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Going 'down'

Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2022 @ 1:19pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Miller & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Torvin Anor & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Ensign Magnum Rhodes

Mission: Arista
Location: Bridge

Previously on Star Trek Wayfarer:

"This is....Captain.... Arista.... Crashed.... Fourth.... Assistance....."

The bridge fell silent. "Well it seems that we've picked up a distress call from the Starship Arista" Akeno said. "If they're using low frequency radio waves, their subspace transmitter must be damaged..." she pondered.

She turned back to the command chairs. "Fourth..." she pondered. "Fourth planet maybe..." she snapped her fingers. "Set course for the Fourth planet. Full impulse"

Magnum once again worked swiftly at his console to fly the Wayfarer at full impulse to the Fourth planet in the system. "Course is laid in and engaged."

The Wayfarers impulse engines glowed a bright shade of Scarlet as the small starship accelerate ld across the cold void of space into the star system. The ship now venturing into the unknown and her crew had no idea of what they may find, all they knew is that one if their own needed help, and this little ship would render it.

And now the continuation...

The Wayfarer pulled into high orbit of the fourth planet. The distress call had become stronger and stronger as they approached. It seemed to be coming from the upper hemisphere of the large M Class planet. The viewscreen showed the blue and green world, white clouds swirling in the atmosphere like cotton wool over oceans of aqua.

It looked like a tropical world from visual inspections alone. There seemed to be green lush vegetation throghout the entire surface with little or no evidence of deserts or polar caps.

"Can you pinpoint the area where the Arista might be?" Captain Misaki asked. Either Operations, Science of Tactical could locate the missing ship and with the Wayfarers advanced sensors, they all had access to the various arrays and pallets located around the ships hull.

"I'm on it" she began scanning the planet for anything. Faint power signatures, other messages, or even an actual warp signature even if it was a long shot. Or it could just be a simple mass picked up by sensors. Which it was. "Captain, I think I've got something. I think it might be the Arista."

"On Screen" Akeno said simply pointing with two fingers to the viewscreen.

The image changed quickly to show a large section of the planet. In one corner the noticable round hull of a Miranda Class Starship semi-buried into the land. Evidence of the crash could be seen where it had cut through the forest and landscape upon impacting the surface.

However not far away, land had been cleared. There seemed to be some sort of farms, large field like plantations which had various looking plants growing. There even seemed to be animals penned together, and then not far from the field, but furthest from the ships hull buidings that represented a small colony.

Akeno studied the buildings. They seemed to be built from various materials, some of them even salvaged hull material from the Arista herself. Others more recent made of stone or timber.

"I think we've found them" Akeno said. She turned and looked back at Operations. "Well you said that transporters and shuttles wouldn't be able to cope here. So we need a way to get down..."

A wide smile slowly crept across her face. "You know, one of the most remarkable features of an Intrepid Class Starship is its ability to land safely on a planets’ surface. Also to then return to space unaided" Akeno told the bridge. "You all have to admit, the Wayfarer is far stronger than any shuttle, let's land her"

Jonathan turned his head towards the Captain, an eyebrow raised in an almost Vulcan fashion. Once he saw her smile, his eyebrow lowered and a grin appeared on his face. “It could be risky, and we may suffer some damage on the way down thanks to that interference field. But then again, where’s the fun in having a ship that can land if we don’t actually land her from time to time?”

Torvin looked over from his console, an excited smile coming onto his face as the bridge heard his from the intercom "An atmospheric landing?" he said rushing over to a console at her suggestion "Thank you, captain. You just won me a bet for some holodeck hours!" he commented with glee before realising he actually had to get to work "Engineering is green for landing Captain, we're good to go on your order."

Akeno smiled. She stood in the center of the command area of the bridge. She took a look at the viewscreen and tapped her comm badge. "All hands this is the Captain. We will be shortly landing the ship on the planet below. Report to code Blue Stations and prepare for Atmospheric flight"

Jonathan reviewed the monitor attached to his XO chair and awaited the responses from the various departments. All of them quickly acknowledged the order from the Captain, and sections of Jonathan’s screen changed from red to blue at an incredibly quick rate. A testament to the Wayfarer and her ever-ready crew. When the final department acknowledged the order to report to code blue stations, Miller addressed his CO, “Captain, all departments and all decks report code blue stations. We’re ready to go on your order.”

