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Internal Conversation

Posted on Mon Dec 20th, 2021 @ 2:38pm by Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Akenos Mind

After visiting Sickbay, Akeno felt physically sick. So now on top of everything she had been somehow impregnated by some sort of Alien which they couldn't identify. It wasn't turning into a good first command, but she had to battle through.

'So you're finally aware of me now' a strange voice echoed in her head. Akeno froze, it was like someone was talking to her, but it echoed in her mind.

"Who, are you?" She thought.

'I'm your off spring it seems. I've been doing a lot of learning, I believe you call me a 'baby' and I seem to be growing bigger inside your... what did you call it again. Oh yes, 'womb'" the voice responded with a rather smug tone.

"What do you want with me? Why did you decide to do this to me?" Akeno asked. "What are you?"

'That's simple. I want out of this nebula. To go home, to get vengeance on those who imprisoned me here over twenty thousand of your Earth years ago'

"You didn't have to invade my body! You didn't have to make yourself into a baby in my belly! That's not how we do things!" Akeno responded, a sudden wave of Anger overcoming her.

'It was never my intention Akeno to get you pregnant. I was exploring and I found a single cell I was able to penetrate and hide in. I believed that I could escape inside you without harming you. However, once I started to transform into something physical, I couldn't stop it. It felt wonderful, a feeling I had never encountered. Having physical form will allow me to do so much more!

"Like what. Do you realise that your growing in there at this rate hurts? Not to mention when you decide to come out!"

'Akeno, or should I call you Mummy. I will be born soon. And I intend to take your ship. With it I shall be unstoppable. I shall use my new found abilities to impregnate all the other females and raise an army of my followers. Then I shall have my revenge!'

"No. I'll find a way to stop you. You can't do anything whilst your a baby inside me! I'll warn the others about you!"

' It's too late Mummy. Whilst we've been talking I've taken control of your body. Did you not notice? It seems that you Humans can only focus on one thing at a time, how quaint. We're in navigational control. I released your vessel, you locked in a course. Or should I say, I locked in a course. By the time we're there, I shall be born from you. Then I will be able to take control of this vessel easily and use it for my will!

Akeno tried to move, but it was no use. She could feel her belly swelling, getting bigger and bigger. It was as if the alien had accelerated her pregnancy. "Stop this!"

'It's too late Mummy. It's already happening. Oh, I should warn you. I'm going to use your body a little longer, expect lots of pain. Especially when it comes to giving birth to your new goddess!'the voice laughed.

"No! Stop this. I have to protect my crew, my ship. They're still put there in the nebula!" Akeno responded referring to the missing shuttle teams and the Colonel she had sent on rescue mission.

'They're long dead. I control this nebula. The moment I found a way out, I found you. I used it to crush those tiny little ships into dust. I must say, they were rather weak compared to your main vessel. But shush now, junior has work to do...'

Akeno felt sleepy all of a sudden, it was like watching her life through a window. She could see everything but not control it, this was weird but now the alien within her was in control a d she could do nothing about it...


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