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J75-X Here We Come

Posted on Mon Mar 14th, 2022 @ 3:45am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Miller & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell & Lieutenant Torvin Anor & Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Justin Specter & Lieutenant JG Pepone & Ensign Magnum Rhodes

Mission: Arista
Location: Bridge

[15:00 Hours - USS Wayfarer, Starbase 83]

The doors of the ready room swished open and out walked Captain Misaki. She held her head high as she made her way towards the center of the oval bridge. The last reports stated that the ship was now fully fuelled, repaired and most of the senior staff replacements had reported aboard. However there were still a few empty seats that needed filling.

Miller turned his head and almost did a double take when he saw his CO stood on the deck. “Captain on the bridge!” the man got to his feet quickly, almost tripping over his chair console. As he straightened his tunic and stood up straight at attention, he couldn’t believe that he had almost forgotten to give the traditional announcement that all COs received ahead of any launch. “You can’t be THAT rusty?!” He thought to himself. He gave the woman a slightly nervous nod and awaited any orders.

Raelyn stood at attention from her station. She looked over at Miller, who looked slightly nervous. She didn't really know the XO all that well, but she had a feeling that he would do just fine.

Seeing everyone stand to attention was a a strange feeling, especially for Akeno. "At ease people" she said trying to hide a smirk. She lowered herself down into her seat slowly, allowing her body to fully relax into the soft leather.

"Operations, clear our departure with traffic control." Akeno said as she looked back towards the operations console which was on her left behind the command area. "Retract all moorings and umbilicals and seal the airlocks" she ordered.

Rosaleen quickly glanced at the status board as she sealed off the ship from all outside connections, verifying that it was all green. She then rapidly sent the commands to the various systems that would disengage the ship from all external connections, watching that board quickly clear as well. “Sir, we are free and clear to navigate.”

"Helm, plot the quickest course for system J75-X" Akeno ordered. She then turned to look at her new Executive Officer. "Commander Miller" she said with a slight smirk. "How about you give the order to get under way. First day and all..." she told him.

Jonathan wasn’t expecting this at all. He quickly became conscious of the fact that he was just staring at the Captain with his mouth half-open. He mentally shook himself and smiled at the woman, grateful of the opportunity. “Helm,” he stood and took a few steps forward, “Take us out. Manoeuvring thrusters only until we clear the starbase.”

Ileah stood to the Captain's right taking notes as the ship was readying to depart. She had a tap into the channel to see what Spooky had been relaying to the Captain as part of the offical report. The Star System had no record of being probed by the vessel that was assigned to the sector, no automated probing in the system either. It was a vey short file, Ileah acknowleded the information and lean closer to the Captain.

"The Intel Chief has nothing to report of J75-X of significance. The craft in the sector did not make a survey of that system nor any automated probes penetrate it." She informed. "We seem to be the first to venture from all evidence Captain."

"Well then" Akeno said as the Wayfarer slowly pulled away from the starbase. "A proper exploration mission. Lets get out there shall we" she said looking over back to her new Exec. "Lets take this ship to warp shall we?" he asked him with a smile.

The man returned the smile and added a nod before addressing the conn, “Helm, initiate the pre-set course for J75-X and engage at warp 8.” There was an unexpected jerk as the starship made the leap into high warp. Jonathan gave the Captain a nervous smile, “Apologies Captain, I’ll get engineering to take a look at the inertial dampeners whilst we are en route to J75-X.”

Raelyn looked at Akeno. "All tactical systems are on standby and the ship is currently secure Captain" she reported.

[Main Engineering- USS Wayfarer]

"The Starbase has done us a treat captain!" called out over to intercom of the bridge. The Haliian rushed around the engineering room like a devil possessed. His fellow staff had started to learn he was a hands-on man now he had become a far more public figure to them, and with the fresh parts and pieces that had he had been rushing to install, they had soon learned how quick he was to dive into everything.

"The refitted sensors and shield emitters are lighting up green and we all power distribution is flowing like honey again! Though I owe the quartermaster an hour of shore leave to show him how to smooth out the seams on his D'Kora model for the privilege." He called out "We're green to go! Engineering o- Hey Console three! If you're finally done, throw that self-seal up her-!" switching to his next task before the computer finally understood that he had ended his communication.