"Bridge to Engineering. Take the warp core offline, vent all plasma from the nacelles and standby to engage Atmospheric thrusters" Akeno ordered.

"Aye Captain, Nacelles clearing at needed rate, Warp core going dark, and thrusters ready to fire. It's all Helm's now." came Torvin's voice, the excitement of getting to deploy one of the Intrepids more unique systems palpable even in his formal orders now as he worked at full speed, swinging around and up a ladder to reach another readout as he looked to the warp core slowly beginning to settle with a bright smile "All outputs emissions still within manageable levels. We shouldn't make a fuss beyond the local area for now."

"Right then" Akeno said as she took her seat. "Helm. Take us down, put her alongside the wreckage of the Arista. There's a decent amount of cleared land there, its a good place to set down"

Before Rhodes responded, his eyes widened at the viewscreen. He had landed a ship before, but it was when he was trying to crash land safely after being shot out of orbit. Nervously, he looked back at the Captain. "Yes ma'am" he looked back at his station. He began to take the Wayfarer to a position above the atmosphere where he could begin the ship's descent. "We'll reach our starting descent position in 30 seconds Captain."

"Take us down ensign" Akeno ordered simply as she sat back in the command chair.

"Aye Captain" he was still nervous. He could land the Wayfarer. He was just tense and wanted to make sure there was no repeat of the last time he landed a starship. "Engaging thrusters now. Everyone hang on."

The Wayfarer descended into the atmosphere, heat caused by intense friction dancing across the ships shields as she progressed bow first. Breaking through the upper exosphere and thermosphere with ease. The Intrepid Class was specifically designed to land on planets safely.

The ship finally broke free of the upper layers and was engulfed in white fluffy clouds. The streamlined Starship darted through the blue sunny skies as she slowly descended towards the landing site.

"Nice and easy" Akeno said as she held onto the arms of her chair. The landing site now on the viewscreen.

Rhodes worked quickly at his console to ensure that the Wayfarer's landing was as smooth as possible. "We're closing in on the landing site. I'm decreasing to one quarter thrust for a smooth landing."

The four landing struts emerged from their hatches in the secondary hull, folding outwards. Slowly Wayfarer lowered towards the ground, finally touching down with a soft bump.

"Good work" Akeno said. "Shut down engines and alter our structural integrity field to match the planets gravity"

The Captain turned to Jonathan. "I want you to lead a team over to the Arista. That old ship may have some secrets, I'd suggest Anor, O'Donnell, Specter and Cohan. Use transporter room One"

The XO nodded dutifully and got to his feet. “Yes ma’am.” He silently pointed at the various members of the suggested away team who were present on the bridge and they followed the man into the turbo-lift.

Ileah began to follow the XO; she is well aware from past experiances that Specter considers himself the 'Analyst type' and to him 'Field Work' is not his job. SHe would tag along in his stead as one of the few members of the crew with Clearances from Intel; they were required for Ileah to do paperwork for the Captain and it also meant sometimes she had to do the 'Leg WOrk' for the Eccentric Spook on board.

The Captain continued. "Meanwhile. Let's go check out that settlement. Mckenzie your with me. Have Counsellor Bhatti and Doctor Johnson meet us in transporter room two"

"Yes ma'am" she tapped her badge to create a channel to both the
Counselor and the Doctor. =^=Doctor Johnson, Counselor Bhatti, please meet the Captain and myself in transporter room two."

=^=Yes, lieutenant, I'll be on my way to the transporter room=^= Mark replied while getting himself prepared to disembark.

The Counsellor had just finished a meeting with a patient when the summons came through to her. =/\= a swift tapping of her comm badge and a bit of a breath for composure. "I will be there shortly, lieutenant...Bhatti out."

"Right. Let's go" Akeno said simply making her way to the turbolift now that the XO and his team had left. This was turning out to be quite exciting, she hoped it was all going to go smoothly.

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