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Day Six - Bikini's and Suntans!

Posted on Mon Apr 10th, 2023 @ 4:13am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Risian Hotel, Pool

After a relaxing day spent with Xander, Akeno had decided to take it easy today. The suns of Risa were shining brightly in the bright blue sky. Today was exceptionally hot, even for Risa. Many of the walking tours and usual activities had been rearranged due to the heat. Apparently the planet needed an 'extreme heat' day every once in a while to maintain its tropical climate and ecosystem.

Therefore, Akeno found herself sitting by the side of the pool on a sun lounger. She had decided to soak up some Vitamin D. Being in space for years, meant getting a lack of it due to never being able to be in such sunlight. Dressed in her blue bikini, she laid back relaxing.

The pool wasn't very busy yet. Akeno laid watching some human children play with a ball in the crystal blue water. She wasn't sure what the rest of the crew were doing today. She hadn't set anything up for them, so today was essentially a 'Day Off' from her shenangians.

She reached out to the sex on the beach cocktail on the table next to her. Its smooth flavour mixed with real alcohol was a real treat, however everyone always appreciated the little paper unbrella you got with the drink, Akeno included. She took a sip as she allowed her skin to soak up some of the Risian Sun, even though she looked rather pale, she never seemed to get sunburn. Her native country of Japan had very hot summers, so she almost had a natural immunity to the harsh UV rays.

Placing the cocktail back down she sat back and closed her eyes. "Yeah... This really is paradise..." she said to herself.

"Well, fancy running into you, of all people!" came a familiar voice.

Stepping into the gated pool area was none other than Mashiro and Hiromi; the latter was sporting the chic lace bikini she had bought at the swimsuit store a few days back, while the latter- evidently the killjoy that she was- was wearing a Starfleet-issue one-piece.

Akeno opened her eyes and smirked at Shiro. "Still being the kill joy huh Shiro-Chan?".

Mashiro frowned. "This is what I'm comfortable swimming in, thank you very much; unlike you two, I'm here to actually get a few laps in and not advertise myself to the cat-callers."

"Ah, ignore her;" Hiromi chuckled as she sat her belongings down on a chair next to Akeno. "You don't mind one too terribly if I have a seat here, do you? I was hoping to work on my tan for an hour or two."

"No problem. I guess that Shiro Chan doesn't feel right sitting on the left chair" Akeno replied.

Mashiro shot Akeno a dirty look, but said nothing as she turned and headed off for the pool.

"So... any word yet from Starfleet Security?" Hiromi whispered as she settled in next to Akeno. "With what little we've heard since we handed the investigation off to them, Shiro's practically been pulling her hair out waiting for some bit of information; exercise like this is the only thing that's keeping her sane at this point..."

Akeno nodded. "The only thing they've let me know is that it was this 'Pirate X' person. But we have no idea who it actually is, all the intelligence collected on their real identity is missing," Akeno sighed. "But, its not our problem now. Its nothing to do with us, as long as they leave us alone, then we leave them alone."

Hiromi chuckled. "One thing you'll find about Mashiro is that she tends to get a bug up her ass when she has to leave things unresolved," she explained. "She always prefers to see her assignments through to a natural conclusion, rather than leaving it to someone else to finish."

"That may be the case however..." Akeno shifted position as she put her her arms around the back of her head. "Starfleet Intelligence and Command have given their orders. We are not to look into it any further, apparently its a delicate matter. And obviously Shiro-Chan will know not to go do anything herself, she wouldn't want to risk her Exec Position..."

"Oh, she wouldn't dare," Hiromi assured her. "But you can bet it's gonna weigh on her for a while."

"Most likely. But we follow orders, and our orders are to enjoy ourselves and to get Shiro-Chan to show more confidence..." Akeno smirked as she glanced over at Mashiro.

As the doctor approached the pool he felt like that was a good place to get some well deserved off time to chill and get some reading going. Step after step he closed in to the area and started to quickly scan the surroundings to get a grasp of who was present. A couple of well known faces and figures popped up.

