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Wayfarer Down

Posted on Tue Sep 5th, 2023 @ 2:29am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Brig

Previously on Star Trek Wayfarer:

The sound of boots echoed over the sound of the commotion in the room. Suddenly it all fell silent. Akeno, still on the floor looked up slowly as a pair of boots stopped at her face. Those legs seemed familiar, then there was a pleated skirt, followed by a belt on which a knife was attached. Slowly her eyes followed up the figure more, an exposed belly button and a bare stomach, followed by the woman's small chest. Akeno knew there could only be one person this could be. Finally she looked up at the woman's face, to find herself looking down.

"Captain Akeno Misaki, I presume," the other Akeno said simply a evil smile stretching across her face. Akeno didn't answer. "Pitiful that you even tried to stand up against us. This is my ship now."

With that said, Mirror Akeno drove her boot hard into Akeno's face, her nose cracking loudly as blood poured out. It all went black...

And now the continuation...

Akeno stirred, her head pounded. She instantly held a hand upto her head. It felt worse than anything she had ever encountered. The room was blurry, just a wash of colours and she was struggling to identify the sounds around her. She knew that she was no longer on the bridge, she could tell she was however still somewhere on the ship.

Finally after what seemed forever, she discovered that she was actually in the ships brig. Her senior staff were with her, many of them looked hurt or just plain exhausted. "What... happened... ouch..." she winced as she held her head.

"Well, to put it mildly, we got our asses handed to us and we're now being held prisoner- by ourselves- in our own ship," Mashiro was the first to speak up. "The report we're going to have to write once this is all over..."

Akeno held her head as she slowly sat up. She looked around. "Is everyone still alive?" She asked simply her voice still groggy.

"Unknown," Mashiro replied. "We haven't been able to account for Lieutenant Anor and Lieutenant Specter's whereabouts yet, so they could either be hiding somewhere on the ship... or dead."

Mark slowly opened his eyes but immediately had to close them again as the light in the room was just too much for him. He slowly sat up from the laying position he was in, holding his head with both hands.

"Wh...what...what happened?" he asked as he tried to re-open his eyes and noticed he was not in the sickbay anymore. It took him a few more seconds to realize where he was and noted the rest of the senior staff in there too. Noting a few bruises and lightly wounded colleagues, he spun into action and started visiting them.

"What happened, captain?" he asked Akeno closing in to her and holding her head straight trying to assess if she needed any specific medical attention.

"I think we... lost?" Akeno replied slowly.

"Pretty damn badly, too," Mashiro lamented. "They've pretty much locked us out of all the main systems; even the Command Coding's been erased from the databanks. If we had Specter here, he might've been able to hack us into the mainframe to try and regain control of the ship, but like I said earlier, he's officially unaccounted for..."

The Wayfarer's Security Chief rose up quietly and leaned her head against the wall. However as she did she was hit with a wince of pain. Probably due to the back of her head slamming into a console. She had been awake for a little bit now and heard the Commander's response.

Raelyn spoke up. "How is it possible that they erased the Command Codes? Wouldn't they need our codes to erase them?"

"Sounds like Spooky is playing." Ileah commented as she sat primly with her legs under her. "Department of Dirty Intelligence Tricks." She spoke. "If the ship is under Hostile Take Over there are programs in place and if I guess right there will be some Sabotage that were put in place when he arrived and went snooping about the ship. He is a Ghost after all." She lean back against the wall. "f you do not believe me has anyone seen him since we are waking?"

Luna was having trouble even opening her eyes, much less making sense of the sounds she was hearing!

Wwe're not on the Bridge. This too small. Ththe crewmates! Wwha... "Uuuu!" A wave of pain assaulted Luna, finally exacting a strangled moan from her parched throat.


This is not a good situation, the main Computer was reacting as it is programmed, the Command Coding is erased from the memory banks. Being a master hacking type Specter had made a few 'adaptations when he came aboard, mainly some placing of little 'Bus and such tat would be very nasty pests in the unlikely event Intel is the only one that is in control.

Moving his vantage point of Observation throughout the ship, checking a few of the charges that are placed on the Back up Computer Power Connections, checking that there are no personnel in the general area.

The alarms sounded right after the shaped charges went off damaging both ends of the power connections. The loss of power would cause some data loss, the Command Codes are not working and now not even the Manual systems have back-up due to the loss of the Secondary Core.

Specter moved away from that situation and started his last program scramble, removing the operational program from The main Computer. In the old days it would be like corrupting your Boot Up and Operational software from the computer.

"That should get them stirred up." Specter said before going into hiding.


The doors of the brig swished open and in walked three people. The leading person was a woman, she looked identical to Captain Misaki, apart from her uniform. Her uniform resembled a normal Starfleet uniform, except it was cropped at just under her ribcage, exposing her belly. Her rank was shown on a shoulder strap and there was no collar. She stood in front of the forcefield and looked down at the Wayfarer officers.

"Pitiful," she said. "I thought you'd put up more of a fight..." she told them. "But, we have a problem. Someone on your ship has locked us out of the main Computer. I need this ship, and I intend to make it mine."

She locked eyes directly with Akeno. "Tell me how to unlock the computer and we won't hurt you. We might drop you off on some planet somewhere, or I might be merciful and simply slit your throats..." she pulled the knife off her belt and twiddle it through her fingers. "The choice is yours."

Akeno looked up at mirror self. "No chance in hell."

Misaki smiled. "I thought you'd say that." She looked back at one of her security officers armed with compression phaser rifles. "Bring her to the ready room. I'll 'interrogate' her myself!"

The forcefield dropped for a brief moment, one officer kept his rifle trained on the crew. The other grabbed Akeno and literally dragged her out. The forcefield soon shot back up.

Akeno, still in pain teued to struggle. Misaki dropped down to her, grabbing her from behind. She held her knife to Akeno's throat. "You know..." she whispered into her ear softly. "I'm looking forward to getting to know you more. I wonder if you've ever encountered the intense pleasure only a woman can give you..." she smiled as she pushed the knife down Akeno's uniform, slicing through the material and exposing the front of her body. "Oh yeah, you're going to unlock the computer. And you'll enjoy every moment you have with me. I've never had a chance to do this to myself..."

She withdrew. "Take her to the ready room and prepare her for my interrogation!" She ordered. The security guards grabbed Akeno and dragged her out of the room. Misaki turned to the others. "If she doesn't give me what I want. I'm sure one of you will fall to temptation..."

With that said she left the room.

"Damnit!" Mashiro hissed, banging her fist against against the bulkhead. "Okay, we're going to need to find a way out of here, and fast; that sonofabitch is going to rape the Captain if we don't hurry."

"BiSuvtaHvIS SoS! (You daughter of a smooth foreheaded Mother!) When I get my hands on your (insert a few choice curse words) hide, you'll taste my D'k Tahg!" Luna threw herself at the forcefield, swearing a blue streak...but the UTs weren't allowed to translate her FULL tirade.

Enemy crew passing the Brig jerked at the sheer RAGE being poured out by one of their captives....not that they were SCARED, just intrigued that a 'weak' Starfleet Officer could show that much venom.

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