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Swimsuits 'R' Us!

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2022 @ 6:33am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro"

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Swimsuit Vendor - Risa

After breakfast, Akeno and Hiromi dragged Mashiro into the nearby swimsuit shop. The large store sold all sort of different swimsuits in different styles and fashions.

"For the last time," Mashiro grunted, attempting wrest her arms free of Akeno and Hiromi's grasp. "I don't need one! I have a perfectly functional swimsuit back at the hotel room!"

"Come on, Shiro; when else are you going to get the opportunity to try out a new look?" Hiromi encourged. "We've been wearing the same, dull uniforms for the past- what? Three years now? Don't you get tired of looking at the same old you in the mirror?"

"You could say that vapidness isn't one of my priorities," Mashiro retorted indignantly.

"You're not shy are you?" Akeno teased with a smirk.

"I'm.." Mashiro blushed. "Of course I'm not shy, damnit! I wouldn't be in an XO position if I wasn't!"

"Oh, you're an XO?" Akeno asked curiously poking fun at Mashiro. Of course she already knew that and she had been selected for the XO of the Wayfarer, but playing this game was more fun; especially since Mashiro had no idea that Akeno was the Captain.

"You're a terrible liar and you know it," Hiromi grinned, playfully tickling the underside of Mashiro's chin. "Because if you weren't shy, you'd be all down for this."

"I just... have my standards is all," Mashiro huffed. "I see no need to be strutting around like a cheap Risan hooker when I could go for something far more conservative!"

Hiromi was trying her hardest to contain her laughter and not draw attention to the three of them.

The smirk remained on Akeno's face as she led them towards the swimsuit racks. "You know, when us women are at a beach we need to look good." She paused for a few seconds. "Plus, you need to relax and be confident in yourself! Plus how will you swim fully clothed?"

"Need? Since when was this a prerequisite that I had to keep up appearances while on holiday?!"

"Oh ease up," Akeno grinned as she pulled off a black bikini from the rack. Placing it up against her body she posed with it. "What do you think?"

Mashiro glanced down at the swimsuit, and then back up at Akeno. "You're not seriously implying that you want me to wear that, are you?" she scowled. "That shows off way too much skin! I'd spend more time having to tell off the cat-callers than I would actually enjoying myself at the beach!"

"Would you prefer something like this, then, Shiro?" Hiromi grinned as she pulled a glitter micro-bikini off the rack.

Mashiro's jaw dropped in astonishment. "Who in the hell wears something like that?!"

Akeno chuckled to herself. "I think it would look good on you Shiro-chan!" she stated. As she placed the black bikini back and began to look through different colours. "Red and yellow, they don't suit me..."

"Choice is yours, Shiro..." Hiromi whispered as she pressed the micro-bikini into Mashiro's hand. "You could try on the black bikini, the micro-bikini, or..." she looked Mashiro dead in the eye with a shit-eating grin that sent a shiver down Mashiro's spine. " could go back to the hotel room, pick that boring old swimsuit you want to wear so badly, and potentially lose that command referral you've been pining for..."

Mashiro frowned. "Are you threatening me, Lieutenant?"

"Well... I'm just stating the facts..."

With a huff, Mashiro shoved the micro-bikini back into Hiromi's hands, practically ripped the black one off of the shelf, and stormed off towards the fitting room.

Having finally coerced Mashiro into trying on something, Hiromi turned her attention back towards Akeno. "Hey, if you don't mind, there's this really cute lace bikni that I'm dying to try on; be right back?"

"Sure," Akeno said as she found a nice blue bikini with white polka-dots and a frilly skirt style bottom. "This looks nice!" she said as she also wandered off towards the changing rooms.

She slipped off her shirt and trousers, and pulled the swimsuit on. "Its a little loose..." she said cupping her chest with a sigh. "But I can always pad these..." she told herself as she tightened the straps at the back. Glancing at herself in the mirror she couldn't help but smile, she had always been proud of her thing figure and she had got back to her normal shape and weight over the last few weeks.

She peeked out from behind the curtain. "Have you guys found one you like yet?" she asked.

"Damn... this just doesn't look good on me..." Mashiro could be heard grumbling.

"I found a few more bikinis that were on sale!" Hiromi called out from her booth. "A few more minutes, okay? I want some time to try all of these on!"

Akeno smirked as she snuck out of her booth after checking the coast was clear. She tip toed upto Mashiro's booth and quickly pulled back the curtain. "Oh I don't know. I think it does. You should totally go for it!"

"JESUS CHRIST!!!" Mashiro screamed as she quickly reached to cover herself up. "Could you please not barge in while people are getting dressed?! You're no better than that sweaty creep on the transport!"

"Is something the matter, folks?" A concerned Risan clerk inquired as he drew up to the source of all the commotion.

"Everythings good," Akeno assured the clerk. "I was just checking up on her." A smile spread across her face. "Don't you think she looks good in that?" she asked the clerk.

"Yeah," the clerk replied. "Its a quality swimsuit. Plus its quite traditional." he replied. "I would say its perfect for the soft sands of our beaches."

"See Shiro-Chan!" Akeno replied. "You should totally get that one!"

Mashiro's face turned a deep shade of crimson. "I... I suppose it'll do then..." she sighed reluctantly.

"That's the spirit, Shiro!" Hiromi cheered. "Damn, I wouldn't be above banging myself in a swimsuit like this, honestly..."

Mashiro shot Hiromi the "You're going to get yours" look.

Akeno laughed nervously remembering the events of the night before. "Well you never know, you might attract a nice guy here. They do say there's someone out there for everyone... even me..."

Hiromi could be heard chuckling from her dressing room. "True, that; I'd say that Shiro could totally use a guy like that right now!"

"Keep that mouth of yours up, and you'll be going back to Starbase 12 a Junior Grade," Mashiro threatened, before yanking the curtains shut so that she could change back into her casual wear.

Akeno shook her head as she made her way around the store still wearing the swimsuit. She picked out a see through thin white shirt which she slipped on over the bikini top. Heading back to the changing rooms she picked up her clothes, folded them neatly into a bag she had been provided.

Emerging in her new swimsuit and the shirt, she stood waiting patiently for the other two.

Strutting out oh-so-confidentially from her booth sporting a navy blue corset bikini, Hiromi turned and flashed Akeno a sultry grin.

"Whatdya think?" she asked, striking a pose. "Do you think this oughta bring all the boys to the yard?"

"All you need now is the milkshake," Akeno joked.

"I know, right?!" Hiromi laughed.

"You're a pervert, Hiromi," Mashiro huffed as she emerged from the dressing room, the bikini slung over her arm. "Both of you are!"

And with that, she stormed off towards the register to pay for the bikini and just get this over with.

"I believe I have yet to encounter someone who can be this fussy over showing off some skin," Hiromi remarked, before turning back to Akeno. "Well, this has been a fun little side-venture for two of the three parties involved. What's say I head back to the hotel room with Mashiro and convince her to wear that bikini to the beach, and we'll meet you there in about... 20 minutes, approximately?"

"Sounds good to me," Akeno replied. "Lets go!"

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