“Did I miss a senior staff meeting notice?” the voice of Mark resonated in the area as he walked towards the pool with a pair of shorts, a white t-shirt with Starfleet logo not-well-visible and almost faded “USS Genesis” patch drawn in it and his usual sunglasses on. He widened a reassuring smile as his remark was merely a joke finding most of his friends and crewmates in there.

He slowly moved over to the smaller and less crowded side of the pool, in a place where he could quietly sit and relax enjoying some warm sun while reading his old fashioned paper-book he brought with him from the Wayfarer.

As he sat down a redhead female Orion girl, half hidden in the pool’s water, with emeral green skin and breathtaking expressive eyes, waved at him with a playful smile. Mark smiled back at her wondering if she was under inhibitors or if his current heart rate increase was due to the Orion pheromones. The Orion girl slowly climbed out of the pool and closed in.

“Hey Starfleet” she called him out “mind if I sit here?” she asked mellifluously.
“Sta…Starfleet?” Mark countered not really understanding why she called him that way and finally nodded her to seat.
Instead of sitting close to him, the green skinned alien sat smiling on the same chair as Mark’s.
“Your shirt” she pointed to it, broadening her smile and moving a lock of red hair out of her eyes “Either you’re a Starfleet officer or you stole that to someone. I’m Deena” she offered her hand to him as humans usually do introducing themselves.
Mark’s eyes dropped on the USS Genesis logo and blushed “Oh..forgot I wore it” he explained “Mark, Mark Johnson” firmly shook her hand.
“It's good to meet you. My day just improved. A pool, hot sun, good food to taste … thought it couldn’t get better but…here you are” using a low tone of voice while flirting.
“’am” Mark replied, trying hard to act as courteous as possible and trying to avoid, without succeeding, being lured into the flirt.
Deena laughed “oh drop that ma’am, you make me feel old” she shrugged and got closer to Mark’s ear “just call me Deena” she whispered with her lips so close she almost touched his ear.
The doctor closed his eyes and almost shivered as her name echoed into his head.

“So, what are you reading?” she asked, pointing at the paper book he held in his hands. Mark slowly came back to reality and started chatting with her, mostly talking about books, hobbies and their stay in Risa. Aside from being a flirty type, it was fun and interesting to chat with her.

Luna decided to go a bit native and wear a ice blue and red bikini. Kinda feeling shy but not enough to go back and change, Luna walked into the pool area and saw a bunch of her crewmates plus the Captain. Luna smiled at everyone, climbed onto the diving board, and dove into the deep end. The water was soothing, almost like liquid silk against Luna's skin.

The doors from the hotel resort opened Xander walked through. He spotted Akeno on one of the loungers and made his way over, a massive grin sprawled across his face. "Well hello there..." he said as he approached Akeno. He laid down on the lounger next to her and rolled onto his side, supporting his head with his hand in a seductive pose.

Akeno looked over at Xander and giggled simply.

"Well don't you look sexy in that bikini." Xander replied with a wink. "Fancy a swim in the pool together?"

"Well, I'll be damned," Hiromi grinned as she sized Xander up. "Was this the hunk you were talking about the other day?"

"Hunk huh?" Xander said as he flexed his biceps.

Akeno smiled. "Well, thats the way she put it..." she replied. "This is Xander, we've been..."

Xander used a forefinger and a tumb to make a O, and then using his other forefinger pushed it in and out of the O. The action made Akeno blush as she turned away from Xander who was smiling mishceavously back at her.

"We've not know each other long," Xander said. "We're kind of seeing each other. But its been fun so far." He turned to Akeno. "So, who are these girls? Friends of yours?"

Hiromi threw her head back and laughed. "Where are my manners? Lieutenant Hiromi Kuroki, Assistant Chief Engineer for Starbase 12; and for the record, I haven't known Akeno for more than a week, so I guess we're all strangers here, eh?"

"Not quite strangers" Xander replied as he winked over at Akeno. "Some of us have got to know each other quite well..." he grinned. His comment made Akeno blushed as she wrapped the towel she was laid on around her belly and waist.

