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Dangers in tight places

Posted on Sat Sep 18th, 2021 @ 3:25pm by Lieutenant Torvin Anor

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Between Deck 10 and 11
Timeline: Just before "Stuck!"

Not many people "enjoyed" going through the tight spaces of the Jeffries tubes, they were crowded, claustrophobic and uncomfortable, and generally just a hassle for any engineer, it was here where the muck and dirt got stuck to uniforms. Where the ship gave away the clean veneer of the corridors and got to the brass hard tacks of its machine nature, a vehicle that had just as much trouble and mess under the hood as any 21'st century car.

It was here where Torvin Anor thrived.

He slipped himself down into 67B, the next mark on his "The engines stalled and went dark" tour, as he saw the sparking sign of what he expected, a relay blowout. Clear from the buckled panels and burst wiring. Just as the computer had said in the diagnostics. But he never trusted that alone. He had to get his hands on it. Learn the problem himself.

He tapped his badge "Anor to Engineering, 67b also a blowout. Looks systemic now, I'd say replicate a stockpile of what replacements you can." he called out to words of acceptance. He reached up and tweaked the panel as he prepared to remove it.

A tingle ran through his finger

The small warning was enough as he ducked his head, arcing energy making contact with the rail that had been behind his head a moment ago. A sharp intake of breath as he reached up carefully with a hand, balled it into a fist and punched hard into the panel below the arcing energy. Letting out a sharp 'KRANG' sound

The arcing stopped as his percussive maintenance did its job and the energy seemed to come to an end. He got back up hissing at the pain as his knuckles throbbed, a little sweat had built on his brow ridge that he brushed off, leaving a larger mark of dirt than the sweat did. He shifted up his tricorder and scanned it over.

"So your internal storage is, well was, full. Quite the little overcharge wasn't it, my poor thing" he commented to the panel as he worked. leaning his head back as he reached above himself for the toolbox, grabbing what he needed and drawing it over himself through the cramped space carefully as he got back to repair.

Soon enough, the newly installed relay lit up green as it began accepting power once more, a job well done, or at least well done enough till they were clear of danger and he could come back and clean up. He gave a smile and reached for his combadge again

"Anor to Engineering, 67b is done. Watch out for internal battery discharge, seems they're a little full." he called out "Moving on to 102J"

"Belay that" came the reply "Captain called for you for, senior staff meeting, she wants a sitrep"

His eyes opened at that, he knew that there was a gap in engineering COC right now, but he had never assumed that HE'D be called. He was...well, lower-deck, or even more correctly, under-deck. He was sure that over half the crew had never even seen him beyond formal parades and the like due to his work. So to be summoned for "The brief" as he called the Senior staff meetings. It caught him completely off guard. He instinctively went to sit up, so surprised by the news

"The captain did wh-?"

The impact of his head rising rapidly in surprise and panic, to meet the metal handle of one of the panels, reverberated through the tubes. The expletive he said quickly followed out in an echo through the cramped corridors. Before a small, exhausted, voice rang out.

"...I'll be there shortly, Anor out."

Lieutenant JG Torvin Anor
Engineering Officer
USS Wayfarer


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