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The Plot Thickens

Posted on Sun May 21st, 2023 @ 11:17am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Transporter Room/Conference Room

[Transporter Room]

Luna stood in the Transporter Room a few minutes later in full Klingon battle armor with her Bat'leth strapped to her back, and her d'k tahg on her hip.

"Alright, Let's get this over with," Mashiro could be heard sighing as she stepped into the Transporter room. "Remember to stay on your guard, Lieutenant; we can't rule out the possibility that this may escalate into a full-on hijacking."

Luna merely nodded, not trusting her voice at the moment.

[Deep breath, Luna, you are a Klingon, a Betazoid, and a Starfleet Officer, don't disgrace any of them,] Luna straightened her shoulders and waited quietly.

Raelyn stood guard by the door with her hand resting on her phaser, which was still attached to her utility belt. Based on the skirmish a few minutes ago, there was a chance that the Klingon's would transport in guns blazing, locked and loading. In the event they attacked and wanted to go further into the ship, they'd have to go through her and the rest of the officers currently in the room first. Not only that, while the Federation and Klingon Empire weren't currently at war, they were for a brief time just a few years ago. In addition, another war could not be afforded by any faction and she wanted to help in any way possible to prevent one.

"Ready to beam over the Klingon commander sir," the Transporter officer said.

Mashiro appeared to hesitate for a moment, but she knew deep down that she didn't have all that many other options.

"Energize," she ordered.

The operator ran his fingers over the console, firing it up.

The shimmering affect of the Wayfarer's transporters soon gave shape to five glistening silhouettes, each of towering proportions standing well over that of the average Human male. As more features came into prominence, these individuals were clearly Klingons and the series of blips from the transporter console was every disruptor the Klingons had on their person being nullified, but it was not simply disruptors that these warriors carried.

They had come armed and ready with d'k tahg, the warrior's knife or dagger ready to be pulled at a moment's notice. When the transport process was complete four of the warriors stepped forward and then to either side revealing the large burly man in the back.

Barrel chested and with long salt and peppered hair pulled back, braided and tied, the Klingon walked forward to the Starfleet welcoming party and glared at the one woman in particular. Her Klingon heritage was present, but her half-bred impurity was also on full display. Disgusted, he shifted his gaze elsewhere.

"To whom do I speak" he growled looking at the faces of what he considered the weakest bunch of Starfleet officers he had ever saw. "And where is your disgraceful cowardly Captain hiding?" inquired the Klingon bitterly.

"That would be me," Mashiro calmly stepped forward. "And for your knowledge, our disgraceful, cowardly Captain was preparing the conference room ahead of your arrival- that is, unless you actively prefer sitting on the carpet, but I reckon that's not the honorable way to be hosting our guests, now is it?"

The Klingon's lip lifted, his stained and chipped toothy expression was one that was not amused. "It would have been more honorable if she met me here instead of sending you to greet us."

"Well, perhaps she might be inclined to treat you more honorably if you hadn't attacked her ship, but that's just me," Mashiro retorted. "But I digress; insults aren't going to get us anywhere. We've both been through our fair share of hardships over the past few years, and we've seen the worst this galaxy has to offer; we have nothing to fear of one another, so the sooner we get to the bottom of this misunderstanding, the better."

A toothy grin and audible low growl was enough confirmation that the Klingon was at least in some agreement. "I was insulted enough, Commander, and The Klingon Empire fears nothing."

Nodding her head contentedly, Mashiro then shifted her attention over to Luna.

"Take up the rear," she whispered. "If they pull a fast one on me, be prepared to alert Captain Misaki of the danger."

"Aye, Ma'am," Luna nodded, gulping down multiple insults and snarls she wanted to hurl at the Commander because of how he'd disrespected both her, her Captain, and her ship.

[Conference Room]

Akeno paced in front of the windows waiting for Mashiro and Luna to arrive with the Klingon Commander. She had called for Rania to join them, hopefully her counsel and Science knowledge might help with the situation.

Counsellor Rania Bhatti was looking forward to this encounter. Klingons were always an interesting bunch though they tended to have a scent that was unpleasant to be around. Especially if the men and especially if they had been drinking. She walked into the room to find Akeno pacing and smiled. "Ready for your date?"

"Can't say I'm excited" Akeno sighed. "That's why I'm hoping you'll be able to assist. Your qualifications as Counsellor and Science Officer should come in handy..."

"If they get out of hand I'll gauge his eyes out for you," the Counsellor replied. "Not my first time dealing with Klingons. I'll be happy to assist however I can."

Right as Akeno was about to reply, the doors to the conference room snapped open, and in walked Mashiro, followed by their guests of "honor"- a surly, barrel-chested Klingon Commander, flanked by a quartet of equally-imposing bodyguards- with Luna taking up the rear for good measure.