"I'll tell you, if a week of fantastic sex was all it took to get to know someone, what a beautiful galaxy this would be," Hiromi chuckled.

Xander couldn't help but laugh. "Well Akeno didn't seem to mind me tickling her belly button from the inside," he said with a wink.

"Once, we've done it once!" Akeno piped up quickly. "And it was... my... first time..." she added rather sheepishily. Her cheeks glowed bright red as she looked away from both of them.

Xander smiled. "Well, its making her uncomfortable. Lets change the subject shall we? We wouldn't want her beautiful face to burn up and give her a fever."

"Agreed," Hiromi snickered, before shifting her attention over to Akeno. "And congrats, by the way; having your first with a hunk like this is nothing to be ashamed about."

Akeno blushed as she seemed to sink lower in the lounger. "Yeah... I guess..." she said causing Xander to laugh slightly.

"Isn't she cute. You get her defences all down and that cheeky, bubbly and confident exterior of hers turns into a delicate and tiny mouse." Xander said. "I'm not sure whats sexier, this or when she was..." Xander cut himself off. "I shouldn't say." A smirk emerged on his face.

Akeno glanced over a him, she gave him puppy dog eyes for him to stop. Xander read it and smiled. He stood up from the lounger and grinned. "Come on then Akeno! Lets get you all wet and have some fun?!"

"Wait... What?!" Akeno said sitting up suddenly. Before she knew it Xander had grabbed the towel off of her and threw it away. He then had moved quickly to pick Akeno up by the sides of her stomach, removing her from the lounger.

"Hey!" Akeno called as she was literally carried away from Hiromi by Xander. She squirmed like a toddler trying to break free, howevr Xander was far stronger than her.

"Like I said. Time to get you wet and have some fun!" he laughed as he reached the edge of the pool. Akeno let out a slight scream as Xander literally tossed her into the deep end of the pool. He stood on the edge of the pool laughing, leant over hands on his knees.

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, depending whom you were talking to), Mashiro happened to be in just the right place at just the right time to accidentally catch Akeno right as she landed.

"Wh-what the hell was that for?!" she spluttered once she had a moment to regain her bearings.

It was at this point that Hiromi completely lost it and began to cackle quite loudly.

"No one was asking for your opinion, Lieutenant!" Mashiro shouted back.

Akeno bobbed up from under the water after impacting with Mashiro. "Oh hi Shiro-Chan. Mind if I drop in?"

"Sure, it's not like you asked beforehand..." Mashiro huffed, crossing her arms.

Unfortunately Mark, busy as he was chatting with Deena, didn't catch the funny happenings on the other side of the pool. He merely noticed Akeno and Mashiro entangled, wore a puzzled look on his face but didn't bother too much and got quickly distracted again by the Orion girl.

Luna came up for air just in time to catch the show. [Oh boy! She's not gonna live that one down EVER!] Luna thought as she laughed so hard she forgot to paddle and went under! "Ssptter! Well THAT was embarrassing!" Luna sputtered out a laugh!

Spotting Luna, Akeno swam over to her. She was fast in the water, as agile as a playful dolphin breaking waves as it raced against a ships bow. Treading water she bobbed up and down. "You ok Luna?" She asked.

Luna finally caught her breath enough to answer. "Yes, Ma'am. Are you ok?" Luna asked.

"I'm good" Akeno smiled as she bobbed in the water. "Its nice to have a day at the resort don't you think?" she asked.

"That's good, Ma'am. Yeah, it's relaxing," Luna agreed, rotating her shoulders.

Akeno grinned. "Oh, while I have you. What do you think of Shiro-Chan over there? Do you think she'll make a good first officer?" She asked quietly. She was still playing her little game, not letting Mashiro know she was the Captain of her next possible assignment.

Luna thought for a moment, then nodded.

"I think they'd both be a good addition to our motly crew! I mean, if they think they can handle our nutty lot," Luna snickered softly as she treaded water.

Akeno smiled. "I think I can agree with you on that".

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