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Warship Located

Posted on Mon Aug 21st, 2023 @ 7:47pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Ensign Robert Lee Jr.

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Bridge/Various

Akeno held the arms of her command chair as the Wayfarer shook again. Three torpedoes bounced off their shields as they chased down their target. The Intrepid Class Starship was hot on the tail of the Terran Warship also named Wayfarer. It boasted far more impressive weaponry, however most of it couldn't be used at warp speeds. Therefore both ships were engaging each other with torpedoes.

The ISS Wayfarer was making a beeline for its next target, a Klingon colony. Luckily the sensor buoys along the Federation border had detected her and the USS Wayfarer had moved easily to intercept.

"Stay on their tail!" Akeno ordered. "Try to knock out their engines! If we can stop them we might be able to put an end to this!"

"Can we get a target lock on them?!" Mashiro shouted, practically bracing herself against the handrails.

Raelyn's hands ran across its smooth surface. "Lock acquired on their engines. I can take them out!"

"Fire!" Akeno ordered simply.

Four quantum torpedoes erupted from the forward launchers, darting across space and striking the other Wayfarers nacelles. One of the nacelles erupted into flames and sparks as the torpedoes ripped into it.

"Captain, they're dropping from Warp!" Luna shouted, her voice squeaking in a mix of fear and anger.

[Those monsters are toast!] Luna's blood was at a boil, wanting blood for the thousands of her kin that had died without honor.

"Stay with them. Arm phasers!" Akeo ordered.

"Phasers armed." Raelyn replied.

The Wayfarer dropped out of warp to become nose to nose with its counterpart. "Well, they turned fast..." Akeno said. She was soon interrupted by the ship shaking as the ISS Wayfarer began bombarding them with its phaser cannons.

"Return fire!" Akeno shouted as sparks showered them from the consoles and constant phaser bombardment. Bright orange beams of energy zapped across the space between the ship's as both exchanged fire.

"Engineering, we need more power to the shields!" Akeno ordered over the comm.

Luna felt her insides start to churn as she got her first look at the mirror was the same shape as her dear Wayfarer...but it gave off a feeling of pure evil, something that shook Luna to her core.

[What other monsters lie beyond our reality?] Luna shivered.

"So is that their idea of an Intrepid?" Mashiro remarked, evidently not as phased... or impressed, for that matter.

"Clearly..." Akeno responded.

"It's hideous." Mashiro stated her thoughts rather bluntly.

"But why all the extra guns? That thing is armed to the teeth!" Akeno replied. "We need to take them out quickly!"

[USS Wayfarer’s Sickbay]

The alarm clackson started ringing as soon as Commander Johnson left his quarters to grab something to eat. Hearing the alarms and the cry to move to battle stations, he immediately quickened his pace and made his way to the sickbay at once.

As the door slid open one of the nurses closed in, reporting to him all she knew so far.

“Sir, sounds like we’re exchanging fire with someone out there. We got a few seriously wounded on biobed one and two. They come from engineering, the first one is suffering from a plasma burn and the second one got hit by falling plates. Both unconscious but stable.” she pointed towards the two biobeds before continuing “four more patients are being treated as we speak by the rest of the personnel, just minor bruises and cuts. But I guess more will follow” she concluded.

Mark nodded, reaching for his medical goon before thanking her “thankyou, Molly, I’ll go check the two seriously wounded now. Please, as new patients come in, assess their severity and assign them to the different medical teams, I’ll jump here and there where needed” he instructed.

The nurse nodded. “Who’s attacking us?” she asked, with a worried tone.

“I don’t know, I’ll contact the bridge as soon as I’ll have a couple of minutes to spare. We’ll just do our job, whatever is happening up there” he showed his reassuring smile before moving towards the biobeds to treat the injured.


The Wayfarer shook violently again as the two ships ran circles around each other, orange streaks of phaser fire darting between them.

"This is going no where..." Akeno muttered as she held onto the sides of her chair. "Helm, full stop. Lets see if we can trick them into lowering their shields. We'll 'play dead' then once they lower their shields to board us, we'll hit them where it really hurts" Akeno said to Luna. "Make it look good Luna, make it look like they really hurt us."

"You're asking me to do something Klingons REALLY hate doing, Captain! However, if we can get those insert a few curse words to fall into our hands, then I'll put on a coconut bikini and walk on my hands for a week!" Luna was dead serious...the monsters in the other ship were going to get just what they deserved!

"Wha... no, I think we're good, Lieutenant," Mashiro insisted. "Seriously."

Akeno smirked. "Well that'll be an interesting image." She locked eyes on the viewscreen. "Do it!"

The Wayfarer began to list as if it took a massive hit. The ships engines faded as slowly it began to drift.

Akeno held up a finger as the other Wayfarer came about. "Not yet..." she said.

Mashiro glanced over at Akeno. "Captain, if we don't strike now, they could-!"

"Not yet, just let them get a little closer... wait for their shields to drop." Akeno said. She had perfect control of the situation.

The other Wayfarer drew even closer, it seemed to loom over them. Its markings and red patterns on the hull now visible on the viewscreen. It looked formidable, relentless abd intimidating.

"Their shields are dropping!"

Akeno's hand went flying down. "NOW!" She ordered.

Phaser fire exploded from their arrays, striking the other Wayfarer. However it wasn't what they were expecting as their hull seemed to absorb their fire.

"Oh..." Akeno said. "They must have ablative armour..."

"Well, ain't that just dandy?" Mashiro muttered with a deadpan expression.

Suddenly without warning the ISS Wayfarer began to rapidly barrage them with its many phaser cannons and arrays. The Wayfarer shook as it took point blank range damage. Consoles on the bridge exploded, Ensign Kennedy at tactical was blasted away from his seat. He hit the deck, his life extinguished by the exploding console.

Akeno was thrown out of her chair, she slammed onto the deck as the Wayfarer took a beating. The smell of fire, smoke and burnt flesh assaulted her nose. It was like the room was spinning, the explosions, the chattering of consoles in flames were all dulled as she pushed herself up.

As he was treating one of the many wounded in the sickbay, doctor Jonson got thrown on the floor as the vessel shook violently. He hit his head on a close-by biobed and blacked out.

As the Wayfarer shook violently, Raelyn was thrown back off of her feet and she slammed into the console into the bulkhead head first. Her vision quickly faded as she lost consciousness.

The sound of boots echoed over the sound of the commotion in the room. Suddenly it all fell silent. Akeno, still on the floor looked up slowly as a pair of boots stopped at her face. Those legs seemed familiar, then there was a pleated skirt, followed by a belt on which a knife was attached. Slowly her eyes followed up the figure more, an exposed belly button and a bare stomach, followed by the woman's small chest. Akeno knew there could only be one person this could be. Finally she looked up at the woman's face, to find herself looking down.

"Captain Akeno Misaki, I presume," the other Akeno said simply a evil smile stretching across her face. Akeno didn't answer. "Pitiful that you even tried to stand up against us. This is my ship now."

With that said, Mirror Akeno drove her boot hard into Akeno's face, her nose cracking loudly as blood poured out. It all went black...

To be continued...


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