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Something's Afoot (Part 2)

Posted on Mon Dec 19th, 2022 @ 10:14am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Sidney Harper & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Avery Coyle & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok
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Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Risa

Previously on Star Trek Wayfarer:

Rosaleen had been caught bathing as well, but she was in a public bathhouse with a small group visiting from Earth that she had met the night before. She politely excused herself upon hearing the comm chirp emanating from one of the rings she wore (a carryover from her time on Starbase 80), dried herself off, and slipped on the white sundress that she had worn to the bathhouse. In the right light you could pretty much see through it, but Rosaleen never worried about that, as modesty was not one of her species traits. Quite the opposite in fact...

As she exited the building she tapped the ring, which sent the audio from the recorded message via bone conduction to where she could hear it, then immediately headed for Akeno's room.

And now the continuation...

Ileah wore a Burgundy Wrap around mini dress that accented her legs and figure ; shoulder less with a halter collar . Her sandals wove up past her ankle and she had a small matching colored purse over her shoulder. "With the Lock-Down in effect 'Spooky' could not be brought down, that the reclusive Intel Analyst and chief would be seen almost anywhere outside his office.

WIth her status as a Yeoman and clearance to review the Captain's Paperwork and correspondence, naturally the fiend had sent her notice as soon as he had some to meet the Captain and Security detail at the sixth Floor Room 63.

Ileah read the authorization to be part of the initial investigation and her Captain's Orders not to use Rank. So Ileah sauntered naturally through the corridors and up to the assigned floor, being cleared. Weaving inbetween staff and patrons she made it look as though she were heading to an exit but past it and continued to the room.

[Risa Seaside]

Mark was running along the beach. He had almost completed the last of the 20 kilometeres run when his comm badge beeped and he heard the voice of Akeno relaying the message of the murder.

He breathed deeply trying to slow down his heart rate, higher than usual due to the physical training he was undergoing, to then head back to the hotel to meet with the captain and the rest of the crew.

Upon his arrival at the hotel he noticed some nervousism, he quickly entered and, not even taking the time to change into different clothes, he immediately headed for the third floor, room fifteen. Akeno's room, as ordered.

After a long run from the market, Raelyn finally arrived at the hotel. She noted the commotion going on around her in the lobby. She quickly entered the lift. Moments later she arrived on floor three. She hurried down the hall and entered Akeno's room.

[Hotel Cafe]

Sidney Harper was feeling pretty lucky that the USS Wayfarer happened to be at Risa when her transfer orders went through. She was eager to get to know her knew Captain and prove her worth, but who wouldn't turn down a few days on Risa when given the opportunity. Sidney sipped her tea, and was trying to decide between a mud bath or a massage when her communicator alerted her that she needed to report to the Captain's room.

"Here we go," Sidney said to herself, chugging the rest of her tea, and headed to the third floor.

[Far side of Lagoon]

Avery Coyle was fishing on the far side of the lagoon when he heard what happened on the third floor. He hurriedly gathered his gear and rushed back to the hotel to get further instructions.

Once everyone had gathered in her room, Akeno closed and locked the door. "There's been a murder here at the resort. I'm sorry to cut our holiday short, however the victim is a Starfleet Officer." She paused. "I spoke with Starfleet Security, they can't get anyone here until tomorrow. Therefore we have been asked to start an investigation" she paused again to look around at them all. "The killer could still be here, the island is on lockdown. So I want you all to pair up. We don't have any tricorders or phasers, so we need to do this old style..."

Luna stiffened as Akeno spoke. "Someone was MURDERED!? What in Kahless's name for!?" Luna swore in Klingon, slamming her hand down on the table, splintering the wood.

The doctor simply stood still, close to the door of the captain's room. Still wearing his training suit he lightly scratchedhis forehead at Akeno's words.
"Do we know how he died? Shall I be allowed to perform an autopsy of some sort?" Mark asked once the room fell quiet.

"I haven't been given any details" Akeno responded. "Doctor, you and I will examine the body. Raelyn, I want you and Luna to inspect the room, look for clues. The rest of you, I want you to search the surrounding area. Look for suspicious behaviour or shady characters. Don't make it obvious. I'm authorising you all to use any necessary force of you suspect anyone"

Mark nodded silently towards the captain and, noticing the new crewmember, he politely smiled and greeted her as she walked in.

"Aye, Ca...Akeno. That jackal'll wish they'd never been born," Luna hissed, having calmed down enough to go back to speaking Sol.

Raelyn simply nodded as she accepted the order. She didn't know what to expect from the scene or let alone what she'd find. She just wanted to catch the person who did this to pay for their crime.

Sidney only knew the crew from their bios, which she had read thoroughly. She scanned the room, reading everyone's body language, and waited to see who the Captain would pair her with.

When he got there, he ran into the newest member of the crew.
“Hello, there. Lt. Avery Coyle, Chief Conn Officer. Don’t think we’ve met.” He out out his hand in greeting.

Sidney extended her hand and smiled. "Sidney Harper," she said with a smile. "Nice to meet you. Nothing like a murder investigation to get to know your new colleagues," she commented quietly, one ear to the Captain as she waited for further updates.

“How much do we know?” Coyle asked.

"Ah, Sidney Harper" Akeno said approaching the new face. She had heard that their newest crewmember had joined them on Risa. "I believe that Avery needs a partner. I want you to make your way to the shuttle and transport dock. There might be some clues there"

"Aye Captain. We'll get right on it," Harper responded. She turned Avery Coyle, "It looks like we will be spending some time together. Shall we go have a look around?"

Rosaleen walked over to where Ileah stood, the air slightly chilling around her as she moved through the room. "It looks as if we are the odd ones out." Rosaleen said to Ileah, then turned her attention to Akeno. "What would you like us to do?"

"I want you to look around the hotel and surrounding areas. Look for anyone who might be considered suspicious, or may look a little too guilty..." Akeno replied. "After all, the person responsible can't be far away."

"Right. Lets get to work people. Remember, not a word to anyone and stick to your pairs!" Akeno ordered. "Dismissed"

"Come on, Raelyn. Let's get started. When this is over, I'll pay the hotel for the table," Luna spoke quietly, not wanting to cause any more of a disturbance than she already had.

Mark nodded at the captain's words. "Yes Sir, I'll quickly go change and meet you at the crime scene so we can have a look at the body" he said before quickly returning to his room and get a outfit change from his running clothes.

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