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Robbed Blind

Posted on Wed Jan 31st, 2024 @ 3:16pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant Vrax tr'Keirianh
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Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Bridge

The doors of the bridge swished open and Akeno walked out. It was like no one was ever here at all. Akeno gripped her phaser rifle as she strayed out first. Just like Engineering it was deserted. Not a single Terran in sight.

She lowered her rifle as she moved down in front of the Tactical Station. The viewscreen still showed the ISS Wayfarer facing them. But it was just sat there, not doing anything. She raised an eyebrow as she moved down to the command area and activated the center console between the command seats.

"They couldn't have just left?" She asked out loud looking back at everyone. "Their ship is still out there, why would they just leave? They had this ship, they could have done anything they wanted with it?"

"Maybe it's a trap?" Mashiro speculated. "I wouldn't put it past them to have rigged one of the consoles to explode as soon as we let our guard down.

"They very well could have" Raelyn looked at Mashiro and then at Akeno. "I don't like this. This could be a trap. They wouldn't let go of a second starship this easily."

Mark quickly scouted the bridge with his eyes and shrugged "Well, this indeed is unexpected" he commented.

Luna's teeth ground together something wasn't right.

"This place smells like...death," Luna growled, the hair on the back of her neck bristling.

Out of the corner of her eye, Mashiro spotted a slight discoloration in the carpeting. she moved over to get a closer look, and observed the faint outline of what appeared to be a torso- almost as if someone had bled out here.

"Lieutenant tr'Keiriranh?" she called out, motioning for Vrax to join her. "Come take a look at this; what do you make of it?"

Akeno sheepishly sat down in her chair. "There has to be a reason... Take your positions for now!"

Not convinced that they were in the clear, Raelyn still did as she was ordered and stood at her station. She did as many checks as possible to see if there was anything wrong on her end that could imply an ambush or anything caused by the Terrans.

It didn't take long to be evident that it was indeed a trap. The doors of the ready room and conference room opened and several Terran's rushed out. One of them was Captain Misaki who was holding her phaser rifle tightly.

"Yep... called it," Mashiro sighed.

"You really thought I'd let you just take back your ship?" Misaki asked as she slowly approached Akeno. A wry smile stretched across her face.

Akeno was surprised and caught off guard by the sudden ambush. "What the..." she exclaimed. She looked up at Terran counterpart. "Can't you just... go away and leave us all alone?!" she asked with a sigh. "This getting old..."

Misaki laughed. "I tell you what. Since I have already secured what I want. There is one way you can force me to leave."

"Whats that?" Akeno said as she stood up. She was starting to feel her anger build up inside of her. "What do I have to do to get you of my ship?!"

Misaki smiled. "Simple really. We do this the old fashioned way..." she replied as she held her fists up in front of her as if preparing for a fist fight. "If your crew can defeat mine in hand to hand combat. We'll leave."

"You want us to fight you here? Hand to hand?" Akeno asked.

"Are you scared?" Misaki asked.

Akeno frowned as she clenched her own fists. "You know what. Its been a long time since I've been in a fight." She raised up her own fists in front of her. "Usually I'm the talking type, but right now you're starting to really piss me off!" she said angrily.

Misaki smirked. "Yeah, that Xander guy said you'd be annoyed by me doing this..."

"You found him?!"

"Of course I found him!" Misaki smirked. "Such a shame. I might take him for myself..."

"No you don't!" Akeno said her voice raised as she lunged at her mirror self. It took Misaki by surprised to see her counterpart lunge herself at her with all her might.

"Get them!" Akeno shouted out to her crew. "Screw Starfleet directives! Knock them on their asses!" she shouted as she struggled with Misaki. "Drive them of our ship!"

"No need to ask me twice!" Mashiro remarked as she proceeded to tackle the Terran nearest to her to the ground and began pummeling relentlessly.

When the Terrans had come out onto the bridge Raelyn had seen a Terran Officer at the entrance to the tactical station out of the corner of her eye. She knew who she was. She turned to face herself. Literally.