The Counsellor had taken a seat at the table as she watched the Klingons walk in casting death glares at everywhich direction. The admonished the coziness of the Federation starship. Rania's eyes admired the older Klingon. He walked in as though he had fought hundreds of battles.

Raelyn walked in behind the Luna and the other Klingon's. As the door closed she took a seat closest to the door in the event that the Klingon's tried attacking them and making a run for it. The Chief of Security settled into her seat and remained silent for the time being.

Luna stepped into the Conference Room, and took up a position to the left of the door, awaiting the Captain's leave to be seated.

"Welcome aboard the Wayfarer," Akeno started simply. "Feel free to take a seat Captain...Err..." she had only just realised that the Klingon Commander had not actually introduced himself, even in their previous conversation on the viewscreen.

"Korak," the elder Klingon said slamming his first down upon the tabletop in affirmation that he was the only Klingon in his chorus of warriors that mattered and attention would be on him. "Captain Korak of the Klingon Defense Force, House of K'Tal" he said with pride in his lineage and belonging.

There were houses of respect and honor within the Klingon Empire and the House of K'Tal was one of them. It was presently headed by Klingon High Councilor K'Tal himself and Korak, one of his blood, a favored son.

The name was certainly enough to ring a bell with Mashiro, who appeared to reel back in surprise when she realized they were dealing with a member of the House K'Tal. While she didn't let it show, she had been aware of the House from her days aboard the Rising Sun, when her crew mates were "hosting" a member of the house (though, more like babysitting, given his penchant for alcoholism) and she distinctly remembered feeling intimidated by his large stature and quick-to-agitate nature, likely brought on by copious consumption of his ship's Bloodwine stores.

Of course, hindsight being what is was, she was hardly intimidated by him anymore (She'd seen far bigger threats in her lifetime- all of them had, for that matter), though it gave them no less cause to stay on their guard. invoking the wrath of the House K'Tal could set the entire Klingon Empire upon them, so whatever Akeno did now, she was going to have to play her cards wisely.

"Well, Captain Korak." Akeno said as she slid into the seat at the end of the table. Leaning forward she placed her hands together before continuing. "Explain this attack on your colony that we were supposed to have done" she said simply.

Like any family or House in the Klingon Empire, the House of K'Tal had its cracks and within those cracks came some unfavorable individuals. Though those few tarnished a good name and tainted the blood. Korak, however, was one who stood by the reputation his house had within the Empire.

Captain Korak looked at Akeno and gazed straight into her eyes and through her soul. She did not look like the coward that would murder children, but evidence had pointed him to the contrary. "This is the Federation starship Wayfarer," he said firmly.

Adorned in armor with a bit of a coat or rather robes covering it, he rummaged for a Klingon data PADD. "There will be answers or there will be bloodshed," he added swiftly placing the device on the table and pushing it towards the Captain. "Information taken from a nearby Klingon array shows the Wayfarer in proximity before the onslaught."

Counsellor Rania Bhatti was interested to see how much evidence the Klingons actually had. "If I may," she interjected cautiously. "The Federation owes a great debt if gratitude towards the Klingon Empire for defeating the Dominion. Could this information you retrieved from your relay have been altered by someone with nefarious intentions?"

Akeno raised an eyebrow as she took the Klingon PADD. She tapped a few of the controls on the tables control panel and placed the device on the table's wireless interface module. The viewscreen to the right of where she was sitting flickered on.

There it showed the Klingon interface layout, hues of red, orange and yellows. The video feed showed a Federation Starship approaching the planet, but it seemed different. It looked physically different.

"It looks like an Intrepid Class Starship..." Akeno said as she studied the image. "But this is not this ship, it looks different. How did you identify it?"

Korak stood from his seat and approached Akeno slowly and making no gestures or movements that would get him shot. "Here," he grumbled and touched n the PaDD "Is that not your ship's registry number? We also intercepted communications. You are welcome to listen to your own voice reporting to your superiors of your onslought."

Akeno was surprised, the Wayfarers registry number clearly showing on the screen. "Wait a second. How can this be?" She asked. "Play the recording."

The unmistakable voice of Akeno played through the room. "I have conquered the Klingon colony. I report that the weapons are ours. We will move onto the next target, nothing will stop us. We will take whatever we want and there's nothing these weaklings can do about it. Long live the empire!"

Akeno instantly froze. "Korak. We have a big problem..." she said as she stood up. "Return to your ship. I need to speak to Starfleet Command."

Korak growled. "I don't take orders from you, Captain," the Klingon stated firmly. "Though I agree. We do have a 'big problem' and I will not be going anywhere except to my own bridge and we will be monitoring your every move."

With that said, Akeno took the PADD and quickly rushed out of the room. She needed orders, there was no way she could act on this alone.

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