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The Arista Colony

Posted on Tue Apr 12th, 2022 @ 11:48am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant Mark Johnson

Mission: Arista
Location: Transporter Room/Planets surface

Akeno led the way into the transporter room. She had a phaser attached to her belt along with a tricorder. Her away team would scout out the colony to see if there were any survivors of the Starship Arista, although with it being so long ago she doubted it. However, there could be descendants of the original crew.

Raelyn entered the room with her go-to away mission getup, which consisted of a tactical jacket variant of her uniform, a utility belt with her phaser pistol, hypos, and tricorder. She had considered bringing her rifle, but there wasn't any sign of hostilities, at least not yet. As she entered she spoke up.

"Captain, I know the Arista is, or was a Federation starship, but what is Federation protocol in this scenario, in terms of first contact and the prime directive?"

"Good point" Akeno replied. "We should assume that since they may be decendants of the original crew that they know about The Federation. If not them we improvise"

Mark joned the rest of the team in the transporter room two. He sported his usual Starfleet uniform with the standard and medical away team equipment.

"Captain, lieutenant" he nodded a salute to the present while joining them in the transporter pads. "Had there been any intel from the surface on the atmosphere or any possible hazard for the away team?" he asked to be sure nothing was left to the case.

Akeno shook her head. "We've not picked up anything harmful" she replied. "Plus, if the crew of the Arista survived long enough to build a colony it shows its safe enough"

"Ambitious optimism," replied Counsellor Raina Bhatti as she caught wind of the tail end of an ongoing discussion. "You'd be surprised at what colonist have done and stood up against. They could have survived long enough to build a colony and it not be all that safe," she added politely to the conversation. "However, it is promising that we have not detected anything harmful."

"It's a gamble yes, but we're not here to hurt or relocate them. Simply find out what happened and if we can help in anyway" Akeno said indicating for them all to step up onto the transporter pad.

Johnson nodded sharing the counselor's opinion "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best" he commented in a half voice given the captain's comment.

"Energise" Akeno ordered, the four of them were engulfed in white and blue dots before disappearing completely

A few seconds later the party of four Starfleet Officers found themselves in what seemed like a communal square. It was deathly silent, like no one was around, yet signs of life were present.

Akeno looked around. What seemed to be a market stand was laden with some sort of vegetables still fresh, barrels of produce were open and ready to be sold. Fresh flowers sat in baskets hung from brackets on the buildings, and newly trodden footsteps were present in the dirt and gravel.

"Hello?" Akeno called out as she slowly removed her tricorder from her belt. "Is anyone here?"

Chills went up her spine like she felt she was being watched. Raelyn's instinct was to instantly put her hand on her phaser. She almost drew it, but something in her mind prevented her from doing so. What if there were inhabitants. What if they weren't hostile?

Materializing on the surface made Mark feel a bit uneasy. The last onsite mission he had been on didn't end up well. He immediately glanced around darting his eyes here and there trying to understand where he ended up landing and waited to see if there was any sign of life.

"I am Captain Akeno Misaki of the Starship Wayfarer. We're from the United Federation of Planets. We're not here to hurt you..." she called out.

She removed her hand from her phaser holster following the Captain's words. If the inhabitants were to trust them, then away team needed to show them the Captain's words were sincere. If they were hostile, Raelyn would have to trust her reflexes to unholster her sidearm quickly.

The doctor waited a few more seconds after the captain's speech before slowly motioning for his tricorder. "Maybe we should scan the area for lifeforms" he suggested before doing anything that could seem like a provocation to hidden bystanders.

"Did you say United Federation of Planets?" a voice called out from somewhere in the distance.

Akeno froze for a moment. "Yes"

A girl emerged from around a corner, long silver hair and bright green eyes. She seemed no older than sixteen as she walked forwards towards the group. She looked at each of the away team in turn before holding up a hand. "Its ok people. I think we can trust me. They don't look like Tyranians" she announced.

From different areas emerged everyone else. All of them were female of different ages, the oldest being around sixteen to the younger ages of four to five years old.

"Does... anything seem off to you?" Akeno asked her away team under her breath.

"...Tyranians?" echoed the doctor scrutinizing the young girl who just spoke and darting a questioning glance towards the Captain.

Once Mark head Akeno's question he immediately answered "Well, I don't want to state the obvious but..." he glanced around at all the young girls popping out of their hidings "...are they all kids in this colony?" he reached for his tricorder to have a better understanding of the situation "...all young female colonists? How come?" he asked in a half voice almost rethorically.

"Well..." Akeno said turning her attention back to the girl. "I'm Captain Akeno Misaki of the Starship Wayfarer. We picked up your descendants distress call..."

"Our descendants?" The girl interrupted. "You mean our distress call? I always wondered how long it would take, what's it been, nearly Eighty years?"

"Erm..." Akeno was now a bit confused. "Well yeah, but you're all children here. So where are the adults?"

"You're looking at them Captain. I should formally introduce myself. I, regardless of how I look right now, am Captain Sistine Fibel. Commanding Officer, or was... of the Starship Arista"

Mckenzie listened quietly awaiting further information. She had a hunch, but it could also be pure coincidence.

Akeno raised an eyebrow. "Well then. I think we need some sort of explanation..."

Sistine nodded. "How about you join us. We are about to sit down for our evening meal, it may not look it, but it'll be dark within the hour. The days here on Arista transition quickly"

"We'd be delighted" Akeno replied.

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