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What's inside me?

Posted on Mon Dec 20th, 2021 @ 2:35pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant JG Pepone

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Sickbay

Akeno entered sickbay, with the ship stalled and the crew working hard, she needed to find out why her belly was growing outwards.

"Anyone in here?" She called outloud.

"The Sick Bay always has someone about." Pipone said while entering the open area from the small office. "It is a pleasure to see you Captain."

Akeno nodded. "Well, since we have yet to have a full chief medical officer. Can you help me" she asked. "It seems as if some reason my stomach is getting bigger. Colonel Perkins seems to think that I am pregnant, however this has only been happening since last night. But I've never... well you know... done that"

"I can do a check if you would not mind sitting on the Bio-bed." Pepne said while preping the biobed.

Hair still in the male style ponytail and slacked trousers crisp, mental debate for that two seconds if maybe the Captain might be more at ease if Pepone should have projected more feminine charactoristics?

Akeno moved over to the biobed and hopped up onto it awaiting examination.

Pipone knew the humanoid anatomy fairly well and had studied humans as they were dominant in the Academy. The Captain had the initial readings of being in her first Trimester.

Running the scan again with a manual probe this time she came to the same conclusion.

"Captain..." Pepone said reluctantly. "Your physical condition would not support your last statement." Pipone pointed out and wondered if there was not something wrong?"

Usually to be this far along a woman would have to know there was intercourse; unless she used other methods?

"DO you have a desire to experiance Motherhood Captain?" Pepone had known the Captain only a short time but the standard symptoms of this advanced a pregnancy had not been reported.

Having seen the Captain in her uniform only a couple of days prior, it wuld be hard to mask this from a Doctor, and Pepone knew both sides of the humanoid pregnancy.

"Not at the moment no" Akeno said slightly nervously. "This can't be right. Are you sure thats whats going on?" she asked.

Putting on the audio function as well as changing the display to show the enhanced image of a fetus couple with the heartbeat.

"This is not what one would call a normal pregnancy's." Pepone's head tilt slightly while studying. "You have the signs of being; in human time cycles, approximately 13 and a half weeks pregnant." Focusing on her tricorder Pepone adjusted the readout. "That is only a calculated guess as thereadings are fluxuating... progressing the hours in seconds."

The expansion in millimeters of the Captain's frame Pepone began making calculation and froze.

"If your progression remain constant..." Pepone looked the Captain square in the eyes. "near this time on the next day of the calendar we may have a new crew member..."

"Thays not normal" Akeno said in response. "This can't be human, can you tell what it is?"

"The fetus has your Human DNA as the building blocks aside from the accelorated growth, it appears to be human." Pepone added. "It has used your reproductive system and I dare say that it is grown by the second rather than the day."

Akeno felt sick. "So, what do we do?" She asked nervously.

To be continued...


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