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Can we go now.

Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2023 @ 3:02pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Justin Specter

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Ready Room


Akeno lay on the floor ; the men had finally left.

Misaki had noted the exit of three satisfied officers; the blinking bastards, and decided that Akeno might be more apt to answer her question about the Intel Officer who was such a pain in the bum.

It was a satisfying sight to see the Alternate of herself
lying on the ground after three men had fun.

"Now was that not a pleasing time by all?" She knelt closer to the wimpering figure. "Now let us start again, where is that blooming Intel Officer, where is he hiding?"

"In the Ready Room actually. Misaki heard a voice behind her.

"Thought I would drop in... I mean you." Spectre said and hit the little Minx with a stun blast.

Moving to her he checked her and removed the Phasers and daggers and anything else he could feel upon her.

"Captain can use some of these." He noted. "All of them probably."

Moving over to His captain he spoke in a calm tone as he used one of the daggers to cut her loose. "Captain, we have so little to discuss and so much time..." He shook his head. "FLip that around could you please. "I babble when nervous." Going to the replicator. "You can use the access panel under your desk to get out of here."

The replicator formed his items.

"Not much time to emote here;" HE dropped by his Captain tossing her a large man's shirt. "Don't know women sizes , sorry." He put duct style tape around the waist of Misaki. "You should take her weapons that I ... collected." Urging her to get up.

"Why are you taping her up?" Akeno asked curiously. She wiped a few of the tears from her eyes as she pulled on the shirt he had thrown over for her.

"Oh I intend to shove a practice grenade down the front of her shirt and kick her onto the bridge. "Rolling the tape around her wrists in front of her. "After you slip out I think I will wake her ; put grenade down front of shirt; the tight tape will not allow it to fall so she will have 10 seconds to fumble with taped hands to get it out of her shirt." He chuckled "or demean her self to have someone reach in and do it for her." Winking to the Captain. "Little payback ma'am."

Akeno couldn't help but smile. "I suppose it's nice to actually meet you in the flesh Lieutenant..." she stated as she made her way towards the hatch. "I need you to release the senior officers if you can. I'll slow the Terrans down a little."

"I think you have that backwards." Spectre said. "They tortured you to find me; if I pop up and distract them it will get more visability, and at this point I can run and hide better han you Captain." He pointed out as he replicated a large pitcher of cold ice water. "I you could get Ileah out, she has a job or two she could do for me that will further slow the progress of the ship and allow me to return the Favor to the ISS Wayfarer." Smiling. "They have caused us problems. He crossed to Misaki. "Only right I return the favor do you not agree

"Ok. I'll work on releasing the senior officers." Akeno replied. "Hurry up though, with whatever you're going to do..." she stated. "No doubt they'll want to know who stunned her and they'll be quick about it." She started to enter the hatch.

Putting the tape over her mouth he splashed the cold water on Captain Misaki and hauled her to he feet and tore off the tape.

"Surprise Dwarf Sleepy." He said to her as he pull the pin to the grenade and shoved it into the shirt. "Ten... Nine..." He started and pushed her onto the bridge and phasered the control panel to keep the door locked.

Akeno blinked a few times. "Well... ok then..." she said a little surprised. She wasn't quite sure why it was necessary to put a training grenade down her mirror self's shirt and push her onto the bridge with bound hands, but it seemed to do the job.

"Get going Captain." Spectre urged and jumped to the roof venting. "Cannot both be same direction."

Akeno wasted no time in disappearing down into the jeffries tubes. Now she just needed to get her crew out. If she could secure the brig then she could get her senior officers back, that meant that they could retake the ship. "I'm going to need weapons..." she muttered to herself as she crawled through the tubes heading towards the armoury.

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Captain Akeno Misaki
Commanding Officer
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