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Unwanted Pleasure

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2023 @ 6:11am by Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Ready Room/Bridge

[Ready Room]

Akeno was dragged into the ready room by two Terran Security officers. She was hoisted up onto her feet. One of them produced a rope and tied it tightly around her hands before climbing up on her desk and wrapping the rope around one of the roof support beams. Then her ankles were bound and she was left standing there, half dangling half standing from the ceiling by her wrists.

They walked out of the room, only for the Terran version of Captain Akeno Misaki to walk in. Misaki was twiddling her knife in her hand as she walked in. "Well, well." she said as she leant against the deck and crossed one leg over the other. She smirked at her counterpart.

"Well, lets start shall we?" Misaki smiled as she moved closer. "I think I'd like to take this off..." she stated as she ran the knife through Akeno's uniform slowly cutting it away. It wasn't long until Akeno's grey and black tunic had been cut away, the same for her red undershirt. Misaki couldn't help but grin as she also cut away her skirt, leaving poor Akeno in nothing but her underwear.

"What do... You want?" Akeno asked. She was still feeling the effects from when she had hit her head on the bridge.

"I want the codes to your ship. We know that someone has locked out the main computer. The only person we can't find is your chief of Intelligence..." Misaki said as she moved closer. "Tell me where he is."

Akeno sighed. "I don't know."

"Wrong answer," Misaki said as she placed the knife down on the desk. Slowly she moved around Akeno and pulled herself in closer. She began to run a finger down Akeno's stomach. "Where is he Akeno? I know that you know?"

The strange feeling of her finger send shivers through her spine. "Honestly, I don't know where he is." Akeno replied.

"You know..." Misaki said as she whispered into Akeno's ear. "I have 'tortured' many people before to get what I want. But its the first time I've ever had the chance to do my weaker counterpart. I know several methods of 'pleasure' that will make you talk. Unless you prefer pain?"

A shiver ran through Akeno's body like electricity. "I honestly don't know. And If I did, I wouldn't tell you. We were sent to stop you..." she said. She let out a little gasp as Misaki's finger began to enter into her belly button. "What are you doing?"

"You like this right?" Misaki whispered. "You can't deny it. Tell me how to unlock the computer."

Akeno couldn't deny it, the strange feeling felt strangely pleasurable. But she had to endure through it. Her cheeks began to turn red as her mirror counterpart started to move her finger around inside her belly button. "I don't... know..."

"Yeah you do..." Misaki whispered as she removed her finger. She began to run it lower down her stomach. "I can go lower Akeno..."

"No... Please... Don't..." Akeno begged. "Not there?"

"Is the flower still intact little Akeno?" Misaki asked in a whisper. "Or have you been naughty?"

Akeno shook her head. "No... Well... yes... but thats nothing to do with you..."

"Oh... and who is he?" Misaki asked. "Can he do this like I can?" she whispered as she ran her fingers down her stomach, briefly teasing at the hem of her pants. She began to lightly lift the hem of her pants with her finger, allowing the elastic to bounce back against Akeno's skin. "Who in this universe gets to pop it in down here then? Is he aboard this ship? Is he a threat?"

Akeno began to breathe heavier. "No... Not... Telling you... anything...". She yelped a little as Misaki dived lower and started using her fingers.

"Oh look. I found your..." she whispered something into Akeno's ear that caused her to blush even more.

"Now Akeno, you naughty girl. Tell me what I need to know and I can stop this. Unwanted pleasure is much more effective than pain." she told her as she continued with her exploration of Akeno's body. "Tell me how to unlock the computer. You are the captain, you hold the highest authority. So tell me..."

"No.... I... Can't..." Akeno panted. She began to tense up slightly from the feeling from Misaki's fingers, it was far too much. She let out a little squeal.

"Oh..." Misaki laughed. "That was too much for you huh?" she said as she withdrew her hands. She picked up Akeno's cut up uniform and wiped her hands dry. "Sounds like that was your first..."

"No it wasn't...." Akeno panted. "Let my crew... go... please..."

"Tut tut!" Misaki replied as she waggled a finger at the other her. "Listen, I'm not sure how much you even know. But I'm here to take what I want. And I've decided I want your ship. I might even want to take you for myself." she told her as she moved back to the desk and began to lean against it again. "After all, you've got no parents here. No family. All you have is this pathetic excuse of Starfleet."

"How do you..."

"How do I know?" Misaki laughed. "We can get some basic information from the computer. I can still use your voice codes to access personnel files. But, all command functions are erased or locked out. Those I can't access. Only the code unique to you can unlock them." she explained. "And I will get that code out of you."


"Don't try to be a hero Akeno. You've already lost. This ship is mine and I intend to take it back to the Empire." Misaki replied. "We need every ship we can get..."

Akeno stared at her. "Every ship?"

Misaki rolled her eyes. "Nothing for you to worry about..." she smiled as she stood up and made her way back to Akeno. She moved closer to her and held her chin gently in her palm. "I think I might let some of my male soldiers in here. Apparently there are a few that would like to 'take me to their bed'... You look like me. I wonder if you can moan like me too?" Misaki smirked as she gently kissed Akeno's cheeks. "Like I said..." she whispered. "Unwanted pleasure is far more effective than pain..."

With that she brushed away some hair out of Akeno's eyes and walked towards the ready room doors. They opened as she stepped towards them. "Hey boys. I have a new toy for some of you to play with!" she called out as she stepped out. The doors swished close leaving Akeno tied up, cold and half naked.

'I need to be strong... for the crew...'. The doors opened and she could make out male voices. She was suddenly surrounded by three male officers, lust filled their eyes as they looked at her. She recognised them as the Terran counterparts of Lieutenants Thompson, Moore and Ensign Harringson. They seemed to examine her.


Misaki smiled as she heard the shrill screams coming from the ready room door. She made herself comfortable in the captains chair and crossed one leg over the other. "At least the men are enjoying themselves... They better leave her in good condition for me though..." she smiled. "You!" she said suddenly pointing to the Terran officer manning Operations.

"Get me computer control. Now!" she demanded quickly.

"Yes Captain. I will try my best however..."

"Want to end up like her?!" Misaki said thumbing to the door where the screams and cries were still coming from. The officer shook her head. "Good, so get me it. Don't fail, or you'll be joining her!"

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