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Rescuing Klingons

Posted on Mon Aug 7th, 2023 @ 3:49pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Tri'Lak Station
Timeline: About 30 Minutes After "The Hunt Begins"

The interior of the Klingon Starbase was a mess. Debris was littered everywhere, bulkhead showed signs of phaser burns. Klingon warriors killed in battle laid where they had fallen. Smoke filled the air as fires chattered away from broken consoles and systems. It was plainly evident that whatever had happened had been violent and relentless.

"Everyone keep on your toes," Mashiro ordered, setting her phaser rifle to heavy stun. "The Klingons probably still think we're the enemy, so there's a strong possibility that they'll try and charge us if we encounter them."

Mark nodded at the commander's words while walking right behind the away team leader. Right hand holding his ordenance phaser pistol and a fast deployment medikit on the left. His medical team tailing him and the rest of the squad.

As soon as she transported in, Raelyn looked in all directions with her phaser in hand to make sure that they weren't going to get shot at immediately. Her tricorder was in her other hand to scan for life signs, both Klingon and Terran.

"Lieutenant Eclipse," Mashiro continued, shifting her attention towards Luna. "You'll serve as our Liaison to the Klingons; if there's any one of us here they're likely to listen to, it's going to be one of their own."

"Aye, Ma'am," Luna ground out through clenched teeth.

Having changed into her Klingon battle armor before teleporting over, Luna didn't resemble the young woman who had stood on the Wayfarer's Bridge twenty minutes before, but the anger was even more prominent now.

Several Klingons appeared and raised their weapons.

"'E' yltaD! OH pongwIj'e Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok. Quvha' maQammeH batlh yIQongQo'! " (stand down! My name is Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok. We're not the one's responsible for this!)

The doctor lowered down, almost kneeling, looking at Luna and waiting to see the Klingons' reaction.

Three of them held their weapons, while the fourth lowered his weapon and stepped forward.

"Be'nI''a'lI', be'nI''a'? (If this is so, why do you stand with them?)" He asked, as if he hadn't heard Luna say 'we'.

"Cha' lumuch chaH. 'urmang ta'chugh vay', 'e' yInIDchoH. (These are my crewmates. Not the monsters of Terrania.)" Luna growled softly.

"TlhIngan tangqa' targhwI''a'? ghIlghameS! (A Klingon calling humans their crewmates!? Disgraceful!)" He growled back, widening his stance and crossing his arms.

"Misaki to away team. We're ready to beam aboard any injured, have you made contact?" Akenos voice came out of their comm badges.

=A=Affirmative,=A= Mashiro radioed back. =A=We've encountered a group of four, and Lieutenant Eclipse is presently attempting to reason with them. If there are any additional survivors that they know of, We'll see about asking them to lead us to where they're being kept so Doctor Johnson can tend to them.=A=

"Do what you can. Then get back here, we've got a ship to find," Akeno replied.

"We've got injured, but I do not trust your kind, so we wont..." The Klingon let out an 'Umph!" as Luna stepped across the space and slammed him into the wall with a deep snarl.

"NIHwI' SoHbe'chugh, vaj malja'Daq pumbe'chugh. MuQuchqu'chugh'e' vIbivlaHbe'. (We are going to help your wounded whether you want us to or not! I'll not let more of my brothers die dishonorably.)" Luna's voice held both venom and authority. She wasn't the senior member here, but she wasn't about to let more people die because of the mirror intruders.

The Klingon's men had stepped forward, but then froze as Luna pinned him to the wall.

"MaghojmoH." (We will take you to them.) The Klingon to the leader's left said as he lowered his weapon. The other two protested, but he and Luna finally persuaded them, and the four led them to where the wounded were.

"Your turn, Doc," Luna said softly.

Darting his eyes between Luna and the other Klingon speaking their language, Mark awaited for Luna’s green-light before standing up and tailing the Klingon towards the injured ones. A couple of medical officers followed him through till the room where Klingon’s wounded were being held and treated.

Several female Klingons exclaimed and shoved children behind them as the group entered.

"NaDev maghoS. (We're here to help.)" Luna soothed, using a softer voice than she had with the male she had roughed up.

A few of the children poked their heads out from behind the women, awe mixed with fear in their eyes.

"QeylIS. (Hello little ones.)" Luna knelt and took several small objects out of her bag and held them out. The children cocked their heads and, despite the adult's protests, inched closer to Luna.

Luna smiled as the smallest came right up to her, took one of the gems Luna held, examined it, and stepped back to show it to the others.

"They attacked a station with children on board..." Mashiro muttered with a look of disgust. "Those sick bastards..."

Luna smiled as the others almost pushed each other in their eagerness to get a stone.

"Wayfarer to away team. Status report?" Akeno's worried voice came from their comm badges.

Mashiro reached up and tapped her combadge. =A=We've managed to locate the remaining survivors, Captain,=A= she reported. =A=I'm counting about...=A= she paused for a second to take a quick headcount. =A=...Forty, give or take; approximately 15 of those appear to be underage.=A=

"Have them ready to beam over. We'll drop them at the nearest Klingon base. But right now we need to find the Terran ship, before more lives are lost. Don't give them a choice Commander." Ake os voice replied a hint of urgency in it.

=A=Copy that, Captain,=A= Mashiro replied before terminating the communication.

"Tell them we're going to prepare for a mass beam-out," she informed Luna. "Time's of the essence here, so we're going to have to do it now and pray that this is all of them."

"Understood, Commander. TlhIngan Hol Dajatlhchugh. (We're going to take you to a Klingon Outpost.)" Luna told the group. A few looked positively terrified, but most had been pacified by Luna's open approach.

Nodding contentedly, Mashiro reached up and tapped her combadge again.

=A=Commander Munetani to Wayfarer; approximately 46 to beam out.=A=

The entire away team and surrounding Klingons were emerged in blue lights and white dots as they were beamed away to safety.

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