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Posted on Sat Sep 18th, 2021 @ 3:24am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell & Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava & Lieutenant Torvin Anor & Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Justin Specter & Lieutenant JG Pepone

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Conference Room

Akeno walked into the conference room. She had called the senior staff and acting senior staff to a briefing. With their engines stalled and possibly fused, she needed to discuss how they were going to get out of this situation. Not to mention, she also needed to talk to them about what to do with Colonel Perkins, especially now since the ship was adrift in an uncharted nebula with no means of communication with Starfleet.

Ileah had been in the room as per her Yeoman duties, wearing this Skirted uniform because the Captain does so gave her an excuse to be less 'Generic' as those standard uniforms. It is well known that males tend to not focus on the woman so much as 'highlighted' parts of the lady. SHowing her legs was a small price to be underestimated. SHe tried to be somewhat unobtrusive, though as a Yeoman she was mostly part of the scenery anyway.

Still the room was set up and ready for the Captain and Officers. Ileah stood poised with PADD ready for notes of requests as they came up.

Greetings Captain." Ileah greet. "I hope all is to your liking?"

"Yes, thankyou" Akeno smiled back.

Dressed sharply in the uniform Pepone came into the Conference Room; the hair pinned in a Ponytail, the standard uniform as it was time to project the Doctor who had signed on; the persona that is favored among Doctors is Male and thus Pepone was portraying that part of the Genetics at the moment.

His records from his last vessel had his 'Feminine Genetics more prominent and it was a choice of that crew. For some reason they preferred a feminine side of Pepone and for their care the behavior was adapted naturally. Being that most of his instructors and trainers along the way were Male it sparked Pepone with a desire to follow suit and thus he portrayed the Male cut of the uniform and mannerisms.

"Captain." Pepone greet with tone of more authority. "SIck Bay is ready for action ma'am."

"It seems as if we're stuck" Akeno said to start the meeting.

All Assistant Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava, could think of to ask regarding the Ship's Engines was, "Are the Ship's Impulse Engine still working. If not, I know this a "Hail Mary" suggestion, but could we use the Shuttle Craft to tow us to the nearest Star Base, or Federation or "Friendly Planet".

Lt,jg Nava, knew he was out of his Depth, in Matter of the Ship's Engines problems, but he hope his last suggestion could at least get ideas flowing.

But as a Security Officer, Colonel Perkiins, was another matter.

He also awaited a complete run down on The "Situation", involving the Colonel, because it sounded like IT NINE & Three-fourth times out Ten to be Security Matter. Possibly, confining the Colonel to his Quarters or maybe even the Ship's Brig. But That matter could wait evidently, until the matter of the Ship be able to "Get Underway" in some fashion.

"I have invited lieutenant Anor today from engineering. What's the current situation with our engines?" She asked.

The Haliian sat up at his mention, quickly adjusting his slightly unkempt look, and the marks of engineering chemicals across his face told everyone he had hurried here. Though he had remained as quiet as a mouse until called to. Normally he wasn't the one reporting this kind of thing

"Engines are a...well a bit of a mess Captain." He told her honestly, he stood up, adjusting his uniform as he gestured to a display, showing the energy flow to the ships impulse engines, all of them coming up red as they reached from the core "EPS relay burnouts across the board, the engines output energy rose exponentially fast, as the ship tried to maintain speed, the energy grew to match one for one until the ship's engines couldn't handle it, it happened so fast the usual safeguards didn't have time to fire."

He let the display return to normal, moving back to his chair "We're in the middle of replacing them now, but we wouldn't suggest lighting them up again until we know what blew them out last time. Or else we'll just be wasting spare parts" he advised openly "But when we've figured it out, we'll have her ready to go."

"What caused the problem? And how long will it take to fix?" Akeno asked.

Torvin let his hand come up to his temple, rubbing it slowly, mind working at speed as he said "I'm...not sure captain." his honest answer "Science and engineering are both on it. But for a lack of a better turn, the Nebula just changed on us, and is now "sticky" to our ship's engines. Like the nebula is one big "tractor cloud". It's unlike anything I've ever heard of."

He sat up, something coming to mind "I do have an idea on how to escape, however." He tapped a few buttons at the console before him as the display lit up again, showing a demonstration as he spoke "A shuttlecraft, with shields modified to output a similar frequency to our impulse engines may "disturb" the nebula without catching it. A bubble we can use to bring the wayfarer out." He stated "But it'll be slow going. If the Wayfarer moves too fast it'll overwhelm the shuttle's signal and just get caught all over again. I'd suggest no greater than half impulse until we leave the Nebula." he finished, laying out his plan.

"Thankyou lieutenant" Akeno said, it wasn't good news.

"Since our current doctor and head of security are currently missing. I have invited Lieutenants Dorian and Mckenzie to represent those departments" Akeno said introducing the two new lieutenants at the table.

"What is your department statuses?" She asked.

