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An Unusual Admiral Appears!

Posted on Sun May 21st, 2023 @ 11:30am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Admiral Charles Star

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Ready Room

Akeno rushed into her ready room. "Computer. Seal this room. Disable all sensors and open a priority one secure to channel to Starfleet Command!" She ordered. The doors of the ready room clicked as they sealed and her desk computer flicked on showing the United Federation Of Planets Logo. 'Priority One Secure' flashed on the screen as the Wayfarer's computer hailed command back on Earth.

Admiral Star appeared on the screen while shaving, seemingly unaware that he was on camera.

Akeno raised an eyebrow in slight confusion. "Erm... Sir?" She said. 'He does know I've just hailed him right? I did Hail the right person didn't i?' was one of the thoughts now running through Akeno's head.

Star finished shaving and started brushing his teeth, still oblivious to his audience.

'Can he actually hear me? Or is he testing me?'

Akeno rolled her eyes. Obviously this wasn't right. She recognised the Admiral but had never met him. "Admiral Star?!" She asked raising her voice a little higher. When it became obvious he couldn't hear her she tapped on the computer console, sending a high pitched feedback tone through to his end causing his console to literally scream at him.

"Oh hello," Star stuttered as he nearly swallowed his tooth bush. "I'm still getting used to the new quarters subspace communications system. What can I do for you, Captain--?" he added just before rinsing out his mouth one last time.

'About time...'

Aleno didn't look pleased. "Admiral, I'm Captain Akeno Misaki of the Wayfarer. We have a problem out here by the Klingon birder " she started. "A Klingon colony was destroyed by a Starship that matches the Wayfarer. But it wasn't us sir, I've looked at the eviedence." Akeno paused for a brief moment. "The ship that attacked them was Terran sir."

"That definitely sounds bad. Is there any chance we can bury the story... make sure word if it doesn't get out?"

Akeno shook her head. "We've already been identified and blamed. The Klingons want justice for their colony. They've already attacked my ship."

"Oh, well in that case, maybe we spin it that they attacked you first before you destroyed the colony. Can you alter your ship logs?"

'What the... alter the logs? Bury the story! Who the hell is this guy?!'

Akeno seemed shocked. "Sir, altering the logs wouldn't be right. Plus, there too much evidence to cover this up." She told him. "Plus, that would put us at destroying a colony and commiting genocide, something that could drag us into another war," she paused for a moment. Our only real option is to find the Terran Wayfarer and stop them." She suggested."

"Hmm, I suppose you're right. Good luck with that!"


"So, you're authorising me to pull the Wayfarer off patrol to deal with this situation?" Akeno asked simply. She needed clarification, especially on this delicate situation.

"Sure, why not? Do you need anything else?"

'Woah... that was quick...'

"Erm... no sir. Thankyou sir. I'll solve this problem as quickly as possible" Akeno replied. She had never met an Admiral quite like this, it was almost as if he seemed disinterested in the situation, or he just wanted to get on with other things.

"Well there is one thing you can do for me..." Star added.

"What's that sir?" Akeno asked curiously.

"Would you be interested in being a premium distributer with Charles Star Multi-Level Marketing?" he asked while holding up several trinkets with low-grade branding.

"I'm good sir, but thank you," Akeno replied holding up a hand politely. 'What the hell? Is he actually trying to get me to buy random stuff?' she thought.

"If you change your mind, you know where to find me! ... Oh yeah, and uh good luck on your mission!" He pressed a button, but remained on the screen as he began putting gel into his hair.


Akeno sighed as she terminated the connection. She sat back in her chair to recollect her thoughts. She needed to talk with her senior staff.

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