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Day 7: Deena, a pleasant surprise.

Posted on Tue Apr 11th, 2023 @ 3:37am by Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Risa

After meeting at the pool the previous day, Mark arranged for another date with Deena. The days in Risa were running out and he just needed to unplug. Spending an entire day with her visiting places and doing things would have helped for sure.

It was weird. He never really got along well with Orion people, but Deena was…different. From her saying she lived most of her life in Sol III and got adopted by a human family when she was just a kid. Her parents were in the diplomatic service and quite wealthy. What more could an Orion girl ever ask for? She was more human than she thought.

Sitting at Risa Café 12 looking at the entrance of the bar waiting for Deena he was thinking whether his new green friend would eventually show up or if he just got played upon.

As he was about to give up…there she was making her way towards him parading in the crowded room.

Deena had a striking aspect that was both alluring and intense. Her face was oval shaped with high cheekbones and a defined jawline. She had full lips and a well-proportioned nose. Her most distinctive feature was her captivating eyes, which were almond-shaped and with a slight upward tilt at the corners. Her light blue-greyish color eyes seemed to change with light, making them seem almost ethereal.

The Orion’s dark red hair was shoulders’ length, voluminous and waved. The contrast with her emerald green skin was breathtaking.

The fitting white sleeveless shirt and blue trousers accentuated her curves and made some of the bystanders turn.

“Hey Starfleet” she greeted him with a playful broad smile “waiting for someone?” she asked.

Mark shrugged “the one I was waiting for is late, apparently” challenged her smiling

“So you don’t mind if I sit” she said sitting in front of him without even waiting for his answer. “Beautiful girls are never on time, Starfleet, they tend to arrive a little late to show who is in command”

Mark avoided any comment and called for a waiter to gather their order as they briefly chatted about their past.

If her past was not a secret, with her brief role of model for OrionFans brand, she never really mentioned her current occupation aside from the fact that she was in Risa for holidays before embarking on "new adventures". He respected her privacy and didn’t dig deeper. To be fair Mark didn’t mention being the CMO of the Wayfarer either. He merely said he worked on a starship as a doctor, but didn’t feel like talking about work while on shore leave. She kept calling him “Starfleet” since when they met the day before he was wearing a USS Genesis t-shirt, a nice reminder of his former posting.

After breakfast, they headed to the local market to browse the stalls and sample some of the local delicacies. Deena showed Mark around, pointing out some of her favorite vendors and sharing stories about her own experiences on Risa. As it turned out she had visited Risa on a number of occasions and her local experience was quite remarkable.

“Oh, you definitely have to try this,” Deena said pointing at a red colored fruit laying on a fruit stall.
“What’s that?” Mark countered.
“It's called a Kalla fruit. Trust me, you'll love it.” She said retrieving it from the stall and getting a slice of it ready for Mark to taste.
The doctor inspected it thoroughly. If he had his tricorder with him, he would have probably analyzed it as well, but he didn’t even have the time to think about it, that Deena already fed him the slice of fruit and was pointing her dreamy eyes towards him waiting for his opinions on the matter.

The fruit was extremely sweet, way more than what his palate was used to. Mark immediately needed to grab a bottle of water to clear his mouth of the extremely sweet taste.

“Pfft …humans” Deena playfully commented to then pull him close to her and kiss him dangerously close to his lips.

At that bold move Mark froze, dumbfounded by both the Kalla fruit’s taste and especially Deena’s kiss.

“You’ll get to like that. I promise” she said with a wink not really clarifying whether she was referring to the fruit or the kiss. As soon as Mark was about to counter, she turned towards the crowd “Do you hear that?” the green girl asked him “…this music” , grabbing his hand and guiding him along the busy streets towards a small square where a street performer was playing a traditional Risan instrument.

“Isn’t that beautiful?” she rhetorically asked.
Mark smiled composedly nodding “it is”. While listening to the music played by the Risan musician, Mark’s hand got grabbed again as Deena pulled him into the circle to dance.

The doctor was all but a good dancer. He didn’t like dancing at all, much less in front of a group of people cheering and clapping their hands. The Orion girl was, instead, at ease with that situation. She sensually moved her body at the rhythm of the music, playing with the man, getting him to move and get his first dance steps in a long time.

As the time passed some of the crowd started dispersing and the Risan musician changed the tune into a less festive and more romantic play, Mark found himself hugging Deena tight while they still moved slowly dancing.

As the sun began to set, they made their way back to the beach, where they watched the sun dip below the horizon in a stunning display of colors.
Eventually, the night came to an end, and they walked back to the hotel chatting and remembering, with a smile, all the various things they did and explored during the day.

“You know what? I like you, Starfleet” Deena smiled standing in front of him wrapping his hips in a lovely hug.

Mark hugged her back and as soon as his arms encircled her, the Orion girl zeroed in and kissed him.

As their lips touched, a moment of anticipation and excitement grew in the doctor. Their eyes closed as they savored the feeling of each other’s lips against them. A sense of intimacy and closeness was conveyed through the kiss, as a special bond developed.

“Well, I’ll see you soon…. Mark” Deena finally said, smiling while fixing a lock of hair and turning her back to him just seconds before disappearing behind the Hotel’s entrance.

Mark stood. Silent with a smile and a silly expression depicted on his face, unable to counter what the green woman just told him and not even realizing she finally called him by his real name and not the joking “Starfleet” name.


Lt. Mark Johnson
Chief Medical Officer

Orion girl met on Risa


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