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A Whole New Journey

Posted on Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 12:45am by Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Akeno's Quarters

Solitude, Lonlieness, Hatred, Discomfort; all powerful emotions that could drive any emotional intelligent being to that of desperation and despair. For thousand of years, it had been trapped in this unforgiving place, continuously circling looking for a way out. Looking to return back to its original home, to take revenge on those who had caused it the pain.


It had been a long day on the Wayfarer. The two shuttles were out in the Nebula charting alongside the ship itself. Akeno hoped that with the shuttlecraft covering more 'ground' so to speak, they could create a more detailed map in less time. Plus, Starfleet didn't know much about this nebula other than its lcoation and type. For all they knew there could be a hidden planet or asteroid field in along with them.

Stretching Akeno walked through the doors into the Captains Quarters. Located on Deck Three, they sported one of the only views out the front of the vessel apart from the mess hall directly above. She had yet to properly decorate and make those quarters her own, they were still pretty spartan.

"I hope that he turns around" she muttered to herself, primarly talking to herself about the Wayfarer's first officer, Lieutenant Colonel TJ Perkins. Only a few days before he had disagreed with her on such a small matter, and then tried to take command from her by force. Akeno had tried different ways to make the colonel come to his senses, however his pride and arrogance had prevented that outcome.

She unzipped the grey and black tunic and threw it over a nearby chair as she slumped down onto the couch. The purple and pink hue of the Nebula lit up the room, the colour generated by the light of a nearby star. She never really liked Nebula's, she appreciated their beauty and the wonders they held, but apart from that they were usually dangerous and full of all sorts of hazards to a Starship.

However she found herself staring out at the mass of colour and patterns. "I wonder if this is actually a serious mission, or they just want newbie Captains like me out of the way" she sighed to herself. She knew that she could be far more useful elsewhere in the Federation. Afterall the destruction from the Dominion War only a year ago, was vast and it seemed as if the more experienced officers were actually co-ordinating the rebuilding and relief efforts.

Deciding not to dwell on it, she pulled herself up from the couch and moved into the bedroom. She didn't feel hungry, but an early night was welcoming. Commanding a Starship was tiring, especially for new Captains. Sporting a loose sleeveless crop top and short's to sleep in, she snuggled down under the covers for the night. "Computer, turn off lights" she yawned. The room descended into darkness.


A small speck of bright yellow light darted and swirled in the depths of the nebula, as if dancing amongst the gases and vista of watercolours. The yellow speck seemed to play, dance and twirl. Then suddenly it stopped. Something had caught its attention. Something un-natural that was moving.

Closer our little yellow friend drew nearer. The the silver and grey mettalic object. It was moving with streaks of blue light from the rear end, and it seemed to cut through the area with ease. What was this mysterious object? What was its purpose? The Speck did not know. So closer it must get.

Behold, our little yellow speck could penetrate the grey object. Its interior was vast, a maze of strange metals, liquids and gases. There was light, heat and strange senses the speck could not identify. But wait, there's more. Inside this strange objects, were some sort of other beings.

The Speck did not want to draw too close. It closely followed a pair of these strange beings. They seemed to be communicating, they made sounds which the speck could not identify. At least, the speck thought it was a sound. It wasn't too sure. It was curious, it wanted to know more. This could be its chance.

Slowly it looked for one of these beings which it could get close without being detected. Moving through solid layer after layer of strange substances and different textures, the speck came across a room with little light. There below, was one of the strange beings. It seemed to be enveloped in something, and was more still. The Speck did not know what this being was doing, or what it was doing.

Slowly it approached, quickly moving through the strange material that covered the being. The being was using the gases, taking them in and then strangely creating different gases. The Speck moved to the very center of the being, there it found something strange. The being seemed to be covered in some sort of biological material, smooth and pale in colour. However now in the very center of the being was a dip, going inwards.

It was circular and at the bottom seemed rougher and the strange biological material less smooth. Slowly the Speck descended into this small 'hole' in the center of the being. It found it could fit in snugly, and actually pass through the biological material, for it seemed thinner than elsewhere on the being.

Inside was strange, it was a mixture of different strange biological tissues, gases and flowing liquids as the speck explored. Eventually the speck came across the strangest yet most interesting discovery on its journey so far. A strange area of the being, where single cells were dispersed, and an area for them to grow and multiply. This was its chance, the speck had been looking for a way out of the nebula for thousands of years. It followed one of these strange cells, if it hid within it. This strange being could carry it out into a new world, without every being detected. It was a perfect plan. What the speck did not know was that now it would soon have its own physical body and its problems were only just beginning...

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