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The First Morning

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2022 @ 5:09am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell & Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson & Lieutenant Luna Eclipse of the House of Martok

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Resort Restaurant

Akeno woke, her head hurt and she felt a little groggy. She was still fully dressed in last nights clothes. Slowly she rose out of the sheets on her bed, she wasn't even sure how she ended up there. That answer was soon provided as she spotted Xander from last night sitting across the room snoozing in a chair by the window.

He seemed to sense her movement as he slowly opened his eyes.
"Morning light weight. Sleep alright?" he asked as he rose to his feet. Akeno could feel the blood rush back to her cheeks, causing them to turn a bright shade of magenta.

"Don't worry Akeno. We didn't 'do' anything. You passed out from downing that Aldeberan Whiskey. So I brought you to your room. I slept over there just incase you decided to.... you know..." he placed his hand on his mouth before extending it out downwards.

Akeno simply looked down at the sheets. She couldn't believe she had let herself go that badly. "I... I..."

"I'll see you later," Xander smiled as he headed towards the door. He stopped, turned on a heel and moved closer to Akeno. He crouched down and met her eye to eye. Cupping her cheek with his hand he gazed into her bright blue eyes. "Meet me later for dinner. But now get some water in you and some breakfast"

Akeno nodded.

[Resort Restaurant]

Breakfast at the resort was a buffet style, with many different foods and dishes from around the Federation and allies. Everything from eggs and fried bacon to gagh was arranged on the center buffet table.

The large restaurant was already busy when Akeno entered, she looked around for a place to sit.

"Well, fancy running into you again, Akeno!"

The voice caught Akeno's attention and she saw Hiromi and Mashiro sitting at a table. She quickly grabbed some coffee and a bowl of rice and some miso-soup. She was actually surprised they had some Japanese cuisine here in the first place. She then joined them at the table. "Mind if I join you?" she asked as she rubbed her head.

"I suppose it's just how my morning's going," Mashiro sighed.

"So, how have things been going?" Hiromi inquired as Akeno sat down. "Still up to shop for swimsuits once we're done here?"

Akeno nodded, winced slightly as she held her head. She then took several large gulps of her coffee. "Yeah. I didn't bring any with me. Mainly because I wanted to buy one here..." she said. "Ouch..."

"Whoa; you okay there?" Hiromi asked as Akeno reached for her head.

A nervous laugh left Akeno's mouth. "Oh its nothing. I ended up joining... someone... last night at the bar. Thats the last time I try that Aldebaran Whiskey. Its very green, and apparently so is my alcohol tolerance"

The other two officers fell silent for a second or two.

"Do tell!" Hiromi implored, her face lighting up excitedly. "Is he a hunk? Are you two deciding to go steady?"

"Lieutenant, that's quite enough," Mashiro interjected, clearly not all that amused with Hiromi pressing Akeno for gossip. "She may not be interested in talking about it this early in the morning."

Akeno simply smirked. "Still calling people by ranks? On Risa?" she asked looking at Mashiro. "I thought everyone here was supposed to be on vacation Shiro-Chan?"

Mashiro twitched.

"Ah, it's just her thing," Hiromi explained casually. "Shiro comes from a long line of Starfleet officers, so she tends to be by-the-book as a condition of her upbringing.

She paused and put a finger to her lips. "Actually, come to think of it, I believe she'd mentioned that both her sisters were commanding officers?"

"That is correct," Mashiro replied, pausing to take another bite out of her waffle. "My oldest sister commands the Nagoya, while the middle sister is in command of the Benten."

Akeno nodded simply as she chewed her food. It was good to know that her new potential executive officer has family who command another ship.

Rosaleen quietly entered the restaurant, made her selections, and moved to a table as far away from everyone else as was possible. She really was not feeling up to dealing with people. In fact, she was not even sure why she had chosen to make the trip to Risa, other than the fact that she had never visited the planet, and the stories that she had heard...

Stories from friends that she was far separated from. Once again the feeling of isolation encompassed her, a feeling that she felt would not leave for a long time.

Raelyn entered the buffet and looked around. Normally, other people would grab their food first. Typically the more popular items on the menu, and then move to the drinks. this is why she made a b-line to the coffee machine first. And for the fact that she was tired and groggy and she needed to still prepare for her 'adventure' that she was planning. Risa had a decent amount of caves, caverns, and jungles and she wanted to explore them. She picked out a mug from the rack next to the machine and then set it under the spout and pressed the button to begin brewing her drink. Much better than the replicated stuff.

Luna was just awake enough to put on a lemon yellow tank top and forest green slinky pants, and follow her nose to the Buffet Breakfast Bar. She glanced over the spread, and selected gagh, Couscous, Kava fruit, Ktarian chocolate puff, and Traggle nectar. Luna looked around, and spotted Rosaleen at a table by herself. Gauging whether or not Rosaleen wanted company, Luna was cautious in her approach. "Hi, Rosaleen. May I sit down?" Luna asked softly.

Rosaleen's head snapped up from the spot she had been staring at on the table. She had been so absorbed in her own thoughts that she had not sensed Luna's approach. Her food sat untouched, getting as cold as her mood. "Uh...sure." she simply replied, conscientiously not making direct eye contact, staring back at the spot on the table instead. The air was still chilly around her, something that Luna noticed.

"Thanks! Hey, are you okay? Despite this place supposing to have a consistent climate, it's a little cold over here," Luna playfully nudged Rosaleen's shoulder, trying to cheer her new friend...perhaps something more...up. "I don't know about that yet, but we'll see I suppose," Luna thought as a funny feeling fluttered through her stomach.

