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Day Nine - Party Party!

Posted on Wed Apr 19th, 2023 @ 6:12pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: The Red Dwarf Club - Risa

Tomorrow was the last day of shoreleave for the Wayfarer crew. It had been reserved for travel back to Starbase twelve at fifteen hundred hours, allowing them plenty of time to report back on board the ship. Of course, Akeno wanted to end their time in style, so had taken the liberty of inviting everyone down to one of Risa's hotshots of nightlife, the 'Red Dwarf Nightclub & Bar'.

It was eight in the evening and the music was already at a good beat. Akeno arrived at the club wearing a short crop top that stopped just under her ribcage accompanied by some dark blue daisy dukes. She was up for a good dance and maybe a few drinks with everyone before they headed back to the Wayfarer.

There were coloured lights casting shadows across the room, their beams getting caught in the artificial smoke that bellowed out of the smoke machines. It wasn't yet too busy, but there were several people around. Akeno made her way to the bar and ordered herself a sex on the beach cocktail, as she took a sip through the straw she turned and whilst leaning awaited the arrival of her fellow crew.

While sending an invitation out to Mashiro was a shot in the dark, it was evidently quite surprising when she was amongst the first to show- though it was evidently less surprising to see Hiromi with her. The latter was sporting a crop top and cargo pants, while the former seemed awfully out of place with a black cocktail dress.

"Sorry we're late!" Hiromi began as the two of them took their place at the bar adjacent Akeno. "Shiro and I weren't planning on hitting the Red Dwarf while we were here, so we had to do some emergency-last minute shopping so that we at least look the part; Of course, Mashiro here was being a killjoy, and this was the only dress I could get her to wear, but I did at least try to open her mind..."

"You want to strut around like a California Hooker? That's your choice," Mashiro hissed. "Let me wear what I'm comfortable wearing, and there won't be an issue!"

"You're a wuss."

"And you are going to be written up for that once we get back!" Mashiro retorted.

"Oh don't be like that Shiro-Chan. It's our last night here so we're up for some fun!" Akeno interjected. "Plus, this place serves real alcohol and has good music, let your hair down a little."

Mashiro shot Akeno a distrustful look, but nonetheless obliged and undid the pin holding her ponytail in place, allowing her hair to cascade gently down her back.

"Well, it's a start..." Hiromi muttered before turning her attention over to Akeno. "So, is your boyfriend coming tonight?"

Akeno nodded. "Yeah, he's meant to be joining us later. He wants to meet you all properly."

Luna had tried to blend in/stand out all at once in a dark ice, off the shoulder top, and violet mini skirt, with knee-high boots. Luna saw Akeno, Mashiro, and Hiromi, and walked over. "Good Evening all!' Luna chirped excitedly!

"Hi Luna!" Akeno replied excitingly. "Ready to show these Risians how Starfleet Officers move on the dance floor?" She asked with a smirk directed at Mashiro.

"Yes we shall!" Luna chuckled as she grabbed Akeno's hand and shimmied through the crowed to the dancefloor.

Mark was all but a party fanatic. He joined the rest of the crew and friends at the 'Red Dwarf Nightclub & Bar' wearing a pair of black pants and a white shirt slightly unbuttoned from the top. He smiled as he approached the rest of the people and nodded a salute to Akeno biting his tongue not to say “hello capt’n”. As he was approaching the redhead CO, he saw Luna grabbing Akeno’s hand and bringing her to the dance floor. He couldn’t hide a laugh as the captain was dragged into the crowded floor. Taking a bearing or two he noticed the bar and made his way towards that area where he could get something to drink and avoid any unwelcome clashes on the dance floor.

Luna spun and dipped, inadvertently loosing Akeno in the crowd.

"Umph! Terribly sorry! [Whoa...this guy's huge!]" Luna thought with a gulp as she looked up, and up a bit more.

"No problem, little lady," the giant smiled.

"Llittle!? Er...I guess I am compared to you," Luna sputtered through a giggle.

"So, what's a little cutie like you doing here?" He asked.

"Hanging with my shipmates before we head back into space. You?" Luna asked.

"Traveling here and there. Not much," He answered nonchalantly.

"Ah...hey, Akeno! Come over here a second!" Luna caught sight of Akeno and waved.

Akeno moved through the crowd. "Hey there. Who's this?" She asked curiously as she stood next to Luna.

"Hi, Akeno! This is...oh great...I don't know your name!" Luna blushed as the big man roared with laughter.

"My name is Tiberius Longmire. And while I know your friend's name, I'm quite curious to learn yours," Tiberius held out both hands: one to Akeno, and one to Luna.

"Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok," Luna took the offered hand.

"Akeno Misaki." Akeno replied with a slight bow, she didn't take his hand however. She was pretty sure she wanted to pursue her relationship with Xander.

Through the crowd Xander appeared. Silently like a ghost he made his way over to Akeno approaching from behind. With a mischeavous smile he gently placed a hand on her waist.

Akeno spun around. Initially she was taken aback by this sudden contact, but upon seeing Xander she smiled.
"Hi" he said to her softly with a smile. He offered a hand to her which she took. "Care to dance?"

Luna laughed as she watched Akeno and her hunky guy dance away, then turned back to Tiberius...and he was way close!

"Eep! What's with the spatial invasion?" Luna asked.

"Well, I figured you might enjoy a dance as well?" Tiberius again offered his hand.

Luna looked at him dubiously, then took the offered hand, and the two whirled around the floor.

"Ok...I am so out of steam!" Luna laughed some time later.

"Well then, shall we retire to somewhere quieter?" Tiberius didn't wait for a reply as he guided Luna out of the club, down a side street, and into a low building.

"Hey! What do you think you're...mmm!?" Tiberius kissed Luna long and slow.

The Captain nodded and allowed herself to be led away from Luna. He held her close as he danced with her. "You look very sexy in that..." he told her. Akeno felt the blood rushing into her cheeks, before she knew it he was embracing her in a passionate kiss. "I hear this is your last night here..."

"Yeah. I've enjoyed myself here. But duty calls..." Akeno replied sadly.

"Well, how about later we have some 'fun' together again?" Xander asked with a wink. "If you're leaving, tonight should be special."

"I'm going back to my job. But tonight doesn't have to be our last night together..." Akeno told him. She cupped his cheek gently. "Xander. I think that I love you."

"You think?"

"I do. Come with me." Akeno asked. "I want you with me."

Xander smiled as he lifted her up off the ground, allowing her to wrap her kegs around his waist. He stared into her eyes before kissing her, holding her tight to his body. "I will. I knew from the moment I met you that we can be great together. Akeno, I love you and I want to be with you, forever!"

Akenos heart pounded against her ribcage as she gazed into his eyes. Was this really what love felt like? She wasn't sure, but the warm feeling in her belly was comforting, like a warm blanket wrapped around her creating a safe place for her to nest. "Yes. Me too."

"Looks to me like someone's scoring big tonight..." Hiromi whispered from her vantage point at the bar.

"And you are a pervert, Lieutenant," Mashiro grumbled, taking another sip of her drink.

"Chillax, Shiro! I was just commenting..." Hiromi chuckled.

Akeno continued to ddance with Xander, and the drinks kept flowing. She was happy in her own little world, now was really the time to party hard all night. For tomorrow they would be returning to the Wayfarer, a closer family in the depths of space.

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