What is Going on? (Part One)

Posted on Sun Oct 17th, 2021 @ 5:59am by Lieutenant JG Michael Lorca

Mission: The Captains Child
Timeline: Unknown

Lt. (j.g.) Michael Lorca walked into the ship’s bar after hours. It was his third day on the job. He sat down and ordered an old earth drink---one that most people have forgotten about these days—Diet Pepsi—in a can no less. The bartender joked that this was not the usual type of ‘poison’ ordered at his bar. Lorca replied, “As a Vulcan might say, it would not be logical to serve poison at a bar, sir.” The bartender smiled and went to get Lorca’s drink. A minute later, the Diet Pepsi was sat down in front of him.

While he sat there, a young lady seemed to join him. She seemed sad and quiet. Her uniform showed that she was an enlisted member.

“Hi there,” said Lorca.

The woman did not move—she even ignored the bartender when he asked her if she wanted a drink. Lorca tried again,

“Crewman, the bartender asked you what you would like to drink.” The crewman still just sat there and did not move.

A few minutes went by, and finally, she asked the bartender if he had a drink called “Long-Island Iced Tea.”

The crewman started to have some of her drink when a tear fell on her eye. Lorca tried again,

“Crewman, can I help you? I am the ship’s new counselor, which means I am an excellent listener.”

The crewmen looked over and responded,

“I cannot tell anyone. I mean anyone.” Lorca looked concerned when he responded,

“You can tell me.”

The crewman sat there in complete silence while she appeared to consider her options. Was she going to open up or say nothing?

“I am sorry, I have to go….”

With that statement, the unknown crewman got up and headed out the door.

Lorca put his drink down and followed her, but there was no one there when he got to the corridor.

What is going on, thought Lorca.

Then Lorca turned back, and the bar was gone. Moreover, there was no one around. It was as if every person around him had disappeared.
Lorca started to walk down the hallway when he saw another crewman in what appeared to be a frozen state. “What in the heck is going on?” asked Lorca as he moved through the area. Finally reaching a turbo-lift, Lorca walked in and said level 4--crew quarters.

A few moments later, the doors open into what appeared to be another area of the ship. Still, no one was around. It was as if Lorca was the only person on the ship left.

(To be Continued).