For the first time since they had finished their meetup in the gym, Rosaleen's impish smile returned, albeit only slightly, and the air returned to normal around them. At the same time though, Rosaleen picked up the glass of water that had been sitting on the table in front of her, and the glass immediately frosted over. As Rosaleen took a sip, she met Luna's gaze and simply asked "Better"?

Luna laughed as she sat down. "MUCH better! It's always good to see you smile, Rosa," Luna gently brushed her lips across Rosaleen's cheek, using the pet name she'd come up with since their first meeting in the gym.

Once again a momentary sensation of panic flowed through Rosaleen. But she quickly reigned it in. "It's nice to have a reason to smile. I'm..not used to it. It's been a while since I have felt like I wasn't alone."

Luna nodded. "I get that to a degree. It was kinda hard being a halfling in a mostly Betaziod community. I can do what Betazoids do, but it's like I have an accent or something! Plus, I look, to use a bullies term, 'Like I smashed my face into a wall and it never healed'. But enough about that! Are you excited for the Game Day Akeno planned?" Luna took a gulp of Traggle Nectar, broke her Ktarian chocolate puff in half, and offered it to Rosaleen.

Rosaleen accepted the pastry and took a bite. "I'm not sure about participating in any games just yet. I'm still trying to open up to the idea of opening up." She finished off the pastry and took a drink from her water glass. "I am looking forward to spending some time relaxing on the beach though. I have always had an affinity for water..." She trailed off as she remembered what had happened the last time she had taken a walk with someone at waterside. To say that had been a life altering event was a huge understatement. The air turned a bit chilly momentarily before she caught herself. "Sorry...old memories."

Luna placed her hand on Rosaleen's shoulder. "The first thing we're gonna have to work on is you not apologizing all the time. With me, you can say anything and I'll just be a sounding board," Luna gently took Rosaleen's hand and kissed the palm, feeling Rosaleen go through several temperature changes.

After Raelyn made her coffee she moved over to the buffet. While in the line, she noticed that there were fresh Belgian Waffles. She picked two of them up and set them on her plate. She then moved over to the condiments station and applied fresh whipped cream onto the breakfast item. She also added maple syrup as another topping. Once she was done, she picked up her plate and found a spot at an empty table in the corner of the seating area. She pulled a piece of paper that was folded out of her pocket and set it on the table and unfolded it. She began to eat her food while she studied the paper.

Mark entered the restaurant room well rested after a good night's sleep. The room was spacious and food and drinks were nicely displaced. Less noisy than the mess hall of the Wayfarer and that was definitely a positive thing. Gathered something to eat and to drink he watched around.
Introvert as he was he looked for a quiet place to sit but found none so he had to adapt and scouted a quite empty table where Raelyn was having breakfast. He approached the table and asked for the permission to seat along.
"Good morning, can I?" he asked.

She looked up and saw Mark and gestured for him to take a seat. "Morning Doc. What are you up to on this fine Risian morning?"

"Thanks" he nodded smilingly and joined her at the table. "Oh, not much. Just trying to wake up and get something to eat so far. I've never been to Risa so I am not exactly sure what to expect from the place. You?"

She picked up her drink and took a long sip of it before placing it down again. "Twice, actually. One on the Enterprise D and the Sovereign. But those were orbital visits and only for a day or so, and so I only really saw the beaches and I had a few watch shifts while I was there on the Sovereign when I was her Security Chief. So long story short, not enough to really experience it, which is my goal this time around, in terms of exploration around the area."

"Oh well, you still know this place better than I do" the doctor echoed while chewing some of his breakfast. "I would love to have a tour of the place, if you don't mind I'll tag along if you go for some exploration" he wet his mouth with a sip of orange juice before concluding "I'm up for some long walks in some natural environment too after weeks of confinement in a spaceship. Even if the Wayfarer is an amazing ship and I can do my morning run along the decks it's not exactly as healthy as being out there, with fresh air and some warm sun" he smiled.

"Some real fresh air is nice from time to time" Raelyn smiled lightly and took a sip of her warm drink. "You certainly can join me if you want. I actually think having a doctor on the journey will actually be beneficial in case there are unforeseen injuries" she chuckled.

"I would definitely be pleased to join you" Mark replied before suppressing a laugh "Well, let's hope my medical knowledge won't be needed then" smiling politely while finishing his breakfast and noticing the map on the table "Where were you planning to go?"

She motioned to the paper that was unfolded. "Somewhere on this map for sure" she chuckled. "I'm actually not completely sure. There are plenty of places to actually begin the trek. However, I was thinking of actually going into the jungles and exploring Risa's caves or something."

The doctor nodded. “Sounds like a plan. I’ll get a backpack ready and meet you down the hall then” he said smiling.

She smiled. "Very well. However, there isn't much of a rush. I sort of have to get some supplies myself. Plus I think the Captain has some beach game activities planned as well."

After finishing her breakfast Akeno stood up. "Come on then. We'll go to the beach in a bit. We have an appointment with the swimsuit vendor!"

Hiromi's face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. "Oh, that's right! we were going to hit up that little shop across the street and pick up some swimsuits!"

"Don't you have, like, three already?" Mashiro pointed out.

"What can I say? A dashing young lady such as myself needs to shake things up every now and then," Hiromi chuckled.

Akeno laughed as she led the way out of the restaurant.

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