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The truth can be... brutal!

Posted on Mon May 9th, 2022 @ 10:03am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant Mark Johnson
Edited on on Wed May 25th, 2022 @ 1:42pm

Mission: Arista
Location: Arista Colony

Sistine led the away team into the central hall, it was set out with a large central table upon which china with the faded USS Arista logo sat upon. Several other girls dwindled in, many of them taking seats in various places.

"Please, sit down. We have a meal prepared, it's nothing fancy, but it sustains us" Sistine said as she took the seat at the head of the table.

Akeno sat to her right, the old China would usually gave been used for special on ship occasions, however it seemed to now be used everyday.

Still unsure what to think, Raelyn grabbed a seat next to Akeno. She gazed around at her surroundings. But as she did, she did consider that it was strange that Arista's Captain and crew were still alive after all of these years, even if they were in the body of teenagers or even kids. Though while that hunch was also still there, that wasn't the only possible explanation.

Slightly uncomfortable with the situation, Mark followed the group silently and joined Akeno and Raelyn inside the central hall shooting glances here and there trying to get a grasp of the situation. He finally sat quietly close by waiting for the girls to explain such a weird situation they were facing.

Rania Bhatti was also a bit uncomfortable though for her own reasons. It was always difficult meeting a new species or engaging with a culture unfamiliar to her. Of course, she was excited to learn things, but she was also anxious and nervous, never wanting to accidentally offend anyone.

The food was served, a selection of what seemed to be meat with a few vegetables and something that looked like potatoes. It was basic and simple, but it seemed to suit their needs.

"It's not an elaborate meal, but it's been a good harvest recently" Sistine told the new comers. "I'm guessing you're wondering why we're all girls and so young?"

"Well..." Akeno said. "It has crossed my mind"

A small smile ran across Sistines face. "Well, you see. We are the original female crew of the Arista. However many years ago we were attacked when exploring this sector"

"Attacked?" Akeno asked. "By whom?"

"A race known as the Tyranians. They look a bit like big purple Velociraptors" Sistine explained. "They're carnivorous aliens. They prefer their food alive and matured when they eat"

Akeno sat there, trying to piece together the puzzle.

The doctor rised an eyebrow listening to the story while shooting timid glances to the crewmates trying to see their reactions.

Best stick to the vegetables the counsellor had thought, avoiding the meat, and listened to the interaction. "I imagine they were not feasting on an abundance of a rodent population" said the counsellor. Deductive reasoning was leading her to conclude they needed a larger source of meat.

"We are their prey Captain. They come every year to hunt the older ones. Then we are eaten alive, we feel and remember everything. Then, after the ordeal we wake up as a new born back here. Memories intact, but then we have to grow up all over again, knowing that once we get to sixteen we'll be hunted down for their yearly feast" Sistine explained to them in a low tone. "It seems they like us at this age, and I imagine they only keep the women as to avoid breeding"

"That's ...brutal" Mark sighted and commented in half voice. " is that possible that you are born again with a vivid memory of what happened and your previous life?" he asked politely trying to better understand the situation.

"Are we talking reincarnated into new bodies?" Counsellor Bhatti inquired "Or do you appear as you always have upon maturity?" There were a few things going on in the woman's mind. She was not about to call anything impossible or improbable, but there had to be a scientific answer.

Sistine looked at the Counsellor. "New bodies every time, but the same as always. We came back as babies, we have to learn everything again. Even though it's a new body, it's exactly the same as our original" she explained. "It's like we're born over and over again, we don't know how"

She listened to Sistine in both horror and confusion. How had an alien race been able to accomplish something like this? Why the Arista crew? Raelyn had many questions even if her hunch wasn't true. But one question could have an answer. "I know that you said that they only kept the women of the crew to avoid breeding, but what happened to your male crew?" she asked. She hoped she wasn't prying to far or anything like that.

Sistine shook her head. "We don't know. We think they were either eaten or killed once this all began" she explained. "We haven't seen them in Eighty years, so we lost hope on them"

"So..." Akeno said. "I know we're a little late, but how can we help?"

