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Klingon Accusations

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2023 @ 4:58pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: USS Wayfarer Bridge

The Wayfarer shook voilently as bright green disruptor fire struck hard against the ships shields. Three Klingon Bird of Prey's had decloaked and were now swarming around the Intrepid Class Starship taking turns in barraging the Starfleet Vessel.

"What in the name of Kahless!?" Luna roared as she was thrown from her chair.

Scrambling back up, Luna steadied the ship as best she could under the circumstances, ignoring blood trickling down the side of her face.

Akeno stumbled through the ready room door onto the bridge. The red alert klaxons were already wailing, the bridge lights had dimmed and the consoles were all flashing red.

"Report!" she asked loudly over the sound of the ship shaking. She managed to make her way towards the central command area. The ship shook violently again and Akeno grabbed the railing to steady herself.

The voice of the doctor came through the comm badge.

=^= Bridge from Sickbay. Captain, any take on what's going on? We have some lightly wounded men down here, mostly they bumped their head when the shakings occurred. Do we have to set up a triage of some sort? =^=

"Standby Doctor" Akeno responded.

Raelyn felt like she had nearly fallen over as she clutched to her console before regaining her balance. She read the readouts. "Three Klingon Bird of Prey's have decloaked and are firing upon us in what seems to be a swarm formation. Shields are at 85 percent. Your orders Captain?"

"Hail them!" Akeno ordered as she took her seat.

"Opening hailing frequencies" Mckenzie hastily tapped the correct buttons on her console. "No response."

"Of course not..." Akeno muttered. "Raelyn, fire phasers. Aim for their engines and weapons array. Not too much power though, I don't want to destroy them. Simply disable them" Akeno ordered. "Fire!"

She simply complied with the order and began to fire phasers, and set them to target the engines and weapons on the Bird of Prey's at the same time. "Firing. Direct hit on all three."

"Damage?" Akeno asked. She got her answer though as the Wayfarer shook again. "Those Klingon ships are tougher than they look. Fire again! This time take them out for good!"

"All three have about 50% shields left. They may be tough but those ships must be much older than anything new" as she was speaking she had fired on the Bird of Prey's once more, hopefully taking them out. "Another direct hit" she looked at her readouts. "They should be dead in the water now or nearly there."

"Ok, lets put an end to this," Akeno said. "Raelyn, I want you to arm the photon torpedoes. Put them into the forward tubes, but don't fire them. Just keep your finger on the button. Make it obvious too, I want them to know" she told them.

"Aye Captain" she began the process of arming the torpedoes. She was normally fairly quick at this, but to make it obvious, she took a few extra seconds to give the Klingon's enough time to understand and see that the torpedo were being loaded. Then, she locked on to all three Bird of Prey's and waited patiently. "Torpedoes loaded."

Akeno nodded. "Good," she stated.

"Luna, back us off slightly. Bring our bow to face their ships. I want them looking right down the barrel" Akeno ordered.

"Aye, Captain. Pulling her back," Luna's voice held a hiss.

"Right... Now. Hail them." Akeno rose to her feet and crossed her arms. She had never really come across Klingons before, she only hoped that this show of force might get their attention.

Raelyn tapped on her console again to open hailing frequencies. "Hailing them now Captain."

"This is Captain Akeno Misaki of the Federation Starship Wayfarer. You have attacked us without reason! I gave torpedoes locked onto your ships, explain this unprovoked attacked or I will fire!" Her voice was far different, it was strict, harsh and she sounded relentless. It was unusual for her to sound this serious.

The viewscreen flickered on to show a burly Klingon captain. "Unprovoked?!" He boomed angrily. "You dare say that Captain Misaki! After you slaughtered an entire Klingon colony! Stole experimental weapons and murdered innocent civilian, including children with no honour!" He growled. "Go ahead and fire your torpedoes! I will die an honourable death defending the Empire against your dishonourable acts of war!"

"Excuse us?!" Mashiro gawked.

Akeno was taken aback. "Wait. We haven't attacked anyone!" She replied quickly. "What colony are you accusing us of attacking?"

The Klingon frowned. "Pri'Tak! Your ship was recorded firing on the colony. Before YOU personally led your soldiers down to slaughter everyone there! There are records of this!"

Akeno glanced back at Raelyn. Giving her a simply look of 'See if you can confirm this.'.

Raelyn quickly opened all records of the Wayfarer's whereabouts since the departed port. She continued looking as the Captain continued speaking.

"Listen. I'm telling you we haven't attacked anyone. I've never even heard of Pri'Tak colony." Akeno responded.

"How do I know you're not misleading us like a slimy Romulan?" The Klingon Commander growled. "You have weapons pointed ar our ships, go ahead destroy us! Cover up your dishonourable attack!"

Akeno frowned. "Commander. Stand down from Red Alert. Lower shields and deactivate weapons" she ordered looking back at Shiro.

Mashiro appeared to hesitate with that order, but seeing as there was no other way out of their predicament without making things exponentially worse, she caved in and turned to Raelyn.

"Lower shields, deactivate weapons," she ordered. "Cancel Red Alert."

She did hesitate a little bit, but she carried out Akeno's order. Raelyn trusted her Captain's judgment. "Aye Captain, lowering shields and deactivating weapons" she said as she deactivated them and canceled the red alert. After she did so she searched for anything about the alleged attack and she found something from a few days ago. However, it was an intelligence report and even if she was a Lieutenant and Second Officer, it superseded her. "Captain, I think I found something when I checked to confirm the situation. But its classified above my level."

Akeno simply nodded in response.

"Right. We're defenceless and ready to talk. Will you be reasonable now and talk this out with us? I know you're more than capable of negotiating" Akeno said. "Beam over, let's speak in person".

"What if its a trap? Shoot me on your transporter pad and deny me a warriors death?" The Klingon commander growled.

Akeno narrowed her eyes. "So bring some guards with you!" She said her temper getting a little short. "Unless you're afraid..."

The Klingon laughed. "Of a puny Human female like you? Never! Prepare for my arrival!" The viewscreen cut off and Akeno stood there for a few seconds.

"Wait, am I really that 'Puny'?"

When the screen went dark, Luna shot to her feet and let loos a slew of Klingon/Batazoid curses that the translator couldn't pick up.

"Captain, permission to knock that sorry Son of a Smooth Foreheaded Mother off his proverbial high horse!" Luna's face was a mask of rage.

"As much as I'm inclined to grant that request... it won't do us a whole lot of good," Mashiro lamented. "These Klingons seem genuinely convinced we've attacked a colony that's not even on our records."

"Commander, take Lieutenants Mckenzie and Eclipse. Meet our guests in the transporter room and escort them to the conference room," Akeno said simply.

"Maybe seeing a Klingon up close'll get the point across to this...HISS," Luna growled as she stood and left the Bridge.

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