The mirror Mckenzie had jet black hair in a double braided fashion with a scar across her face. She scoffed as she tossed her rifle on the ground and held up her fists. "You going to be weak like the rest of your colleagues?"

Raelyn returned the scoff. "Wow, I was going to compliment your hair, but since you like to insult yourself, it actually looks horrendous."

"That's all you got, you haven't got any visible evidence of a fight. Again, you're weak"

Raelyn replied, "Maybe I'm just so good I don't let anyone get any hits in."

Mckenzie was already infuriated and now she was pushed over the edge. She was easily offended. "Come here you wretched-" She trailed off as she jumped Raelyn.

Luna howled a battle cry and charged into two Terrans and sent them sprawling!

Luna incapacitated them, and went into the room where they'd been hiding...and saw a young woman hiding in the corner of the room partially hidden by a table.

"Are you ready to die, dog!?" Luna growled, throwing the table the woman had been hiding under aside.

"Pplease! I...I have information for you!" The woman's voice sounded familiar...but Luna couldn't place it.

"And you think I'll believe a Terran dog such as you?" Luna asked, but she stayed her hand none the less.

"Pplease...the one your Captain loves is..." Another Terran came in, saw the young woman, and lifted a phaser to shoot her!

"She's MY prisoner!" Luna dropped the Terran, then pulled the woman, whom Luna now realized was dressed in rags that smelled of blood, to her feet.

Luna froze as the face she saw was her own, yet not quite her own.

"What is your name?" Luna asked...though her heart had an idea.

"Lluna Eeclipse...mmaster," Luna whimpered, trembling.

Luna almost dropped Eclipse in her shock!

Eclipse whimpered, terrified this Klingon woman would still kill her!

Luna saw Eclipse's fear, and softened her stance.

"I won't harm you, young one. Once things are settled, I will take you to Sick Bay and the doctor can make sure you're ok," Luna soothed softly, leading Eclipse to another corner and getting her hidden by blankets, tables, and chairs.

"Stay here until I return, alright?" Luna told Eclipse.

"Yyes, mmaster," Eclipse whimpered.

Luna ground her teeth at that, but remained calm so as not to further scare the young woman.

Luna walked back onto the Bridge, ready to let out some more anger on the Terranian dogs.

"I would say it's scientifically weird to meet myself" said Mark visually scanning his evil counterpart "feels like being in Dr. Johnson and Mr. Hyde"

"Mr. who?" countered the evil doctor while trying to reach for his opponent's neck.

"Not only you're're even dumb on Earth's literature" with an annoyed look Mark punched the doctor directly on the nose, scoring a hit.

[Intel Offices]

Ileah came through the door in a hurry.

"Spooky did you get..." She started to call out.

"A yeoman..." The human turned in Spooky's chair. "Ido like that Idea, might get one for myself."

"Back." Ileah came to a halt, seeing how the dirty looking human leered at her in those seconds made her wish her Captain did not fvaor Skirted uniforms, very conscious of her exposed legs. "You are not Spooky." She commented.

"You do not know me; I can be very Spooky when I take an inclanation." He rose slowly. "It has been a bit since I have had the pleasure to have my way with a Deltan..." He had a sneer that made her feel like taking a HOT bath just to get clean again. "Now just relax and..." Ileah turned and side stepped as a knife flew at where she had been. "Don't run!"

Taking the action to step forward while he mistook what she was doing Ileah brought her boot to the side of his head, so what if he glimpsed her Black unmentionables, the pain he felt in that temple would not make looking a priority.

"Dazed he stepped back, starting to shake it off. "You bi..." He began as Spectre gave a Vulcan neck pinch to drop the Mirror side like a sack of deification.

"Took you long enough to come out." Ileah scolded as she noted him wearing a backpack. "What is that?"

"My mobile emitter." The image of a Deltan in a skimpy sexy Maid outfit had a disrupter in hand pointed between them. "I can alter the wavelength of my emissions to simulate a weapon..." During the speech a small globe was tossed to her.

"Catch..." Spectre suggested, the reflexive simulated programming had her catch it.

