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The Hunt Begins

Posted on Sat Jun 24th, 2023 @ 2:45pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Bridge

Akeno sat in her chair, the bridge was fairly quiet. An hour ago they had severed their connection with the Starfleet subspace uplink. She had ordered constant sensor sweeps and monitoring of communications of Starfleet, Klingon and Civilian channels.

"Anything?" She asked. They needed to find that Terran ship, before it did more damage and took more lives.

Mashiro, who had just finished conversing with an Ops officer, glanced over towards the center pit and shook her head.

"Nothing so far," she reported grimly. "Short-range communications have been inundated with reports of the earlier attack on the Pri'Tak Colony, but nothing new has surfaced regarding a Federation Starship attacking a Klingon ship or installation."

She folded her arms and sighed. "But no doubt that the longer these guys remain free to pillage as they please, the more it'll damage our relations with the Klingon Empire..."

Luna could feel the tension rising on the Bridge...but then again, you didn't need to be a Betazoid to sense that!

Luna was alert...but she was also afraid, so she was reading a book she had downloaded before they'd cut the connection, wanting to calm her nerves...and keep the darker emotions under control.

"Captain. We're recieving a... distress call. If you could call that? Its Klingom Captain, a call to battle," the Ops officer reported.

"Play it through," Akeno ordered.

"To all warriors! The is Tri'lak station. We are under attack by treacherous Starfleet dogs! Come for battle! We need more warriors immediately!" The rough voice of a Klingon Commander announced. It was indeed a little bit like a Klingon distress call, bit with more of a Klingon twist. Afterall their entire culture was centered around dying honorably in a glorious battle.

Mashiro blinked in surprise, before glancing back over at Akeno. "Captain, I think we've got 'em."

Akeno stood up and crossed the bridge. She joined the officer at Ops and looked down at the source of the call. "Luna, take us to Tri'lak Station. Maximum warp." She ordered. "Red Alert!"

"Aye, Captain. Setting coordinates for Tri'lak Station, Maximum Warp. [Please let us be in time!]" Luna gulped as fear slithered down her backbone.

[Get a grip, Luna! If you were fully Klingon, you'd be EXCITED at the prospect of battel! No, I am proud of BOTH sides of my family, and I'm NOT going to disgrace either one!] Luna set her teeth and cracked her knuckles, if there was going to be a fight, she was going to give her all to protect her Captain and crew!

The lights on the bridge dimmed and the red alert lights flashed slowly. The console all changing from their usual hues of purple, blue and gold to red, creams and whites. Akeno made her way back to the Command area and crossed her arms, a scowl on her face. "Ensign, I want you to jam that distress call. In fact, jam all frequencies. The last thing we need is for more Klingons to show up."

"Let's get those weapons primed, people!" Mashiro called out to the weapons officers. "We have no idea what we're looking at, so we have to be prepared to go into this guns blazing!"

"Aye Commander" Raelyn called out as she primed the Wayfarer's weapons after pressing a few buttons on her console. "Phasers and torpedoes are ready."

The Wayfarer dropped out of warp not far from the Klingon starbase. The scene before them was utter devastation. The large structure seemed to be lopsided in space, huge holes in its hull. Fires and smoke could be seen through the breaches. Debris littered everywhere even bodies of its crew could be spotted floating out in the depths of space.

"We're too late..." Akeno said as she rose up from her command chair. "Lifesigns?"

"A few scattered in various sections." The Ops officer said. "Most of them faint, I can't get a clear reading though."

Akeno looked down at the floor biting her lip as she did so. "Commander, take an away team. Get those people out and render aid. I also want you to find out anything you can about the attack," the Captain ordered. "Take who you need, stand down red alert."

Luna shot to her feet with a scream so primal, it would have shook the foundations of a planet if she'd been on one!

"Erm ok..." Akeno said slightly taken aback by Luna's outbreak.

"They will pay in blood for what they have done! Captain, I'm going down there and you can't stop me!" Luna snarled, seeing red as her console cracked under the pressure of keeping from completely loosing her grip on her sanity.

"Looks like you're taking Luna too..." Akeno said to Mashiro.

"Aye Captain," Mashiro nodded as she began to make her way back to the Turbolift. "Commander McKenzie, you're with me. Tell Lieutenant Anor and Doctor Johnson to assemble teams as well."

"Aye Commander" Raelyn said before she tapped her communicator. "Mckenzie to Lieutenant Anor and Doctor Johnson, please meet me and Commander Munetani in the transporter room" she said as she entered the lift with Mashiro.

Once he heard the communication from the bridge, the doctor quickly unvested from his medical goon and gathered the first aid kits close by, directing a couple of first intervention nurses to gather their packs and follow him.

"We're on our way" he confirmed through the communicator while exiting the sickbay headed for the transport room tailed by the medical party he just assembled.

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