your back to normal as far as your heart and lungs are concerned. I am going to sign off on that part of your health.” As he was saying that Patra’s Goddess came up beside him “So I take it I can officially take over her as my patient” inquired Doctor Holliday. “Yes, didn’t you just hear me say I am signing of on the Pulmonary and Cardiology aspect.” He grumped at Doctor Holiday. “Have a good day Lieutenant Patra and I pray our paths never cross again, worst patient I have ever had. With that statement he did an about face and stomped off.

“Well, never seen him react like that before. What did you do or say to him?” inquired Doctor Holliday. Patra smiled her most charming smile “Did you know he actually uses an old-time stethoscope? When he went to listen to my heart I jokingly as if he was trying to feel me up. Guess he cannot take a joke.” Said Patra. Doctor Holliday laughed and said “Well yes, I knew he used the stethoscope; he swears by it, and he is one of the best in his field so who am I to question him. I do not ever think a patient has teased him like that before. What a delight to know someone got under his Frankenstein skin.”

She looked about for a moment “So how are you feeling? Any pain, numbness or tingling sensations?” inquired the doctor. Patra thought a second “To tell the truth my left side does have a ‘pins and needle sensation’.” Doctor Holliday frowned a little when Patra said that; and Patra thought it was very attractive. Doctor Holliday pulled out a medical tricorder and ran a scan over Patra. When she was done, she looked Patra in the eyes, “I am afraid I am going to have to place you in a neuro regenerative tank for the next two days. I am sorry. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that but apparently you suffered multiple shocks to that side of the body. You will be comatose during the procedure and will not feel a thing. Any questions?”

Patra felt now was her one chance to catch Doctor Holliday off guard and perhaps score a date with her. “Yeah, do I get to have a dinner date with you once this craziness is done. I find you extremely attractive and would love to get to know you in a personal way and not in a medical way?” Doctor Holliday’s face turned bright red, and Patra felt she may have misread her signals. After a short, pregnant pause; and in a low and timid voice Doctor Holliday replied “Yes, I think I would enjoy that.” With that said Doctor Holliday turned and walked over to the nurse's station. Patra was not sure she heard correctly for a moment, then laid back and smiled.


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