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Arrival at the Nebula

Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2021 @ 11:58pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Basil Dampfish & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell & Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava & Lieutenant JG Raymond Delvis Bailey Sr & Ensign Robert Lee Jr.

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Bridge

The Wayfarer dropped out of warp on the edge of the nebula that they were due to chart and map. Akeno rose from the command chair and stared at the viewscreen. The purple and pink swirls looked beautiful, much like a oil pastel painting.

"All stop" she ordered. "Lets get some scans before we go in"

"Lieutenant Bailey, send out a series of class four probes. Set them on a course for the outer edges of the nebula" Akeno ordered. "That should give us a wider net"

" Roger Thank Captain" replied Bailey "Probe one sent .... Probe two .... Probe 3 ... Probe 4 ....All probes sent Captain I waited 4 mins between each probe to make sure they did not all land in same place"

Ileah was behind and slightly to the Captain's right with her slightly over sized Padd, complete with special stylus and taking notes as is proper. STanding regally with the skirt properly displayed as following the example of the Captain.

"Offering her the information to approve on her PADD first.

"The Intel reports of this region; mostly the facts about some LImited nafrious activity some years ago, Nebulas being such a good place to elude pursuit if one knows the place well enough." She gave her report relay of facts. "Nothing of late but it has been noted just as a precaution and you know how The Chief Intel likes to know where we are going and what could possibly be waiting?"

"Thats why we're out here" Akeno replied as she took the PADD and looked over its contents. "Afterall, we are meant to be Starfleet. Doing some good old fashioned exploring is better than fighting"

"Savesw me paperwork ma'am." Ileah said as she accepted the PADD again. "I shall be about my duties Ma'am." SHe smiled and took leave.

"Helm, take us in. Nice and easy. Plot a course that will get us the best scans" she ordered.

"Aye Captain" the helmsman replied as he tapped at the console. The Intrepid Class Starship glided beautifully into the Nebula, gradually being emersed by the pinkish glow as the ship slowly faded away.

Akeno relaxed a little as the ship entered the nebula. "Bridge to Engineering. How's our engines looking?" she asked as she pushed a button on her arm panel.

"Engineering here" Came the response from the engine room. "We're all good to progress Captain"

"Right then" Akeno said with a smile. "Helm, set a chart course around the nebula, nice and easy. We've got a week to chart this nebula, so lets take out time and not miss anything" she ordered. "I want all probes and sensors to be continuously linked with the main computer, every bite of data needs to be recorded. I don't want our first mission to come up short of Starfleet's expectations" she said.

"Aye Captain" Ensign Jennings at helm said as his fingers tapped across the smooth surface of the helm console. "Setting speed to one half impulse"

The Wayfarer slowly banked as it's course would take the ship around the nebula. The best possible route to get plenty of readings and charts.

Akeno stood up from her chair and looked around the bridge. "We have two type Eight Shuttlecraft on board" she stated so that everyone can hear. "I want both of them launched and charting teams to cover any planets or asteroids in here" she said simply.

"Lieutenant Bailey, Ensign Lee. You'll be in Command of Shuttle Alpha. Lieutenant Dampfish, I want you to team up with Lieutenant Nava and take out the second shuttle Beta" Akeno ordered. "Get geared up and launch when ready. You'll be extending our sensor network, if you come across any planets or asteroid, chart them the best you can and uplink your findings to the ship"

Ensign Lee looks around then to the L.T. he is sharing the shuttle with on the assignment, " Yes, Capt'n." says the hulking human as he was there at the right side of the turbolift door to the bridge.

Lee then turns and enters the turbolift, " Shuttle Bay Corridor." he says. On the way to the shuttle bay he stops at a security station on and grabs a survival bag that he left at every security station as a way to hold out. With it being at the shuttle bay, this is his own survival bag. Back on earth, him and his cousins would go on survival trips out on Lake Anna to where they would work together and find a way back to his place that his mother and him lived at or the other end of the lake where his cousins lived. Some of the skills he learned as a teenage rubbed off on him.

After grabbing the survival bag, he waits for the L.T. as he follows old drill and ceremony to where the senior officer steps on first.

"Aye, Captain, On the way." Dampfish stood up and turned to the turbolift. "Dampfish to Stone. Meet me in the shuttlebay, and requisition Shuttle Beta. Add an extra sensor package to the payload. I want to know what is going on out there." He drummed his fingers on his PADD as he waited for the door.

The door parted as the Deltan Yeoman stepped out in her SKirted uniform that she wears to be like her Captain.

"Why Lieutenant Dampfish, you have perfect timing." She gesture behind her. "I have found your lt Jay-Gee ENsign fresh off the Shuttle."

"Lt. Ensign, your Chief Basil Dampfish." She sauntered around them. "I will leave the rest to you as my work is done."

As Lt. Lleah leaves to report to the Capt. Lt,jg Alurfye Nava turns to face Chief Security Officer, Dampfish and salutes, crisply saying,
"Assistant Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant JG Ensign Alurfye Denatos Nava, reporting for duty, Chief Basil Dampfish, Sir."

Dampfish stopped for a moment, hand on the turbolift door. "Lieutenant Nava, " he said, "Lleah will manage your reporting paperwork Join me on the way to the shuttle." He stepped back into the turbolift.

Lt,jg Alurfye Nava turns to face, Lt.Leah, and the Capt.

Moving to the Captain and handing the orders.

"New arrival ma'am, Security personnel, all you need do is approve the transfer, I have him logged as arriving Captain."

Akeno nodded. "I'll approve that as soon as we're into the nebula and things have calmed down. Right now we need everyone at their stations" she explained.

"I can take care of that for you Captain." Ileah smiled. "That is what Yeomen do."

Lt,jg Alurfye Nava turns to face, Lt.Leah, "Okay, Yeoman Leah are we through dancing here on the Bridge." He calmly sighs just loud enough for the Yeoman, to hear it.

Then facing Yeoman Lt.Leah, asks, "What now, Lt.?"

The door to the lift opened yet again, and the sole occupant slowly exited and made her way to where the Captain was seated. More than one set of eyes silently tracked her movement across the Bridge. her movements seemed a bit shaky, but the determination of will showed through. She reached the Captain and, after a hesitant glance around, spoke in a soft voice. "Captain Misaki, Lieutenant O'Donnell reporting back for duty. I have received full clearance from medical to resume my duties." She handed over a PADD containing the proper documents.

Akeno nodded at the arrival of the Operations Officer. "Take your station Lieutenant" she said simply.

The Wayfarer cut its way further into the nebula. "Keep continuous scans. I'll be in my ready room" Akeno said as she stood up and exited the bridge. This mission was fairly easy, now it was just a matter of charting the nebula and deciding what to do with their troublesome first officer.

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