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Lunchtime Introductions

Posted on Thu Oct 14th, 2021 @ 10:57am by Lieutenant JG Michael Lorca & Lieutenant Torvin Anor

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Deck 2 - Mess Hall
Timeline: An hour or so after "Stuck!"
Tags: Mess hall

Lt. (j.g.)Torvin Anor stepped into the mess hall exhausted. When he had said that rebuilding the power flows was going to be a slog he head meant it. Even with himself and the crew rushing to fix it at a breakneck pace, it was exhausting work that had come onto the end of his usual day. And a thirteen-hour, high-intensity shift does not a good engineer make. And mistakes right now were too costly to have.

So for now, he had been granted a small reprieve from the chaos. Get something to eat, an hour or two to sleep, and he'd be back in the fray. His uniform was a mess of frayed ends and a few non-toxic chemicals soaked into it as he stepped into one of his few common public appearances, the mess hall. He quickly scurried to the replicator and got himself some food, Lida-jelly on Galzak, a small memory of home.

Most people didn't pay him mind as he walked towards his usual table. It was one that had been left vacant due to its position giving no view through the windows, and being one of the furthest from the replicators. Hidden just behind a bit of the hull most didn't know it was even there. But for himself, it granted him that little bit of solitude from the masses he needed as he began feeling the discomfort of his empathic powers. While no Betazoid, being up close and personal to this many people, being unguarded and off duty. It made for an uncomfortable dinner.

So he took a seat, and a deep breath as he 'relaxed' as best he could and began to eat.

Lt. (j.g.) Michael Lorca walked into the mess hall and ordered his food. It was a Hamburger, fries, and an old earth drink called, "Diet Pepsi." It was even in the can! He looked for a place to sit down and saw a table with only one person. He walked over and said, "I am new here and looking for a place to sit. It is okay if I sit down?"

Torvin looked up at the man, a little startled to see someone there but he gestured to a seat "Sure. I won't tell the captain." he joked just before he took a bite. Giving the man ample time to sit down as the worn-down engineer enjoyed his meal. As he finished he looked over and held out his hand "I'm Torvin, Engineering. If you couldn't tell." he said introducing himself.

"I am glad you will not tell the Captain, I have not even met her yet. I just arrived yesterday. I tell you, being the ship's counselor, no one wants to hang out with me...."

A second went by,

"I am sorry, I am Lt. Lorca, Michael Lorca, the ship's Counselor" he said.

"Nice to meet ya. Besides, she's not sitting with me to eat most days, I assure you..." replied Torvin, getting a small chuckle at Lorca's accidental reveal. "Don't worry, I won't treat you as a pariah, mental health is important, after all," he stated. "Seriously, some of the emotional whiplashes I feel from Starfleet crew has only reinforced to me how important your task is."

He took another bite of his food, enjoying the moment before continuing "So, got big plans for your time here?" he asked before joking "Plan to write up a paper on the encroaching madness of the crew of the USS Wayfarer and warnings for future starships?"

Smiling and taking another drink of his diet Pepsi Lorca responded,

"I don't think I will have time for anything like that."

A minute went by and a voice came over the ship intercom,

"Lt. Lorca, please report to the Captain's ready room."

Lorca signed for a minute,

"Great, just great. Will I ever get to finish a meal on this ship? It was nice meeting you but duty calls."

With that Lorca took his tray and got up.

"I really hope we get to talk in the future."

Torvin looked back as he finished his own food "Welcome to the Wayfarer Lieutenant." he welcomed him one last time. He finished his own food with a yawn, adding to the empty air "Resting is for other ships..."

Lt (j.g.) Michael Lorca, CNS

Lieutenant JG Torvin Anor
Engineering Officer
USS Wayfarer


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