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Junior Emerges

Posted on Thu Jan 13th, 2022 @ 1:43pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Torvin Anor

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Bridge

The doors of the bridge turbolift swished open and Captain Misaki stepped out. The Wayfarers engines had powered up and the ship was now on a course out of the nebula. The Captain looked different. Her grey and black tunic was unzipped, so was the lower section of her undershirt.

Her belly buldged outwards from under her undershirt, clearly showing her now protruding navel.
"I am not Captain Akeno Misaki" she said simple with a sly grin. "I am the entity that now grows within your Captain. I believe an unborn child is often referred to as 'Junior'. Regardless, I have set this ship on course, you cannot override it. Obey me, or I shall kill your little Captain, followed by each and every last one of you!" Junior demanded.

This was clearly a delicate situation. Lieutenant Mckenzie didn't really know anything about this entity. There was little she could do. She couldn't just obey the entity, but she couldn't let the Captain die either, let alone the rest of the crew. She put her hand on her phaser that was mounted to her utility belt, but she didn't unholster it. Yet. She slowly approached the entity who was now controlling Captain Misaki. "What do you want with us, or our Captain?"

"I want to destroy those who trapped me in that nebula. I have physical form now" Junior explained through Akeno. "Once your captain has birthed a physical body for me they can't touch me" he explained. "I intend to use this ship for my revenge, I will release my trapped brothers and sisters across the galaxy and your 'females' will prepare us all physical bodies!"

Raelyn thought for a moment. The entity was seeking revenge for being trapped in the Nebula. "Who trapped you in that nebula? Why our ship specifically?"

"Youre the only others to come here" Junior told them. "I have been waiting so long to get out of here"

"Then let us help you. Our mission is of peace and exploration. We can find another way to aide you. Just let our Captain go" she pleaded.

Lt (jg) Torvin Anor stood at the engineering console, his back to the situation. Initially, he'd just been working on diagnostics to see if the conduits were maintaining now the repairs had been done. But with the apparent crisis behind him, he knew to turn around would bring attention to him. He kept his gaze down. Seeing the Lieutenant trying a peaceful approached he daren't act visibly while the option for peace was available no matter how small. His mind a worry about what to do; wasn't a senior bridge officer, this wasn't his job!

Yet seeing his Captain in clear danger, and unable to communicate. He took initiative for himself and began to subtly work at his console, switching one display on his console to the remote transporter controls, and began to see what work he could do while the spotlight was far away from himself.

Specter received the message from the Yeoman Ileah and went to programming the 'Poor Sport' Program where all the Command Chain personnel are purged from the computer. They do not exist as far as the computer Command Programming are concerned there are no Command Personnel. All record from now on show the departure to the Last Space Station and loss of record in the transmission from the ship through the nearest Subspace relay data exchange that is now transmitting.

"That should slow down the take over and only make manual adjustments to the ship." Spector commented aloud. "Now time for me to vanish and hide for a bit."

"The ship will continue on my course until I reach my goal. A nebula like my own, where others like me reside. If you do not co-opeeare I shall kill this Captain of yours" Junior said simply. "She's fighting me, but she's far too weak to prevail..."

Jumior/Akeno moved to the command seat. "I should also point out that Captain Misaki is fully aware of everything, plus she feels everything not me." Junior explained simply. "You can't hurt me, you'll just hurt her instead...: Jumior grinned.

Mckenzie discreetly looked at Torvin and mouthed, On my mark. She then looked back at Junior/Akeno. "We have no intention of harming you or our captain. We just want to help you without harming our ship or captain."

Torvin met the gaze of the Lieutenant. His finger resting on the activation of a site-to-site transport directly to the sickbay, reconfiguring the pattern buffer to give him the few crucial seconds as needed. He kept his head down and waited with baited breath.

"No one will be harmed if only you do as I say" Junior says simply with a smile.

"Alright, but first I'd like to say something," Raelyn began. "I understand your hatred towards to the people who trapped you here. But that is not the way. We can help you. You won't need to take over our Captain or crew, just cooperate with us," the Lieutenant said with her next move in mind.

"There is no other way" Junior said. "I have already used your Captains codes to lock in the course. But I will hear you out, for I shall have a physical body by the time we arrive"

Her timing needed to be precise. She needed the right moment to give Torvin the order to transport Captain Misaki/Junior to sickbay. She thought for a moment, carefully choosing her words so nobody else would be hurt. "I'm willing to cut you a deal. You let us free, and we can arrange your transport back to the Nebula."

Torvin listened to it all, waiting carefully. He had hoped for a diplomatic outcome but felt himself sink down into the determination of the moment as Junior put it down to inevitability. His eyes watched the Lieutenants like a hawk, he gave a subtle nod to show he was ready, trying to disguise it as him simply looking over the displays as if he were verifying the parasites words. Praying silently that his configuration was up to scratch.

"Why should I trust you?" Junior asked simply. "There's no guarantee you'll keep your promise"

"You're right. There is no guarantee we will keep our promise to that extent. You have no reason to trust us. Especially with what I'm about to do," she turned and looked at Torvin to give the order. "Now."

Torvin barely waited for the word. Hitting the energise button without looking back. He decided either it was all going to go south, or the captain and her newfound associate were going to have vanished. He barely even realised what he was doing when he heard his own voice, his brain running on the adrenaline of the moment had activated his combadge a split second later and had begun relaying what he could "Torvin to Sickbay, emergency, Captain Misaki inbound on delayed emergency site to site transport. Under the influence of a hostile being and may attempt to harm herself or others. Secure on arrival. ETA 20 seconds." praying the sickbay would trust he hadn't gone mad just yet.

Akeno was engulfed in bright blue and white light as she and 'Junior' were transported to the ships sickbay on deck five.

The bridge fell dealthy silent after her departure.

To be continued....


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