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Coming to grips with true love

Posted on Tue Mar 28th, 2023 @ 5:23pm by Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel
Edited on on Sun Apr 9th, 2023 @ 11:14pm

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Starbase 12

Lieutenant j.g. Patra Rommel and Doctor Victoria Holliday had were lying together after making love and talking.
“It’s weird, the way you make me feel.” said Patra
“Tell me about it.” replied Victoria
“My heart is a chorus of butterflies when you walk into the room, and for a moment I feel as if the butterflies are going to lift me off my feet and carry me farther away. Away from you, and then that thought brings this … tightness to my chest, that makes it feel as if I can’t breathe. The butterflies fly me away from you and it’s all I can do just to breathe again.” stated Patra

“It sounds like the way I make you feel makes you miserable, Patra.” said Victoria with a hint of concern.
“The opposite, actually. You make me feel warm, like when rays of sunshine peak through the curtains in the early morning. Like spring when winter has just ended, and you step outside and you say, ‘Finally, the sun can shine again.’ But the thought of spring ending, and summer ending, and fall ending just for that cold dead winter to come back is what makes me miserable, Victoria. It’s not you that makes me miserable, it’s the thought of losing something so precious to me.” said Patra .

“I’m precious to you?” Victoria replied, butterflies fluttering in her stomach.
“Precious does not even begin to describe how you are to me, Victoria. You are invaluable; you are the skin of the gods molded into one physical form, an array of diamonds fit together until you shine so beautifully in the light. Your skin is like silk; delicate and soft to the touch, and your eyes. Your eyes, they are the most wonderful color of green I have ever laid my own eyes on. To look into your eyes is as if I laid myself down on a soft patch of grass in the forest beneath the trees and closed my eyes, ran my fingers over the soft blades and became one with nature. You are everything I want to look at, now and always for the rest of eternity. Don’t you get that?” Patra said with intensity.

“I want you to touch me.” Victoria replied. “Patra. You’re so sweet, like a candy I wish to keep in my mouth forever just to remember its taste. I don’t know how to take these kind things you say to me, I don’t deserve them.”
“Don’t say that.” said Patra, with such intensity as she squeezed Victoria’s hand.

“Ow, why did you squeeze my hand so hard?” said Victoria.
“Because, you’re lying to yourself. You do deserve every kind word that comes from my lips. I don’t lie, Victoria… not to you. Especially not to you.” said Patra.

“Then you’re kidding yourself.” said Victoria
“No. I know what I feel, and I know that I love you.” said Patra
“...I love you too.” replied Victoria, in a timid and shy voice.
“Why did it take you so long to say it?” inquired Patra.
“Because I don’t know how someone like you can love me.” stated Victoria in a whisper.

“It’s simple. I just do.” stated Patra categorically.
“It feels more complicated than that, though.” said Victoria.
“It’s not.” stated Patra.
“You’re rather persistent.” Victoria replied.
“I just know what I want. Do you?” stated Patra.
“Yes.” replied Victoria in a definitive voice.
“Tell me.” said Patra.
“I want you, Patra.” Victoria replied.
“I want you too, Victoria. It’s more than just the butterflies.” Patra stated.
“What do you mean?” Victoria inquired.

“I mean, when you walk into the room and I see you again. I get more than just the butterflies that take my breath away. I feel proud, because I get to see you walk into a room. I get to see how excited you get over a cup of coffee in the morning. I get to hear your tired grumbles as you wake because you are far from a morning person, and I get to wake up beside you.” Patra replied in a husky voice.
“You always make the mornings much more bearable, Angel.” Victoria replied.

“That makes me happy.” said Patra.
“Does it?” Victoria inquired.
“Yes.” replied Patra.
“That makes me happy.” Victoria replied.
“Tell me what you feel, Victoria.” Patra inquired.
“I’m not good with that.” responded Victoria.
“Then just say words.” said Patra
“You’re much better with those than I am, Patra.” said Victoria shyly.
“Not true…. I’m waiting.” Patra replied with patience.
“You’re relentless.” said Victoria.
“You love me.” Patra inquired, teasingly.
“I do.” Victoria replied solemnly .
“Now go on.” stated Patra.
“When I see you sometimes, it’s like my heart is going to beat out of its chest. Like it’s one beat away from tearing through my ribs and dropping to the ground. It’d be messy, and bloody, but… that’s what it feels like. Messy, bloody, dangerous.” said Victoria in a soft voice.

“Sounds brutal.” replied Patra, a soft smile on her lips.
“Isn’t love like that, sometimes?” inquired Victoria.
“Maybe…” Patra said.
“You touch me and it’s like your fingertips are made of feathers, brushing up against me so gently as if maybe I am some precious gem. I’ve never felt so– so soft, before. You touch my hands, you hold them like you are doing now and it’s like I’ve never been with someone with them. ” replied Victoria, snuggling closer to Patra.
“Victoria.” Patra said.
“What?” replied Victoria.
“Breathe.” said Patra
“I am.” replied Victoria.
“Not like that. Deep breaths, with me…” Patra said, as she slowly inhaled and exhaled.

“...Okay. Aren’t I though?” said Victoria, beginning to mimic Patra. “Who’s the doctor again?” she inquired.
“You can let yourself love a woman, Victoria. And you can most certainly let yourself be loved by a woman. That won’t change who I am.” said Patra, as she slowly ran her hand down Victoria’s bare back.
“What if it changes who I am?” inquired Victoria.
“I don’t know.” replied Patra.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” said Victoria.
“You won’t. I see it in the way you hold my face so gently in the morning, the way you’re holding my hands now. See? You’re touching me and I’m not turning to stone in your hands, I’m here and I’m alive and I love you.” Patra stated in an unequivocal tone of voice.
“But what if I…” started Victoria.

“...Held me? I want you to hold me, Victoria.” replied Patra.
“I can’t.” stated Victoria.
“You can.” Patra insisted.
“Okay.” relented Victoria and she hugged Patra close to her, their naked bodies touching as one in an electrifying sensation.
“Do you know what I’m thinking right now?” asked Patra.
“What are you thinking, Patra?” asked Victoria.
“That I am lying here in your arms in your quarters, and there is no place that I would rather be than right here. You know how some people, they take photos to remember certain moments in time?” said Patra.
“Yes, Patra.” Victoria responded.

“I think this would be one of those moments I would want to keep forever.” said Patra stated as she squeezed Victoria closer into a hug.
“Would it?” inquired Victoria, as tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks.
“Yes.” said Patra, tenderly wiping away those tears.
“Why?” inquired Victoria.
“Because I love you.” said Patra, in a way that made it perfectly clear she did.

“I love you too, Patra.” said Victoria, pulling Patra close to her again.
“... How are you feeling?” asked Patra.
“Better. You make everything better.” said Victoria. “Sweet candy in my mouth, Patra.”
“Yes. Every part of you is beautiful.” stated Patra empathetically “A soft patch of grass in the forest for me to lay on.”
“Kiss me.” requested Victoria, turning her head up for a kiss.
“Okay.” replied Patra. The kiss was long and sultry, leading to another long session of lovemaking.


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