The simulated grenade exploded in Holographic wavelength that shattered the image utterly.

Ileah pointed and fired her weapon into the backpack.

"Make sure she stays down." Shaking her head. "Call Security for..." She 'Double Capped' the Mirror intel to assure he also stayed down. "For a trash pick up please."

"Already sent a call for them, they are busy.

"Tell them if they are not here soon I will put him down a real disposal tube." SHe warned, Spooky raised an eyebrow. "It is just a threat, I do not want to guard him til it is all over."

"You want to get into the battle for the ship?" Spectre asked.

"DO you?" She countered.

"That is not my job...analyst, I am too delicate." He nod and sat in his chair.

"Why do I call you Spooky, you really are not." She crossed to get a padd. "Are you going to open up the Bridge when they get there?"

"Soon as someone tried their codes I will open it again, have it loaded but on stand by."

"I need some that Romulan Ale kept in here." Ileah head for his desk.

"That is Illegal.

"Shut up Spooky." She opened the bottom drawer to take out the bottle for her long swig."


Akeno stumbled back as she took a direct hit from her mirror self. She returned with a quick jab at Misaki. "Why don't you just leave us alone!" she asked as she blocked the next attack. She managed to score a direct hit to Misaki's nose. A loud crack could be heard on impact as her blood exploded over her face.

Akeno stepped back a smile on her face, clearly that hit had broken Misaki's nose. She was rather pleased with herself.

Misaki held her nose as she retreated back. She reached with her other hand and tapped her comm badge. "Misaki to Wayfarer. Initiate the plan!" she ordered.

The Terran's were instantly beamed away in hazes of blue and white light, leaving the Starfleet crew standing in the middle of the bridge alone. Some of them looked a little beaten up where they had been engaged in their own personal skirmishes. The viewscreen showed the ISS Wayfarer iniate a pulse of energy from its main deflector and open a swirling yellow and gold vortex. With a flash it was gone, retreating back to the mirror universe.

Akeno breathed heavily as she looked around. "Take your stations. I want a full systems assessment and diagnostic. Lets make sure they haven't left us anything that'll cause is trouble in the future." she ordered as she stumbled towards her chair.

Luna slipped back into the Ready Room to see if her Mirror Self had been extracted with the others.

"Luna? Are you still here little one?" Luna called gently. The pile of pillows moved.

"Yyes Mmaster?" Eclipse's head poked out of the pile, shivering. Luna walked over and gently helped the young woman to her feet.

"Easy little one! Captain...we've got a possible little problem," Luna guided the 'stow-a-way' onto the Bridge. Eclipse shivered, trying to hide behind Luna. Luna stroked her head...feeling her heart break at how tangled and dirty the girl's hair was and just how badly the youngling had been treated.

Akeno approached slowly and held out a hand to her. "Hello. It seems they left you behind. Don't worry, we won't hurt you." She said in a soft mellow tone.

"Pplease don't!" Eclipse shrunk back against Luna, her eyes widening as her face blanched.

"Easy, little one! This is MY Captain. She won't hurt you, I promise," Luna soothed, stroking Eclipse's back gently.

Eclipse looked up at Luna, then shakily held out her hand.

"Ppleased tto mmeet yyou Mmaster," Eclipse sputtered, ready to drop into the fetal position at the slightest sign she'd done something wrong.

"Take her down to sickbay. Have her checked over," Akeno said to Luna. She gave Eclipse a soft smile of reassurance before turning back to the rest of the bridge officers.

[Intel Offices.]

The shimmering of the 'Trash Heap' vanishing was welcomed by Ileah. SHe slumped ; with some Lady Like fashion in her Skirted Uniform.

"About time they collected the trash." She took another swig of the Ale.

"You have too high a tolerance for that." Spectre commented.

"Work as a Yeoman to any Captain will drive you to it." She reply.

"Specially with your responsibilities aside." He teased.

"Later Spooky, I suppose I should get back to show the Captain I am fine despite some annoying circumstances." Ileah rose and smoothed her skirt and tucked the uniform appropriately.

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