"Tactical and Security are ready for combat in case we need to engage any enemies." She answered hoping she could give a better report. Her transfer up in position was rather sudden, and she had limited time to get prepared for the meeting. That being said, she prepared as much as she could. "I recommend we be on alert for enemies, especially since our shuttles are missing."


Assistant Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava, stands up turns and Faces Generally in the Capt.'s and Lt McKenzie's Direction. He Then comes to Parade Attention, Right Hand palm out, back of hand flat against his fore-head, in a Perfect "British Flat Hand" Salute; Clicking his heels crisply. Then Barks, "Assistant Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava, Reporting for Duty, to Lt.jg, McKenzie and Capt. Akeno Misaki, Sirs."

Standing Board Stiff awaiting a return Salute and Verbal Reply, while wondering why HE wasn't put in Charge, of Ship's Security.
Also, Lt.jg, Alurfye Nava felt abit foolish, but Tried not to show it. In short He felt He had to Literally Stand-up for Himself, because up till NOW He had been Acting Officer Incharge of Ship's Security.

Finally he decided in for a Penny, in for Ton. Adding, "Reporting as Previously Acting Officer In Charge of Ship's Security, at this point in Time The Ship Has been Secured. Shuttle Bay showed no signs of being 'Breached' in any Fashion, Capt. Misaki. Which Suggests, that They were "Transported" off the Ship. Sir."

" Also, awaiting details on Security's possible involvement in the "Colonel Perkin's" Situation. Sir."
While still standing James returns his right arm to his side and goes to Parade Rest Position. Awaiting recognition of his existence in the Briefing Room, from the Capt. and/or Lt.jg, McKenzie.

You could hear a random a Atom Drop.

The salute took Raelyn a little bit by surprise, but it wasn't a problem. "Pleasure to meet you Lieutenant." She replied looking at Naya

" Likewise, Lieutenant JG Raelyn Mckenzie, Sir." Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava replied cordially, going from Parade Rest to "At Easy".

"Lieutenant Nava does have a sound point. We would have gotten alerted to an unauthorized departure" Mckenzie said.

Still trying not To Show that he was still scared-out of his wits, he sat back down.
" I recommend with the Science and Engineering Depts. assistance, Sirs, a more detailed Prob and Scan of the Shuttle Bay, should be conducted. It would give us a better idea what we might be up against, and It should give Us a Beginning in Our Search to recover them. Hopefully in Operational Condition." Lt.jg Nava Suggested, with a 'I suspect something, from my past experience.' tone in his voice.
And really did too, in a word "Feringi".

"They were authorised yesterday to take two shuttles out to chart" Akeno reminded them. "However they didn't return or have checked in" she explained.

"One final note. I have sent on my orders the Lieutenant Colonel on a rescue mission to find our missing shuttles. He is preparing the waverider at the moment" Akeno told them all. "I'm giving him the chance to redeem himself, so are there any volunteers to go with him?" The captain asked

"There is little for my Official duties as your Yeoman that could not be put aside." Ileah spoke. "And as I am not needed for the planning nor the repairs one might say I am the most 'expendable' in that regard." SHe gave that winning grin and one could see the gears in her mind moving towards something. "I have been known to man a Sensory device or two in my time so I would not be a burden." Looking at the Captain. "That is if you can spare me of course?"

"I'm going to need you here to help manage the ship" Akeno told her simply.

The door unexpectedly opened, with Rosaleen entering while still on a conference call with her department seniors. She seemed completely oblivious to anything else around her. Moving to her seat, she wrapped up the call and sat about a dozen PADDs onto the table before actually sitting herself. "She looked up for the first time, realizing that the entire room was staring at her. "Uhhhh...sorry. It's been a busy day." She looked over at the CO and nodded her head. "Captain." was all she said.

Torvin shook his head "We're all hands on deck in engineering with the relays for now captain. It's a slog of a job." he stated openly "I'll see what I can do to get us moving for when they return."

Assistant Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava, tried not to a Pongoid-like pucker-face, to show his frustration, at Lieutenant JG Torvin Anor
remark. Thinking 'I guess I won't be getting any Help from Engineering on this "Missing Shuttle Craft" Investigation.'
"Given Engineering situation Capt. Marcus and Lt.jg, Mckenzie, is, at least, any way the Science Dept. can help, Me rescan the Shuttle Bay, to collect more data, to aid LTC, Perkins in his Search for the Missing Shuttle Craft." Lt.jg Nava inquired hopefully.

CSO, Lt./Dr. Ethan Dana Joker, spoke-up, "Capt. Marcus; Lt.jg Mckenzie, if you don't mind, me speaking, for my Dept. ." Dr. Joker spoke-up, before the Capt. and/or the Lt.jg, could reply. "But, if you don't mind Capt. I can spare Science Officer Lt.jg. Rivera, to help Lt.jg Mckenzie's, Lt..jg, Nava long enough, to Deep Bio, Etc. Scan the Shuttle Bay. That is if You don't mind?", offered, Dr. Joker, looking inquisitively at Capt. Marcus.

"Do what you need to do" Akeno said, for some reason she felt her emotions getting the best of her. "Dismissed".


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