"Well the Tyranians will be here in two days. I'll be honest, I'm fed up of being hunted and eaten every sixteen years" Sistine replied. "It's bad enough that we regain our memories, but they even make us keep the ones of us being hunted and eaten to control us"

Akeno nodded. "Right. I think we can help you. If we only have two days it's going to be difficult"

"Agreed" she looked at Akeno and then Sistine. "But the way I see it is we have two main options. A, we could defend the colony. But while we'd have a chance at stopping the Tyranians, we would be putting more people at risk. Option B is that we could evacuate the colony with the Wayfarer. However if we did that, the colony could be lost or destroyed. Not the mention that this may not stop them from doing this again. But either way, like Captain Misaki said, while it may be difficult, we are here to help."

"Agreed" Mark concurred hearing the options "It's probably due to my profession but..." he paused "I'd rather try and save the colonists as a first step. ANd come up with a plan to retrieve the colony of handle the threat of the Tyranians later on" he proposed.

"Do we know where they come from? What kind of technology and ...weapons they have?" he asked Sistine even if that was not exactly his field of expertise.

Sistine shook her head. "We don't know what sort of weapons they use. They only use weapons in space as far as we know." she pondered for a few moments. "If I remember rightly, I think they were disruptor based, they overwhelmed our defenses pretty quickly. As for when they come to harvest us, they have no need for weapons when they use their claws and teeth"

Akeno looked over to Raelyn. "We might be able to extend the Wayfarers shields over the colony and then use the ships phasers as support for if they beam down"

She turned to Sistine. "Our technology has come a long way since you were in Starfleet" she told her with a smile. "You probably saw our ship land, she's one of the first that can do that and take off again without needing assistance. We have better defence and offense abilities too"

Sistine nodded. "Well, if you would help us... We're willing to make a final stand here. All of us. This is our home now, we just want to... grow up and live again!"

Mckenzie turned her attention to Akeno. "I know we can use the phasers as fire support. As for the shields though, I may be need some aid from engineering or operations to be able to extend the shields that far, but I think it can be done" she then looked at Sistine again. "I will make sure to post security at as many vulnerable points as possible" she looked back at Akeno for approval, as it would require a decent amount of her department, which did account for a large amount of the Wayfarer's crew.

Akeno nodded in response. "We'll get right on it when we return to the ship" she turned to the counselor and the doctor. "I want you two to stay here. Doctor with Sistines permission I want you to examine everyone here, see if we can work out how these Tyranians did this to them and see how their general health is doing. Counselor, you're job will be to assess everyones mental status. I imagine having a friiendly ear to talk to will benefit them"

Akeno looked to Sistine who simply nodded. "Captain. If I may ask... Will you show me your starship. I'd like to meet more of your staff. Its been... a long time I'd like to see what I missed"

"Sure. Of course, you'd be welcome as our guest" Akeno replied.

Mark nodded at the Captain's order "Yes, ma'am" he answered.

"Can we get few more medical personnell beamed off the ship, and some medical equipment?" the doctor continued asking the captain before addressing Sistine. "Do you have a medical facility in this Colony or do we need to rely on an advanced camp medical facility? If you already have an area of the Colony me and my team would be pleased to use it as an operating base for the medical assessments. I would also need your support to get the rest of your colony to show up for a medical scan and checkup, if possible" he asked politely showing a reassuring smile.

Akeno nodded. "Use whoever you need doctor. Have anything you need brought from the ship" she replied.

"Well... We don't really get sick, more light injuries here." Sistine said. "We have what you could call a small clinic, but its more of a examination room with a few basic home made bandages in it" she explained to him. "I'll make sure they all turn up"

Mark quietly acknowledged both the Captain and Sistine.

They finished the meal that the colonists had provided them and Akeno stood up. "Well, Sistine. We'll be heading back to the Wayfarer. She's set down near your old ship, so you'll get to see her in all her glory"

"I look forward to it" Sistine replied. She turned her attention to o e of the other girls, she looked to be about nine or ten years old. "Sadako. Take command here, I'll be back later"

"Will do" Sadako replied.

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