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Day Five - Retail therapy

Posted on Fri Apr 7th, 2023 @ 5:52am by Captain Akeno Misaki
Edited on on Fri Apr 7th, 2023 @ 5:52am

Mission: When on Risa...

Akeno had decided that today she was going to meet up with Xander for a trip into the retail areas of the island. She didn't often go 'shopping' in the traditional sense, Starfleet replicators had spoiled her. However even though currency didn't exist in The Federation, Starfleet Officers could exchange 'Federation Credits' on membership worlds, these could be 'cashed in' for other items and luxuries. It was fairly complicated, however Akeno didn't worry about it.

"Good morning" Xander greeted her in the lobby with a smile. He looked good, his hair neatly combed and a freshly pressed shirt. "You look good today." He commented.

Akeno blushed, the simple shirt and skirt she had chosen weren't anything special. She did prefer casual afterall. "Thanks, you too."

He took her arm gently and proceeded to lead her out of the resort towards the main gate. There was a road transport vehicle known as a 'bus' which would take them into town. It wasn't anything special, but it was strange to be driven on something that used old fashioned wheels.

The small town was busy and bustling. It was full of modern buildings made of glass, concrete and metal. Together they headed towards the main market square where lots of stalls stood. Each stall sold different items, from exotic fabrics to fresh fruits and one that even sold jewellery.

"Well, what first Akeno?" Xander asked with a smile.

"Not sure, let's just see what we can find" she replied back as together they approached one of the stalls. It had a variety of necklaces and bracelets, most with precious stones embedded into them. "They're all so pretty!" Akeno exclaimed.

Gently she picked up one of the necklaces and ran it through her fingers. The white gold chain was delicate and she could tell it had been well crafted. In the middle it held a blue stone that glistened in the bright sunshine.

"What stone is this?" She asked the stall owner.

The owner, a Bolian smiled as he turned to her. "A good eye you have there miss. That is an Andorian Sspphire. It is a beautiful if not rather uncommon gem. I wouldn't say its super rare, but it is beautiful. I would say it would match your eyes miss" he told her a wide smile stretching across his face. "It's yours for five hundred credits."

"That's quite a lot..." muttered Akeno. She was about to return the necklace to the stalls surface when Xanders hand stopped her.

"We'll take it!" He said.

"Xander..." Ake o said. However she caught the look in his eyes, it said to her that he wasn't going to take 'no' as an answer. Before she could prevent him from paying for the necklace, he had already made the transfer.

"Thankyou for your business," the Bolian thanked them before turning to attend to another customer.

"You shouldn't have..." Akeno lighty protested as Xander began to place the necklace around her neck, positioning the stone in the center.

He simply smiled back. "But it does natch your eyes. However, it's no where near as beautiful." His voice was smooth, if it could be fabric it was silk and satin. Akeno blushed as he moved closer and kissed her gently. "Plus, it's a gift. Because I've fallen for you Akeno. I know it's only been a few days, but would you accept my love?"

Akebos heart pounded against her ribcage as if it was trying to escape. She nodded. "Yeah, I'd like that. I've beeb stone forvso long."

Xander lifted her chin and kissed her again passionately. "Well there's no need to be alone any longer," he assured her. Gently he tool her hand. "Now, you can get anything you want and I'll buy it for you."

"I have credits you know..." Akeno said.

"And so do I. Remember that I own a trading business, I have a whole fleet of freighters. I don't look it, but I'm quite the businessman. Plus, I want to spend some of my hard earnings on what my heart wants, and my heart wants you."

Akeno blushed again. She had never had anything like this before, she wasn't quite sure how to react. "Well, OK. But I'm not going overboard."

"Get as much as you want Akeno. You deserve it!" Xander laughed. "Afterall you're a Starfleet Captain, don't be so humble." He told her as he led her deeper into the market.


Safe to say those were famous last words, he obviously underestimated a girls drive and ambition for shopping. That soon became apparent when a rather pleased Akeno and exhausted Xander returned to the resort with hands full of bags upon bags of different items, all to be taken to Akenos room.

"You cleaned me out..." he sighed nervously. Akeno looked back and smirked.

"Perks of being a girl. Plus, I'll clean you put in another way later tonight..." she told him in a flirty voice. Xander grinned as he seemed to straighten up. "Well, I cam carry all of this upstairs for you. This is nothing!"

Akeno simply laughed. "Boys will be boys I guess!"

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