[CMO Office - Sickbay USS Wayfarer]

The sickbay area of the USS Wayfarer was incredibly huge. Mark never served in such a modern and well-equipped vessel, it felt a bit intimidating beingin charge of all that.

He had not yet been able to get to meet most of the colleagues, but he thought there would be time for that during the trip towards the unknown system. He finished going through the medical bay personnel records and made a slight nod glad of the information he gathered.

He laid back into the comfortable chair of the CMO Office and brifly closed his eyes before reaching for the communicator and calling for the assistant CMO.

=^= Lieutenant Pepone, this is lieutenant Johnson. I know the ship is about to depart, could you please meet me in the sickbay? =^=

=^= I shall be there directly. =^= A more feminine Voice replied.

Pepone was quick to arrive; a minor change into the male uniform from the mini dress Pepone had worn while visiting a friend as they were both off duty, Cynthia was one for a bit of fun so Pepone had diverted to the quarters and with a ponytail for the hair so to be quick chane into slacks and the uniform tunic with jacket the Assistant CHief strode into the office.

"Lieutenant Johnson, Pepone reporting as requested." The voice was deeper and the look was masculine. "I am sorry for the delay I had Rotation in a few hours after departure Sir."

Mark visually scanned Pepone for a second before nodding and, showing a smile, he shook his hand.

"Glad to meet you, lieutenant, I'm doctor Johnson, the new CMO" he started "please have a seat" he showed him one of the chairs in the CMO Office.
"As you know I'm new here and I still need to get acquinted in the role and with the crew. I just wanted to get to know you and see if all the needed supplies have been replenished before the ship departure." he concluded.

"I stocked up on the ready supplies and we have the replicator reservoirs topped if we need more or something special."Pepone said while taking a seat. "The OPS Officer was kind enough to push our order through on the station. A lovely young woman that seem eager to help,, seems her friend is a medic and so she kind of gave us some priority."

Mark nodded "That is a great news. I was worried we would have been short on some supplies but I see you already took care of it" he smiled accomplished.

"I would need your help to get acquinted with the medical personnell of the ship and its facility. Can I rely on you for this?" he finally asked "I don't want to take you much more time, I understand you were off duty and I'm sorry if I bothered you but had to be sure we were ready to depart. Maybe we might schedule a section meeting once we are underway for our destination and we are both on duty" he finished smiling.

"The staff told ; or more like forced me, to take time away from the Sick Bay. "Pepone chuckled. "I understand being the 'New Boss' might be a bit of a new feeling for all, but I am sure we can get introductions and some casual observations of the personnel that will help yo guide us along." Pepone added. "A staff meeting while in route would help get a routine going and let you highlight what you need from us?"

Mark nodded "That would be perfect" then he stood "I think I shouldn't counter a medical suggestion coming from the rest of the staff..." he said smiling "...go get your time off Lieutenant, we will have time to speak again" he finally concluded.


With the ship now cruising at warp, Akeno eased herself up out of the chair. "We'll be at warp for a good few days. So let's make the best of our time shall we? All departments should take this time to train any new crew, get shift rotations finalised and unpack everything from the starbase" she told the bridge crew. "I want the the Wayfarer and her crew ship shape and in Bristol fashion before we reach System J75-X"

"I'll be in my ready room. I've just got a lot of paperwork to get through. The bridge is yours commander" she added giving Jonathan a nod before turning on a heel and heading off towards the ready room doors.

Jonathan watched his Captain depart the bridge before turning his gaze towards the viewscreen. The stars looked magical as they streaked across the inky black void of space. He took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and slowly exhaled. Looking around the busy bridge he felt himself start to relax and a smile made its way across his face.

Ileah was on the heels of her Captain, she knew 'who' would be doing the 'heavy Lifting' for paperwork, she had already skimmed what is on the desk and had summaries ready. All the Captain need do really is skim it over and close it with her signature for the most part.

That was a Yeoman's job.

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